DigiFinex Review – A Crypto Exchange Tries To Mislead Investors

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DigiFinex company is primarily registered in Hong Kong. As a country with strict rules, it’s highly expected that companies follow them.  However, many traders filed a complaint against this company.

Indeed, such situations are not rare for freshly registered companies. Such as DigiFinex which was established in 2017. The company had high-end goals, but its reputation doesn’t rise as expected.

If you decide by the professional look of the website and mobile app, you would say that the company is legit. Also, they are present in many countries and have websites dedicated to some countries. Like Canada and South Korea.

Yet, the company doesn’t have any protection for investors. Since the company is not a CFD broker, it can’t have Tier 1 licenses as FCA, BaFin or ASIC. Therefore, crypto transactions become extremely risky if the broker has a bad reputation.

This way traders are misled by the company and often end up with enormous losses. Not to mention that some investors reported their money lost or stolen with DigiFinex exchange. If that was the case with you, get in touch with our professional team for advice on the next steps.

Digifinex.com company looks amazing at first glance. The company uses high crypto volatility to emphasize the opportunity for making quick income.

Whether through social media advertisement or direct contact through messenger like Telegram. But also, there is a referral program. Don’t jump into offers because of money. Because that will bite you as soon as possible. If you were in contact with this or similar scam companies feel free to contact us. Your next move is crucial and needs to be on point.

Through the research, we found that since 2017 they are mainly scamming traders from:

Having proprietary software can be positive and negative. Depending on how trustworthy the company is. In this case, after many traders report issues, it’s considered negative.

On top of all, the company did a good thing by developing a mobile app. It’s available on AppStore and Play Store. Yet, after accusations of manipulation, it’s just a matter of time before those get banned.

Since the company is a crypto exchange, the only available assets are cryptocurrencies. On the positive side, there is a solid list of tradeable assets. Such as BTC, Doge, DOT, XRP, XMR and many more.

Considering that this is an exchange, they don’t have conventional account type separation. The minimum deposit requirement is 0.001 BTC. Also, Digifinex us traders are accepted despite their disclaimer that they are not.

Besides insight into the trading charts, you can’t have any other options on the platform. To sum it up, you don’t have a demo account available. But after all the reviews, you should skip their offer anyways.

Depending on your trading volume you have different fees. Those range up to 0.2%. Crypto exchange trades 1:1 and doesn’t have regular spreads. As for the taxes, you should consult with the domestic regulator for those.

After analyzing all the user-experience comments, you can see that withdrawals are rarely possible. The main reason behind it is poor customer support and fake data. Instead, you can find trusted platforms but also licensed brokers with many more options.

Unfortunately, exchanges are not regulated entities. Therefore, you have only a few legal options. But all that is irrelevant if you can’t get your money back. That’s why it’s important to know that with card transfers you can get a chargeback. Also, for crypto transfers, you can use CipherTrace technology.

If you were a victim of a scam, don’t hesitate to contact the experts. Book your meeting today and get your first consultation completely free!

Considering numerous negative experiences you can realize that the company is quite unsafe. Whether you are a pro or an inexperienced investor.

As can be seen from the user-experience comments, traders are coming from the United States as well.

From the company itself, highly unlikely. However, you can use our professional services to get start the refund process with this company.

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