Exclusive Markets Review – Offer As Exotic As The Brokers Location

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Seychelles is known as a gray zone in the world of online trading. The regulatory standards ruling the markets there just don’t suffice. That makes it quite easy to start a brokerage brand. However, just because the licensing rules are loose, it doesn’t immediately mean that the broker is unsafe. 

Still, the safety issues and insecurities will always persist. Keep reading this Exclusive Markets review to see our unbiased opinion of the whole matter. 


Exclusive Markets is transparent about their location and physical address, as well as the license info. Looking in the FSA register of licensed securities dealers, you’ll find their presence as a regulated entity led by Christos Christou – the name that implies EEA origin. It isn’t unusual for businessmen to look for off the grid locations to start their projects, exactly because of the slim regulatory supervision.  

However, the biggest problem with offshore regulations is the fact that they’re quite loose. To earn a license from the mentioned authority, a brokerage firm only has to provide proof of $50,000 operational capital. Nothing more! Let us just remind you that influential institutions ask for segregation of funds, negative equity insurance, leverage restrictions, compensation funds and a ton of other predispositions! 

Due to the relaxed regulatory framework, Exclusive Markets isn’t obligated to implement all of the security measures and risk-reducing strategies. We’d always advise you to pick a better regulated broker instead. 

The several TrustPilot reviews on Exclusive Markets cannot exactly be used as a credible source of information about the customer satisfaction. Firstly, all of the reviews left are positive and give the highest ratings. Secondly, some of them seem overly short, less honest and not accurate enough. 

For example, one alleged customer claims to be trading since 2014, while domain wasn’t actively offering brokerage services until 2020. These and other clues have made us feel suspicious of the validity of opinions. CapitalPanda is better regulated yet accumulates negative reviews.

All of the traders who are willing to trade in less conventional ways could easily choose this broker, because it offers instruments forbidden by reputable regulators – like CFDs on Crypto. Also, the minimum deposit requirement is only $5 and the bonus goes up to 30%. What’s more, experienced investors with advanced risk-management capabilities could be looking for a greater trading challenge. Exclusive Markets provides higher leverage for them – up to 1:2000. 

Unfortunately, less experienced traders could easily lose, while being exposed to such risks. This can lead to quick and excessive loss, but without the chance to enjoy proper protection of the strict regulatory directives. Also, the broker could be manipulating your finances without legal consequences, so you should contact us if that is the case. FXVC has had regulatory breaches for similar conditions.  

As previously made clear, the domain is quite old, but the broker hasn’t been a financial service provider until 2020. Since then, they’ve been constantly growing their user base. For now, the majority of customers seem to be investors from these countries:

Rules of the Forex trading industry, when it comes to technological superiority, are without question MT4 and MT5. Although MT5 is equipped with more advanced options, features and adjustability, we cannot forget how long MT4 has been in the game. We have nothing but words of praise for both software. 

Exclusive Markets provides the possibility of choosing between these platforms or simply trading on both. The suspicious circumstance is that the MT4 and MT5 web trader is also advertised, but it doesn’t work, so the downloading is a must. 

Busy lifestyle has stolen a big portion of everyone’s day and freetime. So it’s crucial for investors to be able to control their positions and preview market news at any time. Exclusive Markets makes this possible by enabling Android and Apple versions of the two mentioned platforms.

Not all instrument groups are available for all account types, that’s one. Secondly, we could only open a Demo account and the tradable assets there to choose between are fewer. The site lists the following product groups as available for trading: 

Every trader has a different preference and trading strategy. Some prefer variable spreads, some prefer to pay fixed commission. All these conditions, Exclusive Markets has taken into consideration when creating specialized account types. The biggest advantage is the low minimum investment requirement to obtain some of these packages:

The Exclusive Markets Demo account depends on the software you want to trade on. Whether you choose MT4 or MT5, you can start with a virtual margin of up to $100,000. Trading risk free for a start is of crucial value to examine the trading environment. 

Some more regulated brokers like ROinvesting do not offer Demo, so this is a plus for Exclusive Markets. Still, due to the brokers often interfering with the software data, things have a tendency to look too easy, all in order to motivate you to invest. So beware of that.

Trading costs at Exclusive Markets vary depending on the account type. For lowest spreads starting from 0.0 pip, you will have to be ready to pay a $7 commission per lot. The leverage goes up to insane 1:2000, which we in no case ever recommend. Even the most experienced of traders sometimes cannot handle the risks. 

As for the fees occurring during monetary transactions, Exclusive Markets claims not to charge any commissions and taxes except in the cases of Trans Gateway and local deposit. There is, however, a Dormant Fee of $10 charged after 3 months of inactivity.  

Upon every deposit up to $500, clients become eligible for a 30% deposit bonus. However, we were quite concerned with the fact that Exclusive Markets points users to read Terms and Conditions that apply to these, yet the document doesn’t even refer to this aspect. 

We have to note that these features are banned in many regulated areas because of the brokers misusing them to stall on the withdrawal and render clients unable to proceed with the payouts.

Exclusive Markets isn’t particularly specific on withdrawals. Yes, the broker lists all the funding methods and claims there’s no fees charged except in several cases and because of the payment processors. The time which elapses between the withdrawal request and funds appearing on clients’ accounts shouldn’t exceed 5 business days. 

All of that sounds truly lovely on paper, but we’re all well aware that things may not always work that way in practice. If you happen to be having issues with your payout at Exclusive Markets, contact us for legal support. 

While Exclusive Markets does bear a license from their jurisdictional regulator – FSA (Seychelles), the license is that of a Tier 3 provider. This immediately renders the broker less safe, secure and trustworthy than other brokerage powerhouses with prestigious licenses. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise to run into problems when trading here.

Please contact us if you feel your finances are jeopardized by this broker’s activity and potential security breaches. We offer professional help to victims of financial manipulation and abuse. You’re free to share your story with us. 

Exclusive Markets is an offshore broker with location in Seychelles and FSA license.

Yes, the broker is legally registered and regulated by the local financial authority.

Not all account types require the same deposit, but the smallest amount you can invest and open a real account is $5.

Because of the loose offshore license, the safety of your funds isn’t guaranteed. So call us for legal support in case of issues with this broker.

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