Fostercaps Review – Is Any Of Their Statements Legit?

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Fostercaps company claims to be registered in the UK. That makes our life way easier. Nevertheless, the ownership of this trading brand belongs to Foster Capital LLC. It seems like this company is part of Fosters Financial Limited, a company registered in the UK with the number 09290950.

As they say, they have permits to operate in Europe, Asia, the United States and Latin America. Let’s check all these details in our detailed Fostercaps Review.

With quite a confusing website it’s hard to determine what exactly their offer is. As it seems, the company provides you with 3 different packages for trading assistance. Or so-called Foster Master Trader. Thus, to provide any education about trading the company should have a licensed broker.  Which they don’t. They even use WhatsApp to protect their identity.

Because of missing transparent contact and address details, you should avoid this company. But if you already got caught in a scam, don’t hesitate to contact us for refund advices.

If you are having issues getting your money back from this broker, let us know.

The company mentions the Foster Master Trader tool. However, that’s completely unknown and untested software. Instead, you should opt for third-party options like cTrader or MetaTrader. These are often avoided because scammers can’t manipulate the data on them.

Fostercaps account types are another mystery. Even though there are 3 choices, the differences are just fundamental. But to see conditions for any of those, you have to sign up with this scammer. Also, Fostercaps minimum deposit is unknown. Anyway, you can choose:

A suitable option for any new customer would be a demo account. Or at least the micro-account that some brokers offer. Thus, Fostercaps broker doesn’t offer any of those.

Generally speaking, the broker can offer you the best security in the world. But if that’s going to cost you a whole lot of money, there’s no point. Therefore, trading conditions play a key role in choosing a broker. However, scam brokers often hide their scamming conditions. It’s the same with Fostercaps.

Similar to all other features, Fostercaps bonus information is not available. Thus, it’s not rare that you get some bonus offers throughout the journey. Be aware of those bonuses because they come with shady clauses. Also, have in mind that those are banned all across Europe.

Ultimately, scam brokers are designed not to give you a withdrawal. Otherwise, they would be regulated and offer transparent trading conditions. With a missing withdrawal policy and Fostercaps license, you can expect a vast of issues with Fostercaps payout.

In the first place, you can report it to the local authorities and your bank. But traders often find solutions with third-party professionals that know how to file a chargeback and even track cryptos. Depending on the funding method you can choose one of those. But have in mind that some of the options are time limited.

Our specialized team can advise you on any further steps. Most importantly, the first consultation is completely free. So, what to wait for? Get in touch now and book your meeting already today!

No. The company doesn’t have any trading license. Especially not from the FCA since they claim to be in the UK.

The minimum deposit requirement with this broker is unknown like many other trading information.

No. After a warning from CNMV you know there’s something wrong. In case you already deposited money, contact our expert team for refund assistance.

The Fostercaps platform remains mysterious. The company doesn’t reveal any details about it. Neither do they offer a demo account to check it.

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