Exnomy Review – Understand the Fraudulent Nature of this Crypto Scam

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This exchange platform is so anonymous, you won’t find a single piece of info about them online. Except their name when it surfaces as a spelling mistake of the word economy. You wouldn’t believe it’s been operational since 2019. 

For four years already, this website has been running the sham that scams victims right out of their money through crypto buying and exchanging. However, our Exnomy review is here to shine light on this predatory service provider, so read on. 

Mass expansion of crypto has produced as much loss as it has brought benefit to investors. Exnomy is one of the reasons why crypto investing often doesn’t pay out. The problem is that this incognito exchange is run by an even more anonymous company from an unknown location. 

The scarce legal docs didn’t provide any solid info or detail about the company’s background and license, so we went through databases of regulators like FCA, BaFin, CONSOB, CNMV, and NFA. Yet, we came up with nothing. 

Exnomy is a shady crypto provider that misuses clients’ deposits instead of storing them in segregated bank accounts. The security levels are devastatingly low and the exchange is in no way safe or reliable. Stay away from them like you would from any other scam, like Kot4x.

It wasn’t easy to dig out reviews of the previous Exnomy customers. Most of them seem to be located in India, and they post about Exnomy operating from there, too. Also, reviewers point at an interesting fact that Exnomy was Bitnaru before, but the domain is dead. However, no concrete correlation could be confirmed. Take a look: 

“Exnomy is another trade administration that is at present unavailable. However, the intriguing truth of this organization is that the genuine name of it is Bitnaru, and it’s anything but a URL that is introducing the continuous code 522 of mistake. This is on the grounds that the undertaking used to be confined to certain nations of the world, however with time it stopped offering types of assistance for every one of the past clients.”

Scam agents that are constantly watching the social networks, at some point, will contact potential targets and propose a deal they can’t say no to. 

To make their offer of quick crypto investing even more appealing, Exnomy has an AI powered investment counseling and advisory service. In essence, this lie is based on the claims of Exnomy employing a bot that oversees the markets and accumulates data to help clients invest smarter. For ease of access, the boiler room sellers use the Telegram app.

All elements of the offer are complete rubbish and the profit never happens. Your wallets are breached and drained and you can’t do anything against an anonymous swindler. We can help you, however. Our legal experts have what it takes to combat cyber crime successfully. 

Without a particular preference for this or that market, Exnomy scams victims from all over the world. Since their website is accessible from almost any country, it is easy for them to scam targets on a global scale. If you reside in any of the countries below and have difficulties with this company, please contact us:

Cyber criminals targeting the crypto market aren’t usually fond of showing their platform to non-clients. Exnomy does it, though. From the basic preview we could tell it is based on a simple build that doesn’t require downloading and can be used from the browser directly. While it could be easy to access with a comprehensive interface, it severely lacks the complex features and security measures.

We’re aware that a lack of license doesn’t instantly mean the company is a scam. But there’s always other signs, too. For example, regulated crypto giants all provide the possibility of mobile trading through proprietary apps. In contrast to that, Exnomy suggests you use your mobile browser to access their web terminal. Completely unadapted to the mobile platform, web solution performs badly and is of little use.

Another aspect of poor offer concerns the restrictive access to digital currencies. Exnomy provides only about a dozen crypto coins that could be traded against BTC or USDT. These are all the digital tokens available: BTC, KLAY, ETH, BCH, LNC, LTC, BSV, DASH, BTG, XRP, and ZEC.

When we tried to open an account with Exnomy, we couldn’t even locate the sign up function. There’s a single “start to trade” button that doesn’t lead to an account creation page. Naturally we could immediately conclude that the Demo account isn’t available either.

Fees are the amounts that are automatically deducted from the user’s account balance upon conducting trades. While the Maker fees at Exnomy are 0.0%, the Taker fees are 0.05%. Since there’s no Maker fees, the withdrawal fee exists to compensate for that. Depending on the currency, it averages at 0.0005 BTC (~15 USD). 

Quite low and especially attractive to beginner traders, these fees shouldn’t be taken as definite and true, because Exnomy is not a licensed and trustworthy entity. 

The biggest problem with faux financial services providers are always withdrawals. Some may block your funds, some may deduct huge amounts under the excuse of charging fees. The single point they want to achieve is prevent you from cashing out profit or taking back your initial investment. 

Exnomy is no different. Performing only the definite and most shady crypto transactions only, they make sure their anonymity is intact in front of the law. We combat such shady firms that lock clients’ funds, so reach out to us freely. 

However unsolvable your situation may seem at a glance, we can successfully counter the scam that has robbed you. All you have to do is reach out through our Online Chat feature. First available agent will direct you to the legal expert that won’t even charge the first consultation! 

So feel free to approach us and let us share experiences, knowledge and ideas for the purpose of quick restoration of your capital lost to scam. 

Exnomy is a fake crypto exchange unknown to any regulatory body and is therefore utterly dangerous.

The fee depends on the currency chosen, but the fees seem unrealistically low. For example the BTC withdrawal fee is 0.0005 BTC, which is roughly around 15 USD.

The only way to get in touch with this fraud is through an email (info@dexhigh.com) that no one guarantees a reply to.

The website doesn’t reveal how long the payouts are processed, which is a serious regulatory measures breach.

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