EV Trade Review – This Shady Exchange Expects Your Trust

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If you take a look at the company’s website you quickly realize why you shouldn’t trust them. Yet, they expect certain traders to believe them.

Indeed, some inexperienced traders might fall for the trick. But we are here to show you exactly why not to trust this and similar brokers. For that reason, don’t skip our EV Trade review.

Nobody would say anything positive about the company that is hiding important information. In this case, the company briefly mentions Trading Platform Global digital assets Co. Ltd as the official owner. Yet, there is no official address or contact information.

Considering EV Trade’s lack of information they are definitely considered as a scam company. Anyway, we tried checking for any proof with FCA, BaFin or ASIC, but none of those regulators ever supported such a business.

In general, these fake crypto exchanges mainly lure traders with attractive adverts. But there is one key thing with EV Trade scam. Their support is available only via the Telegram app. The app is known for its high-security standards and anonymous communication approach.

This way, the broker ensures protection for themselves while practicing their scam activities. Let us hear about your experience with this or similar companies.

Surprisingly, it looks like the website is translated into Japanese and Korean. Yet, the company is mainly scamming traders from:

After checking the company registration date, you will realize they are less than 1 year into the business. If you already became their victim, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team for assistance.

Trading software nowadays is the key feature for many traders. In this case, the company can’t have MetaTrader or cTrader because they claim to be a crypto exchange. But they are advertising a proprietary app.

To make it even worse, the company promotes mobile app. In this case, suitable for all iOS and Android devices. Yet, their link to the software doesn’t exist. Once you try to download it from the website you get a notification in Japanese and nothing happens.

As can be seen, this is a crypto exchange. Pro traders are missing a lot of opportunities if they invest here. Therefore, their main assets are cryptos.

Such as: 

But have in mind that this is a fake broker and all the assets are also fake.

This is another shady aspect of the company. There is no standard account type classification. Neither that you can see anywhere what the minimum requirement is.

Everything leads to the conclusion that they are here just to extort your money. As much as possible. As fast as possible.

Another warning sign is missing the demo account. Instead of fully transparent access to software, the company is hiding its technology.

This is quite shady and doesn’t leave room for you to test the software. Instead, you have to register and leave your contact details to the scammer.

Considering that this is allegedly a crypto exchange their leverage is 1:1. There are no leveraged products. Unfortunately, there is no transparent information about the costs.

Even though the company mentions handling and withdrawal fees, those are not transparent. But it’s not rare that scam brokers will make up fees just to avoid withdrawal.

In general, bonuses are not something experienced traders are looking for. Yet, some companies offer it, but with shady clauses.

Since the EV Trade crypto scam doesn’t have transparent documentation it remains unknown if they offer any bonuses. But also, if they do, under what conditions.

Most likely, no. The company doesn’t share any ownership details, contact details or any other relevant information. Nobody hides that much without a reason.

Generally speaking, you should avoid shady companies like the EV Trade. Instead, you can opt for reliable exchanges or even Tier 1 licensed brokers for more trading features. But if you already had issues with EV Trade company or any other, let us know.

Our specialized team is equipped with knowledge and technology for fund recovery features. In this case, the possible solution is CipherTrace which we can use to track crypto transfers. Don’t hesitate and contact us already today. The first consultation is completely free and you can book it via live chat.

EV Trade presents itself as the crypto exchange and it might be, but completely illegitimate.

To sum it up, no. This crypto exchange doesn’t reveal even registration information.

Absolutely not. The company is shady as much as it could be. But if you already invested, contact us to assist you with the refund!

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