Ez Square Review – Scam Broker And Wealth Manager Combo

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Ez Square website doesn’t raise any red flags at first sight. The website is in Korean, but it is also available in a variety of languages, and the translations are of good quality. It is done by a professional, and has a distinctive enough aesthetic not to appear as a blatant copy of someone else’s work.

Don’t take anything you see on ezsqtech.com for granted. It’s a den of dangerous scammers of all kinds, as our Ez Square Review will show you.

Ez Square is a company that is legally incorporated in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as a Limited Liability Company number 2407. Although the registration checks out, Ez Square is an unregulated brokerage. This is due to the fact that the main financial regulator from SVG, FSA, does not regulate brokerages anymore.

It is thus necessary for any such company operating from SVG to obtain a license in other regulatory jurisdictions. Ez Square is not eligible for a license in most areas of the world, though. For instance, segregated bank accounts are mandatory in almost any jurisdiction, while Ez Square manages all the client funds on a single account.

We have checked the databases of various Tier-1 regulators, notably FCA, CySEC, FINMA, BaFIN, ASIC and NFA, only to learn that Ez Square is not in any of them. This is especially troubling because this scam operates in the jurisdictions of these regulators, as you will see later in our Ez Square Review.

Ez Square has it all figured out – they offer both wealth management, and brokerage services. All of it without a license, naturally. The main catch is that the majority of brokers, including regulated ones, make money no matter whether your speculations were profitable or not.

It’s in the best interest of Ez Square that the client loses on their investments, so they have all the incentive to give fraudulent, tailored wealth management advice to their victims. No doubt this comes with some involvement from Boiler Room Agents who act as “wealth managers” when they are not too busy attracting fresh victims.

When you look at the Ez Square corporate timeline, you will notice something peculiar. Yes, the company was registered in SVG in 2022, but the ezsqtech.com website was launched in 2020. What happened during those two years of vacuum, was the site “under construction”?

No, ezsqtech.com was a fully operational scam, defrauding people from these countries:

If you found yourself amongst the many people defrauded by the Ez Square scam, don’t despair. There are still ways to recover your money – book a free consultation with our recovery experts today for more details.

We have reached a critical impasse when it comes to creating an Ez Square Login. The account creation form requires an SMS verification code. We did not receive any such code on multiple attempts, and we were prevented from completing an account.

You can easily get to account creation, but you won’t find any specific info on account types. We did manage to find out that the minimum deposit is $250 after doing a bit of digging.

The trading platform utilized by Ez Square, MT5, always includes a free demo account. It goes without saying that this in-software demo account does not necessarily represent the trading conditions found on Ez Square. Although any type of demo is a valuable learning tool, with Ez Square, you won’t be able to develop any broker-specific strategies. Other scammers, like DamkoNET, don’t include any type of a demo.

The main trading software Ez Square offers is MT5. This is an industry standard application that is renowned around the world. Without a valid Ez Square Login, however, we were unable to test the application for any signs of tampering or security breaches.

Oftentimes illicit brokerages like XProGlobal “crack” the software and edit the market info, making the clients’ speculations flop.

MetaTrader 5 is compatible with all operating systems and platforms. It is available in mobile devices as well, for both Android and iOS users.

This also includes the Ez Square version of MT5, but they are not to be trusted. Their mobile app will suffer from the same type of manipulation as the desktop version.

Ez Ez Square doesn’t really offer a rich selection of trading instruments. Regulated brokers always look to expand their trading instrument support, with some numbering in tens of thousands. With Ez Square you get 60. Although the company advertises Forex trading, there is no clear indication that Forex is available.

The broker advertises these instruments on their website:

The leverage Ez Square offers is 1:100, which the regulators in both Europe and North America consider too high. Even though Ez Trade claims to charge no transaction fees, they are not to be trusted as they are an illicit company. Many such firms like MaxVol invent a large number of hidden fees and charges, each more expensive than the previous one.

We found an alarming clause in Ez Square Terms and Conditions. Accounts that have been inactive for more than 6 months incur a dormancy fee of $50, after which the accounts will be closed with any remaining balance. There is a valid concern that Ez Square will delay your withdrawal, freezing the assets in the process, only to close off your account after 6 months have passed, and keeping all the money from themselves!

Ez Square claims to offer tried and tested financial channels for deposits, but doesn’t even mention a withdrawal. When you search for a word “withdrawal” or “payout” in the Terms and Conditions, you will find exactly 0 results. We’ve seen other shady companies use the same scam strategy, MaxVol for instance.

There have been many complaints about Ez Square denying withdrawals, or unlawfully withholding the clients’ money. If you have deposited with Ez Square, you may rely on our legal assistance to help you with fund recovery.

Ez Square is a company that offers two diametrically opposing services: brokerage, and wealth management. With this, not only is Ez Square directly involved in the client’s investment, they give each and every speculation a personal touch – helping the victim lose as much money as possible.

Our legal professionals have a lot of experience in dealing with companies like Ez Square. We’ve achieved certain notoriety with scammers because of our high rate of success. We are at your disposal around the clock, and you may reach us via the live chat in order to book your free consultation. Don’t delay – your money isn’t lost yet!

Ez Square is a legally registered company, but it is not regulated anywhere in the world.

Ez Square offers the most widespread trading platform, MT5 to their clients.

Although a demo is available through MT5, it is not a demo of Ez Square trading conditions. The company itself does not offer a demo account.

Ez Square prolongs the withdrawal processing time in order to freeze the client assets. For help with Ez Square Withdrawal, contact our legal experts via live chat.

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