Review – You’d Be Wise To Avoid This Fake Broker

by admin invites all potential users to join the ranks of successful traders by becoming a member of the prolific community the broker has allegedly established. 

With the promises of providing all the technologically innovative solutions for online trading, this faux broker attracts new victims daily. 

The fact that they’re just another anonymous boiler room scheme has earned them a public warning as of recently. Read the reasons for it in our review. 

No amount of fake bragging could make more credible. The website owners have provided absolutely no corporate information and have remained completely anonymous. 

The 1-star reviews tell us about a known predatory strategy. tampers with the account and trading data, and doesn’t let their clients withdraw.

Our team of experts can help you recover money from, and you may book a free consultation at any time through the live chat.

At the same time, boiler room agents actively look for potential marks by phone, email and other methods. They portray themselves as financial experts, and claim to have insider knowledge about market shifts.

The third layer is the referral program, where existing clients are encouraged to bring new people themselves. None of them can withdraw any money, as just swallows it up and breaks communication.

Ever since its establishment in May this year, has had their focus on more developed nations. The highest numbers of defrauded traders originate from the following countries:

It would be smart to choose a regulated broker instead of one that provides no proof of their legitimacy. And if by any chance you’re one of the swindled investors, please contact our support for directions on how to recover your lost deposit. promises an excellent experience with their MT4 platform. Unfortunately, this renowned software cannot even be located on the website, either in the web form or a downloadable version. 

The trading room equips only a simplistic web trader that is borderline unusable and completely unresponsive until a deposit is made. Its lack of advanced features and progressive analytic tools makes it inferior to the real MT4. 

Since the website doesn’t discuss the particular trading assets available at, we had to resort to the data from inside the platform. The entire offer of instruments consists of crypto coins traded against FIAT currencies and other Crypto:

After creating a login, it became apparent that a single master account is available, and the clients need to rely on to open any sub-accounts.

Trading leveraged crypto products at is available under the maximum exposure of 1:10. Needless to say, the volatility of crypto currencies has forced prominent regulators to limit the leverage on them to 1:2 in EEA and UK and 1:5 in the US.

In addition to the high trading risk, you’re also diving into the unknown with every order placed because of lack of transparency concerning the costs. conceals the real trading costs from the website and the platform as well. 

The single place where any sort of fees are mentioned says that there’s a total of 0.75% fees for administration and management, but how exactly they’re calculated and charged is a mystery. omits any kind of policies, docs and particularities related to money transfers. This is yet another aspect where the broker remains secretive and uninformative towards their clientele. 

One option to pick as a withdrawal method is credit card, which is relieving, considering the fact that this channel is the safest and most transparent. Besides that, credit cards allow a chargeback within 540 days since the deposit was made. Other details relating to payouts are not explained anywhere. is already on the BaFin blacklist for multiple regulatory breaches. Their website is so opaque and misleading it makes you wonder if the swindlers put a single honest word on Trading is likely not even possible, as the company only provides a ramshackle Web Trader with only a single instrument.

Don’t rely on allowing any withdrawals, as the company is as crooked as they get. Contact our legal professionals via the live chat in order to start your chargeback. We are available 24/7, and our first consultation is free of charge. is a blacklisted domain pretending to offer legitimate brokerage services.

No, as German regulator BaFin confirms is, this anonymous firm is completely unauthorized and unlicensed.

The platform provided is a basic web distribution of little practical use.

These values aren’t specified by the broker. If you’re having difficulties with payouts, you can contact our support team for legal aid.

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