Exchange Digital Mining Review – False Promises And Fake Advertisements

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Exchange Digital Mining is a multi-faceted scam that can’t decide whether they’d like to be a Brokerage, Crypto Exchange or an Investment Firm. Whatever it is that you’re buying, they have it for sale. The things they lack are regulation, and an actual license. The ones that they do claim to have are all either fake or counterfeit.

Our Exchange Digital Mining Review will take a more detailed look at how this scam company functions. Stay with us to find out more about the Exchange Digital Mining Scam.

The risk disclaimer on Exchange Digital Mining states that a client may lose substantially more than the original investment. This tells us that the company does not include Negative Balance Protection for their clients’ assets. This is a breach of regulatory standards in many jurisdictions including the UK, EEA, and Australia.

The company states that they are multi-regulated by FCA, ASIC and FSCA. None of this is true at all, as we couldn’t find the company information in any of the registries with these financial regulators.

The other license is IFMRRC, which is not a legitimate regulator. In fact, they are a known scam that issues false licenses to equally fraudulent companies. This alone means that all the Exchange Digital Mining credibility instantly went down the drain. If Exchange Digital Mining is in kahoots with IFMRRC, nothing good can come of it.

The Exchange Digital Mining Scam would like you to believe that they are active on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others. Clicking on any of the links on their website returns you back to their own homepage instead.

The also brags about several awards, equally fake as their IFMRRC license. This all serves to instill a feeling of confidence in the company with potential scam victims.

The apparent credibility gives solid ground for the work of Boiler Room Agents. These are the scam solicitors that work for Exchange Digital Mining, and pester people to invest.

The website claims that the company has been in business for 15 years. A quick domain information search reveals that the site has only been launched in early 2023.

Exchange Digital Mining fraudsters are most active in these countries:

Don’t be ashamed of falling for these con artists’ lies. You may still recover your funds! Contact our legal experts via the live chat for more information.

There are a few different trading platforms available, at least that’s what Exchange Digital Mining alleges. It’s all been just lies and allegations so far, though. The situation with the trading platforms is no different.

If you were to believe the advertisements, there are separate Desktop and Web trading applications for PC and MAC users. For mobile device users, there is a discrete mobile app for iOS and Android. None of these are reachable, however, as buttons that should lead to the download pages simply don’t work.

What defines Exchange Digital Mining as a cryptocurrency exchange, and not a broker is the fact that all their trading instruments are related to cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, many of these assets are illegal in most nations.

Although there are advertisements about Forex and Real Estate,  these instruments are absent from the dashboard. 

Here’s a brief overview of instruments now:

Exchange Digital Mining offers only a single trading account archetype, and it is not available as a demo. The different investment options are instead presented as pricing plans, which are reminiscent of those found with Investment Firms.

Here is an overview of pricing plans:

The problem with Exchange Digital Mining is that they promise so much, but have nothing to show for it. For instance, the website has an advertisement about spreads starting from 0.0 Pips, but the company does not provide any utility for traders.

It is clear that Exchange Digital Mining never planned to let their victims withdraw any money. This doesn’t mean they get to keep it, as our legal professionals are experts in chargeback. Contact us today via live chat and book a free consultation session.

Exchange Digital Mining tries to seem like a legitimate company. They provide fake licenses, fake awards, and advertise fake services. Everything goes with these swindlers, as long as you have the money to pay for it.

Exchange Digital Mining is not a unique case. We have ample experience in recovering funds from similar scam companies. Book a free consultation with our team of professionals today, and find out how you too can get your money back!

No, Exchange Digital Mining does not have any legitimate license, and is not an authorized financial service provider.

It is unclear what Exchange Digital Mining offers because of the scope of their false advertising. Sometimes they pretend to be a broker, and other times a crypto exchange.

No, you should never invest with unlicensed entities like Exchange Digital Mining! Use the live chat on our website for more information on how to recover funds from this dangerous scam.

All your assets are in danger with unauthorized firms like Exchange Digital Mining. Seek reimbursement today with the help of our legal experts.

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