FPEurope Review: This Forex Broker Has No Trading License

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Those who are not careful can easily fall into this cunning and sophisticated trap. Our FPEurope Review will provide much-needed details about this dubious Forex broker and reasons why you should avoid the platform.

Namely, FPEurope is the offshore branch of a long-standing trading company. However, this Forex trading platform is not regulated, which automatically makes it pretty risky and dangerous. We will elaborate on the topic in the following sections. 

What do we know about the FPEurope regulation? First, we must explain the “structure” of this trading enterprise. FP Markets is a group of companies that provide trading services, active since 2004.

The group is active in Australia via First Prudential Markets Pty Ltd and Cyprus via First Prudential Markets Ltd. Both entities are registered with the two countries’ respective regulators – ASIC and CySEC. As of May 2023, the FP Markets group expanded and opened an offshore branch in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) – FP Markets LLC.

So FPEurope is not a licensed Forex trading provider. Yet, the website presents the broker as a perfectly legit and reliable trading platform. FPEurope is basically illicitly offering trading services without a regulator overseeing the broker’s business.

If you trade on this platform and make profits, there is a great chance that you will not be able to withdraw your money. What’s even worse is that you are not entitled to any compensation since offshore jurisdictions do not require companies to compensate clients in such situations.

If you fell victim to the FPEurope scam, you can book a free consultation with us. We’ll help you recover your funds. 

The list makes sense because trading companies often open offshore branches to reach international markets and larger markets. Nevertheless, each of these domains demands that brokers meet different requirements. For instance, CFD trading is banned in the US.

FPEurope offers two trading platforms – MetaTrader 4 and WebTrader. MT4 needs no introduction – it is arguably the best trading software available on the market.

MT4 offers traders a wide range of cutting-edge tools such as automated trading, advanced charting, multiple timeframes, lightning-fast execution, etc. On the other hand, WebTrader is not up to par with MT4 in terms of the available tools and options. It’s a rather lackluster online trading terminal with basic charts and indicators.

Yes, FPEurope offers a mobile trading app. It can be used on both Android and iOS system phones. The mobile version of MT4 comes in handy when you need to trade on the go and also offers neat flexibility.

However, we do not recommend you trade on an unregulated mobile platform because you could end up getting defrauded.

According to FPEurope’s website, the platform offers a wide range of popular trading instruments:

Yes, FPEurope offers a risk-free demo account. Traders can try out the broker’s platform and trading conditions for a free 30-day period.

If you are still interested in risking it with this platform, be sure to first check out the demo account before investing real funds. There are no different FPEurope account types, just a single live account. 

Should you experience any withdrawal issues with FPEurope, please contact us for help.  

FPEurope offers clients maximum leverage of 1:500 for Forex trading. This is typical of offshore brokers, which aim to bypass onshore regulations. For comparison, the legal leverage cap for retail clients in Europe is 1:30 and in North America 1:50.

Keep in mind that extremely high leverage is a double-edged sword that can tilt toward big profits but more often results in huge losses.

Yes, FPEurope offers bonuses. This is also unsurprising as offshore brokers almost always award bonuses. You should know that brokers are banned from issuing bonuses in Europe and Australia.

Mainly because shady offshore providers include a bonus clause that requires traders to reach an insane trading volume before enabling them to request a withdrawal. FPEurope’s legal documentation is missing.

FPEurope listed three available funding options:

The minimum deposit is 10 USD but the minimum withdrawal amount was not specified. Deposit and withdrawal fees are unknown as well. Basically, the FPEurope withdraw system is not transparent.  

FPEurope is an SVG-based offshore brokerage that offers services mainly to traders from the US, India, Brazil, Israel, and Thailand. If you’re experiencing issues with the FPEurope payout process, you can book a free consultation with Global Fraud Protection.

Transactions can be reversed via a chargeback, which can be requested at the issuing bank within 540 days of the transaction. We have experts that will gladly guide you through the chargeback process.

Book your free consultation today and start the chargeback process.

FPEurope is an offshore Forex brokerage based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

FPEurope offers users a platform that they can use to trade Forex, CFDs, crypto, and bonds.

FPEurope is definitely not a safe trading platform. This Forex broker is not regulated.

Highly unlikely. We can help you recover your funds. Book your consultation today.

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