FinexLeaders Review – Uncannily Similar To Another Known Scam

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While there is no concrete connection, the uncanny similarity of the website to another platform is undeniable. The problem is twofold in this regard.

Firstly, any such copied websites are indicative of a fraud, and indeed during our research for this FinexLeaders review, we’ve learned that they were a known clone company of an FCA authorized firm.

The other part of the issue is that the site they’ve copied is, a blacklisted fake brokerage owned by a known fraudulent entity called Smart Solution Corp. We’ve already written about these dangerous people, namely about their Trubyx fraud.

Lastly, being the carbon copy of another proven sham –, our subject could as well be owned by the same company. Smart Solutions Corp is an offshore swindler known for another blacklisted domain –

All of the data collected reveals that this domain is another piece in the production line scam and should not be trusted!

Financial frauds are known to abuse the system of many personal review websites. This comes through the use of so-called review seller networks, which post overly positive comments in order to silence the voices of criticism.

Collecting victims left and right and from all over the world isn’t that much of an effort for an offshore scheme when they are served by scam agents. The so-called boiler room sham works on the principle of shameless and repeated calling until victims are convinced to invest.

Deals usually proposed sound like a financial opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss. Sadly, such investments always result with the target being pushed into bankruptcy and despair while the thieves get rich. 

Do not let this happen to you and contact us as soon as you start doubting your financial services provider. We are utmost efficient at recovering the funds stuck with dangerous investment schemes.

The swindlers have chosen these nations’ citizens as main targets:

The so-called award winning application that the company provides is beyond basic. It’s a ramshackle web trader that offers basically no functions or merits.

Good trading software is paramount for successful business, so make sure you choose a broker that offers industry standard programs like cTrader, MT4 or MT5.

While there’s claims on the website about thousands of attractive assets available for buying and selling, only the several most common groups of products are accessible:

Signing up for any of the FinexLeaders accounts isn’t a particular blessing as the platform tries to make you believe. All of the potential features are omitted from the web presentation. 

Besides the difference in spreads and leverage, you don’t know what you’re even paying for. The cyber criminal didn’t shy away from boosting the prices to insanity, though:

We can immediately see why the FCA has blacklisted this broker when we look into the leverage. Maximum leverage with this company is 1:500, which is many times over the 1:30 legal limit in the UK and EEA.

Spreads allegedly start at 0.0 Pips for the most expensive VIP account, but remain tight with 1.5 Pips on other account typey. These spreads may be in line with the current industry average, but there’s no information about fees, commission, or any other costs.

The facilitator used in the process of every FinexLaders withdrawals or deposits is a well known payment portal – Payepo. Unfortunately, they’re only recognized for their involvement in unscrupulous practices with other financial swindlers like DE-KSM.

This should be enough to turn you away from any intention of doing business with this shady platform. Not only will you be robbed blind, but the transaction terms are unknown and your funds and personal data may be misused, too.

Whichever way you cut it, this company is completely fake and illegal. Their website domain is copied from a known scheme, and is already on the blacklist of a Tier-1 regulator. Services the company provides are not good either, with useless software and many unexpected costs.

Let us know if you need any help with FinexLeaders chargeback. Our team of experts is on hand 24/7 through the live chat, and our first consultation is absolutely free. What are you waiting for? Call us now and fight back for your money!

It is a confirmed cyber criminal that owns other fraudulent domains, all blacklisted by regulators like FCA.

Yes, the scheme is a total and utter deceit organized by a blacklisted sham of a owning company.

Credit card deposits through known fraudulent facilitator Payepo are only available.

You can ask for a withdrawal but you won’t be getting one. That’s why you should contact us for help with fund recovery.

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