EASY EARN Review – Easy Money-Making Is A Dream!

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EASY EARN is a scam of an affiliate program that convinces common users to perform daily tasks in order to earn stable income. Although promising their clients to be able to withdraw cash made through fulfilling simple tasks, EASY EARN doesn’t actually keep their word and pay. 

Every single testimony out there is negative. It seems that the distressed clients have even been asked to pay fees. How the scam exactly goes down and what consequences can you suffer are presented in the following EASY EARN review. 

Although not having to be formally regulated by law, affiliate campaigns are just as dangerous as any other scam of a financial service provider we commonly warn you about. The point of these projects is to just get as many users as possible to sign up and then share their sensitive info. 

While whoever is behind the scheme claims to be based out of Amsterdam, there’s no proof of that on the website. The swindler also makes statements about being fully transparent, safe, and fast in sending payouts, but none of that could be proven, especially by all the negative feedback they keep receiving. 

Our review brings you the most notable testimonies, so read on. 

General rating of EASY EARN on TrustPilot is below any expectation and less than satisfactory. It seems that not a single user who has tried their products and services has managed to make a single dime. These brutally honest opinions of their ex customers are the best confirmation of the malicious conduct:

“The maker of this application is really a bad person because he has deceived many people who are already enthusiastic about carrying out missions in the application. I have completed the mission on the EASY EARN application. I have submitted a withdrawal on June 12, 2023, but I was told to wait until July 10, 2023.”

“That is definitely a scam. First I watched videos inorder to earn $200 then I did it. After that they asked me to invite 30 friends. I also invited 30 friends. Finally, when I ask to withdraw they ask me to give them $65 tax. So how could you believe such a crypto? And they don’t have customer service. it’s totally a scam.”

Every single victim that has fallen for the EASY EARN deal had high hopes of stable profit, promised by the scammers themselves. The boiler room agents, irresistible social networks lurkers, influencers and other deal offerers will promise you the stars, just so you would join. 

What makes their job easier is that there’s no deposit requirement and all you supposedly have to do is watch videos, play games or just download apps. These simple daily tasks could allegedly earn you up to $300 on a daily basis! Who wouldn’t like an easy buck?

Sadly, when the payday comes, EASY EARN leaves you hanging and without a penny of the promised profit. What’s even worse, every dissatisfied customer is stating that they were even asked to pay huge fees before becoming eligible for withdrawal!

Regardless of where you reside, EASY EARN scam can easily reach you. The fraudsters are active on a global level and the internet is an unlimited playground. Since the first launch, back in 2022, the sham has risen in popularity, mostly thanks to social media promotion. 

Sadly, every single of their active users has never been paid and has instead been defrauded one way or another. These are the countries with most casualties:

EASY EARN makes the recruitment process even easier for them by offering provision through invites. Every existing customer gets a unique referral link after signing up. They can share it on their social media apps and get their friends and family members to join as well. 

The scam promises $2 for every friend who clicks your link and $10 for every friend that signs up. Victims report that EASY EARN demands you to get 30 people to join through your link before they allow you to submit a withdrawal request!

Right after completing the sign up, we saw funds appear on our account. These $25 are allegedly a reward for joining and help motivate users to work hard towards meeting their daily goals. 

Conveniently, there’s no legal doc that explains how bonuses work and EASY EARN adds it to your total cash balance as withdrawable funds. Don’t be quick to believe this – cons use bonuses to lure victims and then lock their capital! 

The only withdrawal requirement that EASY EARN has is that the user must accumulate $200 in profit first. Then they can freely choose which transaction channel they wish to use and the payout will instantly appear on their account. 

On the other hand, every single user testimony is a solid confirmation of all that being nothing but lies. Not a single customer was paid their profit. EASY EARN doesn’t bring you a chance to earn and even forces you to promote them and bring in more people for them to scam. The only one that makes profit is the scammer itself when they sell your info up the scam chain.

The website has made it impossible for a client to contact EASY EARN support. Although there’s a supposed Help section, it doesn’t contain anything useful. All communication channels have been cut off and you can only use FAQs if you’re struggling with anything. 

EASY EARN also directs you to contact your account manager in case of issues, but doesn’t exactly make it clear how to do that. No email, no phone, let alone a physical address. This scam is completely anonymous!

We have legal teams working tirelessly to provide you with the advice and help in dealing with the aftermath of a scam. Let us help you as well! Contact us via the Online Chat and book your free consultation!

Supposedly an affiliate campaign, this project is nothing but a scam designed to steal users’ info.

Although not needing regulation by law, the firm should be transparent, but is not in the least.

No, this website advertises stable income but is nothing but a cheap scamming scheme.

Yes, the site is a sham that drags victims in with the promises of profit but then doesn’t pay. Contact us if you too are having withdrawal problems and we’ll help you get it through.

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