EQLimited Review – Unlimited Appetite For Other People’s Money

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The way the EQLimited scam earns your trust is by promising ultimate fund protection and most competent trading terms in the industry. That doesn’t seem quite plausible, taking into consideration the absence of legit Forex licenses every broker is obligated to have. 

What else is there to be cautious about? Plenty, and our EQLimited review brings you all the reasons to avoid this sham.

As expected, the business is neither licensed by ASIC, BaFin, CySEC, CNMV or any other prominent regulatory body. All our findings point to the fact that the firm is an unnamed scam scheme that doesn’t provide the promised segregation of funds, negative balance protection and compensation plans.

This entity is completely unknown on the web – there are no social networks, no EQLimited reviews, nothing. There is barely any trace of the group existing, and that’s how the fraudsters like it.

With so little information circulating around, the con artists are free to spin any scenario they deem effective. We are aware that this boiler room employs the romance scam strategy, which is as insidious as it sounds.

The tricksters pretend to be an attractive young man or woman, looking for a romantic interest through dating sites and apps like Badoo or Tinder. The romantic talk quickly turns into “mutual investment funds”, which in turn become a gateway for theft. The stolen money can be traced and recovered, but it requires professional help.

An additional web traffic investigation allowed us to pinpoint the fraudsters’ areas of interest:

The promised EQLimited platform should have been an advanced web trader and both MetaTraders 4 and 5 for all devices. Efficient advertising campaigns may encourage potential victims to sign up, but it doesn’t take long to discover the bitter truth. 

You see, nothing but a rudimentary, dubious web trader is actually at your disposal. MT4 and MT5 are only misused because of their reputation to motivate the victims to invest. 

You’ll find that out as soon as you gain access to the client area. Questionable functionality of the rudimentary web terminal won’t help you earn millions as the swindlers promise.

Tiered structure of EQLimited account types tries to justify a price variation through various benefits. These include access to webinars, and some sort of “premium analysis”, whatever that is.

Forget about a €10 minimum deposit required by regulated brokers, take a look at these insane prices:

Additionally, there’s these “Contratto VIP” tiers:

Since the software is barely functional, any trading instantly goes down the drain. EQLimited login comes with no demo, and the victims are urged to invest funds without any prior testing of the trading environment.

While all other account types present only useless details instead of concrete trading terms, only the VIP package mentions some particularities. Apparently, the maximum leverage ratio goes up to 1:400, which is only characteristic for fraudulent businesses. 

To make the offer more attractive, the charlatans claim to provide ultra low spreads from 0.0 pips! Any other fees, including transaction and administrative costs are concealed. That leaves space for the miscreants to slap unexpected fees that they require to be paid in advance. This strategy is oftentimes used to block withdrawals.

While many different payment channels are advertised, none of them actually work. The site doesn’t feature any automatic payment processing, and you need to rely on your boiler room agent to do all the work.

This is very much intentional with this fraudulent organization. The persuasion experts can give you the works whenever you try to make a EQLimited withdrawal, and try to squeeze additional up-front payments from you.

Although the people running the scheme will try to prevent it, the stolen money can in fact be recovered. Contact our expert team for more information, and for help with recovery.

Recovering lost funds from these sorts of con schemes is our speciality. Contact our legal experts for help with your recovery process. We are available around the clock, and our first consultation is free of charge.

The company is a false online trading platform with a fake registration and no valid Forex license.

Absolutely not – there’s no proof of their legitimacy in the form of a license.

Chargeback means issuing a dispute in order to restore the funds that clients had paid for the services and products they did not receive.

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