Fundlite Review – Recognized As Investment Scam By FCA

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Not even two full months have passed since this unscrupulous domain was created for the purposes of defrauding decent traders. The ever diligent and dedicated professionals at FCA have already detected their illicit activities and have recently put them on their rightful place – a blacklist.

Still, it seems that these cheaters are more than stubborn to remain on the market. The website itself is still up and running and selling unlicensed products and services to unsuspecting victims. 

In order not to become just another target of theirs, please consult our Fundlite review for particularities on how to avoid this sham.

The warning and no valid license by CySEC, BaFin, CySEC or any other regulator deem this scheme as dangerous and untrustworthy. Instead of offering proper fund protection, and a fair and transparent environment, this site only steals investments under the pretense of providing high returns. 

It sounds almost irresistible to be able to invest a little money and do nothing else but wait on your guaranteed income. Such fictitious conditions are often heard from boiler room agents that seek victims for the company that has engaged them. 

You shouldn’t be surprised in the least if at some point during your Forex career you get approached by a curious deal proposer. These could come in a disguise of fake social networks profiles and try to build your trust and romantic interest first. Whatever form they take, they should never be trusted.

Before it becomes too late and the fraudsters get away with your investment there’s several things you could do. One of the most recommended solutions is to consult our legal service for money recovery. 

Even after managing to create a Fundlite account, we were taken to a crumpled user area that didn’t reveal any software. As a matter of fact, nowhere on the site is any kind of Fundlite platform even remotely mentioned. 

It seems that cons were so lazy to even modify a simplistic web trader and just decided to ask for deposits without proof of the results advertised. 

Since no kind of trading software exists and the website doesn’t share too many details, it was quite hard to determine which trading assets were available. 

The several lines that promote an exceptional yet non-existent platform claim that professionals are using your funds to trade these products:

While regulated investment firms present believable conditions, this website is a pure contrast. Every single of the investment plans lasts only for a couple of days and promises an unbelievable profit. 

After all, that is how they get interested investors to burn more cash quicker. These are the plans (yes, the errors are genuine): 

Everything ever remotely connected to concrete trading and price speculation is completely hidden from the eyes of the users. Starting from the basic trading values like leverage and spreads to possible fees and commissions, nothing is revealed. 

Although this could be considered a common scam tactic, do not let it slip and do not forgive an untransparent service provider – find a better one before you invest a single penny!

As soon as you create your Fundlite login, you will get your unique referral link. You can post it on your social media profiles to get your friends, family or acquaintances to also sign up, although we wouldn’t recommend the cruelty. The 3-Level commission for the referrals of your affiliates brings an alleged percentage of commission: 7%-2%-1%.

There’s absolutely no way that a blacklisted sham like would ever let you cash in any profit. The only channels available for making payments are the notorious digital wallets. It is well known that every transaction you conduct should be via transparent and safe methods like credit cards. 

As soon as you’re only forced to deposit in BTC, ETH, USDT or other coins, you should not trust your platform of choice. The transfer will be instant and your money ends up in the scammer’s hands in a blink of an eye, without you standing a chance of taking it back. 

Being defrauded by skilled internet criminals is nothing new and the threat keeps growing. Your safest bet is to always consult a financial regulatory body before engaging in any attractive deal that could leave you skint. Please pay particular attention not to sign up for any scheme that pushes you into shady transactions.

And remember: it’s never too late, as long as you do not give up on what is rightfully yours! Contact us any time via the online chat or the form at the end of the article. We’re always available for investors in disdain who wish to recover their funds from financial predators. 

It is unknown who runs the blacklisted domain – this company is completely anonymous and unknown.

The firm is a complete scam – they’ll leave you penniless, unless you contact our prominent legal experts to help you recover your investment.

The sham is based on promises of guaranteed returns on investments. It’s all a lie, however, as you’ll never be paid in reality.

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