Expo Trust Review – Anything That Could Go Wrong Explained

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In the first place, we have to mention this broker presents itself as UK-based. This should give the company a bit of credibility. But only if they are regulated there. Other than that, it would be completely irrelevant.

Sadly, there are signs at first glance that security is science fiction with this broker. But to avoid jumping to conclusions, make sure to read this Expo Trust review in detail.

Ultimately, traders can’t expect any funds protection features. Neither compensation scheme is available in case the company goes bankrupt. 

In any case, without trusted regulations, it’s quite hard to believe the company’s legitimacy. Consequently, traders can expect various issues, primarily with withdrawals. If that happens, feel free to send us a message and get advice about refund options.

As can be seen, Expo Trust broker will try to make traders deposit more money with all the tricks in their arsenal. Firstly, they will advertise lucrative offers and, most probably, some automated version of trading. Thus, once you register with them, you quickly realize you don’t get what you applied for.

On top of that, the company limits customers through the account types, primarily with tradeable instruments. This way, they practically force you to deposit more money and get what you wanted in the first place. However, requirements for upgrades are not revealed. So, you can expect a lot of manipulation there. If that happens, don’t hesitate to immediately contact our refund team.

Important to realize is that all traders who were reporting issues come from highly regulated countries. This tells you that the Expo Trust Forex broker doesn’t have any filters there. 

Anyway, the most targeted countries are:

Another flaw of this investment firm is its trading software. Usually, traders opt for third-party solutions to avoid any unexpected things, such as manipulation of market data. That’s practically the biggest fear of every trader using web-based platforms that Expo Trust offers.

Unfortunately, without developed desktop apps, it’s hard to believe the company will have mobile ones. But that’s just another among all the other problems with this firm. 

According to the company’s presentation, traders can trade all assets from the top five categories. Thus, if you don’t use higher-scaled Expo Trust account types, you will be limited in options. Anyways, the full offer consists of: 

The only difference between account types is the spread, stop-out level, and instruments offered. Sadly, there are no financial benefits whatsoever. On top of that, minimum deposit requirements are hidden. Anyway, you can choose: 

The company is not offering a demo account to avoid revealing all the problems with the platform. This is a key feature that inexperienced traders often look for. If the company only had micro-accounts, it would be far better. Still, nothing would matter without adequate licenses.

Important to realize is that the company is hiding commissions and fees. But even transparently presented spreads are questionable. In any case, traders can choose between fixed and variable ones. For a standard account, you can get a hefty 2-pip spread or floating from 1.4 pips.

Yet, the biggest issue with this broker is its leverage of up to 1:1000. Without negative balance protection included, you may lose everything in the blink of an eye and get into debt.

On the positive side, there are no bonuses included in the company’s offer. However, there’s an Expo Trust referral program where traders can earn extra funds. Yet, it’s very questionable if you can get any money from those offers.

If you think there will be any withdrawals, make sure to recheck those warnings. Whatever unregulated broker claims in its withdrawal policy will always be questionable. 

In any case, the Expo Trust scam broker doesn’t reveal any relevant details about their withdrawal procedures, such as fees, methods or processing time.

All in all, there are numerous issues that you can experience with this broker. But in the end, all those lead to one thing. Frozen account and money. 

One of the ways to recover the money is through the chargeback. Yet, it’s only possible to do that with card transfers. For any other method, you will have to use alternatives. Therefore, we suggest you discuss more options with our refund specialists.

Expo Trust is an anonymous broker presenting itself as an award-winning firm with headquarters in the UK.

Absolutely no! The company is not regulated anywhere and we could find already four warnings against this investment firm.

Recovery can be done via chargeback in many cases. But for higher amounts, traders often need CipherTrace to track stolen crypto. For detailed guidance, feel free to contact us.

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