Fiatom Review – Learn The Anatomy Of A Fraudulent Crypto Exchange

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The website is very basic, but it doesn’t need to be complicated to fulfill its intended purpose. You see, Fiatom doesn’t offer trading Cryptocurrencies at all. They are merely an intermediary that directs people to other companies.

Fiatom does not disclose any corporate information – no company address, no phone number, nothing but a social network profile. Needless to say, they don’t even mention a license or regulation on their website. Read our Fiatom Review to learn how large this iceberg really is.

Fiatom does not disclose any regulatory information. Before investing funds with any online Cryptocurrency Exchange, you should consider whether the company is regulated or not. Although the lack of regulation doesn’t instantly mark a company as a fraud, Fiatom has a very poor reputation online.

We have done our due diligence and checked whether Fiatom appears in any company registers with the most prominent financial regulators. The databases of FCA, FINMA, BaFIN, CySEC, CONSOB and ASIC didn’t contain any info about Fiatom. While there were no explicit warnings about this firm, there wasn’t any information pertaining to a license either.

Many financial regulators have implemented restrictions to how a Crypto Exchange can offer their services. The lack of a tangible license means that Fiatom does not adhere to these constraints. What this means for the client is that they can’t rely on any safety nets that have been put in place to protect their interest. Of course, illicit companies are known to defraud their clients, and steal their money.

These people are the telemarketers of the scam industry, and will not stop calling and pestering you until you finally give in and deposit funds. If you have invested with Fiatom, consider seeking legal aid in recovering your lost assets.

Cryptocurrencies have become a significant portion of the online trade industry in recent years. Fiatom attempts to ride the wave, but they are complete newcomers. Their website was only launched in 2022. Nevertheless, they have managed to scam people from all over the world.

Here are the nations most affected by the Fiatom Scam:

Crypto Exchanges generally do not require a sophisticated trading program on the client’s side. Fiatom still manages to be below average in this aspect, as their web service doesn’t even implement a trading chart or a ticker.

Fiatom only provides a crude web form, where you can input the amount you wish to invest, and the Cryptocurrency you wish to buy. All the transactions are handled by Guardarian, another suspicious unlicensed company. Crypto-to-crypto exchanges are redirected to yet another firm, Change NOW.

Allegedly, Fiatom accepts all kinds of different base currencies for their Crypto Coin purchases. The company claims to offer a wide variety of coins based on the most popular technologies. Because of the poor reputation this company has, we do not encourage trading through Fiatom in any capacity.

Here are some examples of Cryptocurrencies offered on Fiatom:

Any client may input the financial data directly into the Web Form, and the website doesn’t seem to hold a history of transactions for separate clients. This is a dangerous ordeal, as any mishaps with the transaction can lead to asset loss… And that’s exactly what Fiatom is counting on.

Fiatom is an interesting crypto exchange for sure. They do not charge their clients any fees, taxes, commission, nothing. Their entire income is generated through deals with partner exchanges.

We have seen that Fiatom doesn’t have a license, and that their partners are an equally dubious lot. This leads us to believe that Fiatom by itself is only a surface level of a much deeper scam. It may very well be just a front for attracting clients to other bogus firms.

Fiatom is clearly a front for a more complex Cryptocurrency Scam. Their platform is limited beyond belief, and they do not even feature any Trading Accounts. All the transactions are done through other, “partner”, companies.

It might be impossible to recover your assets from Fiatom without legal intervention. Our recovery experts are on hand to help you resolve your issues with Fiatom. You may book a free consultation session through the Live Chat on our website at any time.

Fiatom does not disclose any corporate information on their website, which might indicate fraudulent activity

Fiatom is a bogus exchange that doesn’t have any valid license or regulation.

Trading with an unlicensed company such as Fiatom significantly increases the risk of asset loss.

It might be impossible to withdraw from Fiatom. For legal aid in recovering the money you have deposited with Fiatom, you may contact our recovery experts through the Live Chat.

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