EXMOEX Review – Looking For License Leads To Wild Goose Chase

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Cryptocurrency market has become a prolific opportunity for younger investors. Trusted Cryptocurrency Exchanges earn considerable amounts of money, and these two factors have influenced the way these businesses present themselves to their audience. Almost all Crypto Exchanges host flashy, over-the-top websites with interesting and modern graphic designs, and bombastic appearance. Not EXMOEX. Their website exmoexchangecoin.com is as boring as it can get in both name and aesthetic, and it hasn’t been updated in a while.

The first impression of this Crypto platform is not great, but we wouldn’t be a reliable EXMOEX Review if we based our opinion on looks alone. There are other problems with this exchange, however, of which we need to discuss in more detail in the remainder of our EXMOEX Review.

Industry wide regulation has only recently been introduced into the cryptocurrency market, and many honest exchanges still operate without a license. EXMOEX states that they are regulated in a large number of nations, something that we needed to check first hand.

UAB EXMOEX EXCHANGE is said to be operating from Lithuania in the EEA with the UK included. Neither the LB or FCA registers corroborate this claim, meaning it is an outright lie. There are no less than 4 alleged regional entities that make up the EXMOEX group, and none of them are legally registered.

EXMOEX EXCHANGE US INC is allegedly from Delaware, but it is not in the NFA register. EXMOEX TRADING LTD should be registered in the British Virgin Islands, but there is no entry in the FSC database. EXMOEX Exchange Limited is claimed to be registered in England and Ireland, but again, neither the FCA or CBI has ever heard of them.

This is a clear indication that EXMOEX uses fraudulent and deceptive business strategies.

EXMOEX, being an illicit company with virtually no digital footprint doesn’t attract clients by traditional means. Instead of advertisements and reputation, they use Boiler Room Agents. These are the telemarketers of the scam industry.

They are as manipulative as they are annoying, and will stop at nothing to squeeze out money from their victims. This, coupled with a referral program that urges victims to attract new people to the platform for meager benefits, is everything the EXMOEX scam needs to keep rolling.

The EXMOEX scam was first launched in early 2023. Many legal documents on the site, and even the copyright date back to 2020, but this is done on purpose to make the company appear older.

EXMOEX fraud primarily targets the people in the following regions:

Your deposits are not safe with EXMOEX. If you have any issues with EXMOEX Withdrawals, contact our legal experts for help with asset recovery.

The EXMOEX trading software is a web-oriented application that uses 3rd party charting services. Truth be told, cryptocurrency exchanges don’t require complex software. The application needs to feature a few basic options, and be quick and secure.

EXMOEX software doesn’t even fulfill these basic requirements. The trading app is sluggish, poorly optimized and does not update in real time. This increases the slippage losses, on which frauds like EXMOEX and QuantumAI rely heavily.

Current cryptocurrency market features around 23 000 different types of Crypto coins, and this number is growing larger every day. Many exchanges offer a wide selection of different Coins, numbering in tens of thousands.

EXMOEX only offers the 20 most popular Cryptocurrencies, all paired with the USDT stablecoin. Here’s an overview:

EXMOEX only offers a single trading account to their clients. The company does not clearly outline the various benefits or restrictions included in this account. The staking accounts are where the EXMOEX scam really unfolds. They claim to offer guaranteed income for staking your cryptocurrencies. These sorts of claims are common with other frauds, like GC Option.

There are several types of these accounts, with conditions as follows:

Many cryptocurrency exchanges charge what is called a Maker and a Taker fee. EXMOEX charges a Deposit fee, Withdrawal fee, Dormant fee, Trading fees, and an Account Termination fee instead. Oh, and the company also claims to collect taxes on behalf of the UK government. All these fees must be paid up front by the client.

None of these fees have a disclosed amount, and the rates are not even mentioned in the Terms and Conditions document. EXMOEX charges a dormancy fee as a percentage of the entire balance, and If the fee is larger than the balance, all the funds are deducted. This baffles us to no end – how can a percentage be larger than a whole? Perhaps in another universe, with different mathematical order.

EXMOEX is a withdrawal fee scam, like GlobalOneMarkets which we reviewed a bit earlier. The company will put up their facade of legitimacy the whole time you are trading. You may even earn a profit while trading through EXMOEX, but good luck withdrawing it! The frauds will ask you to deposit increasingly larger sums of cash before they would allegedly allow a payout.

You should never give up on your investments! If you’ve found yourself stuck in the EXMOEX withdrawal limbo, contact our legal professionals for help in recovering your lost money.

EXMOEX is a fraudulent scam company that is not authorized to provide their services anywhere in the world. Its poorly designed cryptocurrency exchange website, exmoexchangecoin.com, is just a ruse to keep people investing.

If you have deposited with this fraudulent company, you should consider seeking reimbursement. Our team of recovery experts is on hand with ample experience to help you with your chargeback. Contact us today via the live chat, and book a free consultation.

EXMOEX is an illicit company that doesn’t have any authorization or license for their line of work.

EXMOEX allegedly offers cryptocurrency purchase, sale, trading and staking.

There is no discrete mobile app on EXMOEX, but clients may use the web software on their mobile device.

EXMOEX is a withdrawal fee scam. They do not disclose the types or amounts of fees they charge. For help in asset recovery, contact us now via the live chat, and book a free consultation.

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