Dex Trade com Review – Scammers Claim They Got Defrauded Instead!

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It’s something about the website that just doesn’t sit right with us. You can’t access the site properly without accepting all the cookies, for instance. The site itself is that purple-gray color that we’ve seen so many times, and the illustrations are frankly so boring it seems like nobody gave it a second thought. Once you get to the “About Us” page you’re greeted by a bunch of corporate zombies poorly photoshopped onto a picture of one same t-shirt over and over again.

This is not what influenced our final verdict about this exchange. It was the false license information. Find out more in our Dex Trade com Review.

Even though cryptocurrency exchanges are not a new development, the crypto asset market regulation was implemented only recently. Many companies that offer a high quality service with an excellent track record have yet to obtain an authorization.

Unfortunately, Dex Trade com is not one of them. We know this, because the company blatantly lies about actually having a license in Belize. What this faux exchange wants their clients to believe is that a company named EXHANGE TECHNOLOGIES LTD is the owner and operator of the website, and a licensee of Belizean FSC.

The company register of FSC actually holds no information about Dex Trade com, their alleged parent company, or the website domain. The databases of other financial regulators, namely NFA, ASIC, FINMA and BaFIN are also devoid of any licensing information.

The main problem with Dex Trade com is not that they lack a license, but that they lie to their clients about such important matters. Their abysmal online reputation only strengthens our belief that Dex Trade com is an irredeemable scam.

Here is what their unfortunate clients have to say:

“ I have a contact of a scammer who presents himself as representing dex-trade as a financial advisor. […] You get call from him, he then asked you to open Anydesk. “

“ When I asked to withdraw my money they said they need to go into my bank account to do that ??? Don’t want them going jnto my bank account ??? So now I have no option to get my money back ? […] “

“ I dont know how they got my number but i keep getting multiple calls from multiple numbers throughout the day. I have reported them to cyber crime unit as well but not helping. I am going to report it to met police further now. Its mentally harassing for me to get so many calls “

To make matters worse, Dex Trade com keeps responding to all these bad reviews, and pretending to be the victims themselves. They say that these solicitors are not in fact their employees, but scammers who pretend to be Dex Trade com workers.

It is clear from the many complaints about Dex Trade com that they use so-called Boiler Room Agents. They are young, persuasive and stubborn people who don’t know when to quit. It’s their job to get more people to invest with the Dex Trade com, and to keep the money flowing. Many times people simply want the pestering to stop, and crack under the pressure.

Among the scam victims, there are inevitably those eager to speculate on the market. Should such a person wish to use the Dex Trade com platform, these solicitors will pressure them into installing AnyDesk. This program is not inherently malicious, but in the hands of the scammers it is a powerful weapon. AnyDesk allows remote access to one’s computer, and may become a backdoor for unwelcome intrusions into privacy.

Do not give up if you have fallen victim to the Dex Trade com Fraud! We may still recover your lost assets. Contact our legal experts via the live chat for more information.

Dex Trade com is trying to push the idea that they are a legitimate offshore company, but the majority of their users live on the mainland. Without proper regulation in all these jurisdictions, however, their work cannot be considered legit.

The Dex Trade com Scheme was launched in 2017, targeting these demographics:

The main trading application available for desktop users is a single-asset trading software that uses imported charts from TradingView. The main limitation of this software is that it does not feature quick swaps between asset types, necessitating multiple open tabs.

On paper, clients should be able to easily swap between different crypto coins, purchase or sell cryptos for FIAT currencies on Dex Trade com. Whether any trading is actually taking place is highly questionable, as this sort of software easily simulates the market. MBChains is another fraudster with similar software.

Dex Trade com also features a proprietary trading application for mobile device users. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

The app has been downloaded over 50 000 times, but has only 7 reviews with an average score of 3 stars. This tells us that the majority of downloads were done by bots, and that the only humans who ever used it were not very pleased.

Dex Trade com is a cryptocurrency exchange. Their selection of financial instruments are in line with their alleged business. Clients may buy, sell or exchange around 400 different crypto coins. This is not a lot, especially compared to industry leading exchanges Dex Trade com pretends to be.

Here are some of the most popular assets:

There is only a single account type currently available at Dex Trade com, which allows access to all instruments and trading software. Clients can opt to upgrade this account in order to receive lower fees… But this costs money, and undermines any benefits from account upgrades.

Dex Trade com also features a demo account, which is enabled as soon as you create a Dex Trade com Login. In order to use the demo account you must first obtain demo coins. Luckily these are available for free on the website.

Dex Trade com fees are dependent on the trading account status. For starting account tier, Market fee is 0.2%, and Limit fee is 0.1%. These numbers decrease with higher account tiers, with the minimum being 0.054% Market, and 0.0108% Limit fee.

This cryptocurrency exchange claims that they don’t charge a deposit fee, while the withdrawal fee is 0.1% of the withdrawn amount. Of course, there is the minimum withdrawal fee depending on the coin value. For Bitcoin, this is BTC 0.00017.

These numbers don’t mean much, as Dex Trade com has a bad reputation when it comes to payouts. Geetle Scam also claims to offer low fees, but blocks their clients from withdrawing.

This cryptocurrency exchange offers many different bonus options and prizes for different contests. These bonuses are paid in the Dex Trade com proprietary crypto coin, which means they are worthless outside of the platform.

Many financial regulators have outlawed any bonuses. The fact that Dex Trade com offers these is a reason for alarm. Scammers like Profitrop abuse the bonus policy to steal the client’s funds.

Dex Trade com is an unregulated company, which means they answer to no-one. Judging from what we’ve heard from their clients recently, the company doesn’t allow withdrawals under any conditions. 

If you have issues with Dex Trade com Withdrawals, we would like to extend a helping hand in recovering your assets. Don’t let the scammers beat you while you still have cards to play! Contact us today and book a free consultation with our recovery experts.

Dex Trade com is an unlicensed cryptocurrency exchange with a very poor reputation. The swindlers are trying to play the victim, and make it seem like somebody is adopting their corporate identity in order to defraud people. In reality, all the “victims” of these “third party scammers” inevitably end up on, and deposit their funds with the Dex Trade com platform.

Dex Trade com Scam is notorious for not allowing their clients to withdraw funds. Our recovery professionals have become notorious among the scammers for our excellent recovery rates. Don’t hesitate to give us a call – you may book a free consultation at any time through the live chat option on our website.

Dex Trade com is an illicit cryptocurrency exchange. The company is not authorized to provide any of the services they advertise on the website. If you have deposited money with Dex Trade Scam, contact our legal specialists for help in asset recovery.

Yes, this company requires identity verification for all their clients. Because Dex Trade com is a fraudulent company, they can abuse your private information for any number of nefarious deeds.

Dex Trade com charges a withdrawal fee of 0.1%, Market fee of 0.2% and Limit fee of 0.1%.

Dex Trade com offers web-based software for desktop and laptop users, and a discrete proprietary app for Android and iOS clients.

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