Equitiz Review – Schemers Launch A New Domain To Avoid Authorities

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Equitiz refers to their platform as every trader’s go-to destination for all things crypto, investing, and trading. For such a wide range of financial services and products, you’d expect this company to be heavily regulated. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

What’s even worse, Equitiz was already blacklisted multiple times for trying to sell their services and products unauthorized. Read our Equitiz review to learn about the true intentions of this seemingly friendly and customer-oriented brokerage agency.  

Equitiz also flags any unfavorable testimonials as harmful or illegal, in an attempt to bring them down. You can’t stop a tide with a broom, however, and the vast majority of client comments are still negative.

Agents of Equitiz will keep asking for more money each time, but the company won’t let their clients withdraw any. To recover your money, contact our legal experts through the live chat, and start a chargeback today!

The fact that reputable EEA regulators have warned traders against Equitiz shows their obvious preference for these countries as a source of new victims. Although their business is as new as it can be, the victims are already appearing in:

Please do not remain silent if Equitiz has wronged you. Our chargeback professionals can help you get your funds back, as long as you inform us promptly of the scam that has happened to you. 

Equitiz makes no effort to present any trading application to their customers. While there are some pictures showing different devices with trading charts, we couldn’t find links to download either a desktop or a mobile app.

With no explicit advertisement, or access to a trading application proper, it’s possible that there isn’t any trading program to speak of. 

The Equitiz website lists several groups of allegedly available financial products for trading. Because of the Promo code restriction on the sign up, we cannot verify if these are truly enabled in the platform itself:

This broker advertises a number of different tiered trading accounts. Higher tier accounts are more costly, but allegedly give some benefits like higher bonuses, insurance, and trading signals.

The account selection and costs are listed below:

To create an Equitiz login, however, you first need a promo code, and a demo is not available.

Equitiz has enabled the maximum leverage to be 1:50. Surprisingly enough, this is in range to what US and Canadian brokers offer. That still breaches the regulatory limits within the UK and EEA, though. This info was taken from the account descriptions page. 

The FAQ states differently, saying that the maximum leverage is actually 1:500. The trading fees and other taxes aren’t in any way discussed or made clear by the broker, which is yet another reason to worry. 

Equitiz has made deposit bonuses available in the amount of up to 100%. The more expensive the account, the bigger the bonus, which means the more the broker robs you. Legal docs do not reveal the conditions pertaining to withdrawals of these amounts. 

Equitiz makes no mention of how clients can deposit, or withdraw any assets. Depositing to the website is always easy, but they trap you with unfavorable bonus conditions that prevent any Equitiz withdrawal.

In the end, you will need to take legal action to get back what is yours. Contact our team of professionals through the live chat, and start a chargeback process today!

Equitiz is an unregulated broker which found its way to many blacklists in short order. Dealing with this firm is ill-advised, as the only thing they offer are empty promises.

To get your money back from the Equitiz scheme, you need help from a professional. We are available 24/7, and you may use the live chat to book a free consultation at any time. Call us today, and get your money back!

Equitiz is not a registered firm, and does not have any regulatory license or authorization to trade.

No, Equitiz is a dangerous unlicensed brokerage, and many regulators have posted public warnings about this con scheme.

Equitiz offers costly tiered accounts which allegedly yield meager benefits. They are Basic, Silver , Gold, Platinum and VIP.

Equitiz uses a predatory bonus strategy to prevent their clients from withdrawing. Contact our chargeback experts for help with recovering money lost on the Equitiz fraud.

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