DeFi6 Review – Passive Income Farce Ending With Scam

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DeFi6 is an unknown business conduct that only exists online, in the form of a faulty website and defective investment software. The basic plan behind the false passive income is crypto exchange and investing. While you can supposedly buy and sell crypto, you can also earn interest from deposits made to their scam wallet. 

Without any regulation and permissions, this fraudster continues to shamelessly drain wallets. Our DeFi6 review exposes this sham to the bone and presents valid reasons why never to think of investing with them. 

While it doesn’t have to immediately mean that an unregulated financial services provider is a scam, you have to cautiously approach every single one of them. Just because DeFi6 isn’t yet blacklisted by a regulator, it doesn’t mean they’re safe. 

A Tier 1 license is the only confirmation of a broker’s legitimacy. DeFi6 owns none. We made sure of that after checking the registers of CySEC, FCA, ASIC, FINMA and CNMV. 

Without a license, no firm is indeed safe and really implementing the safety measures. Most likely, DeFi6 defies any legal directive known to online trading and investing. This anonymous website, run by unknown fraudsters cannot be tracked and you’ll have a very hard time withdrawing your hard-earned cash. 

Who wouldn’t like to invest once and then do absolutely nothing while the cash piles up? DeFi6 lures victims into their investment trap by promising a passive income that is generated regularly. Investors are promised to be able to be credited in real time and at any given moment. 

The downside to the entire project is the fact that it is all fake, and to ultimately withdraw the profit, you will be required to pay ridiculously high fees. Then it will just turn out that no profit has actually been accumulating all the while you were waiting and paying taxes. Your entire investment was snatched by the swindler the second you deposited.

We understand how attractive the idea of a guaranteed, effortless profit is. However, nothing so good can be anywhere even close to reality. However, DeFi6 has been using that scam method for almost a year now. Judging from the number of their victims, they’ve been very successful at it. Here’s the list of countries where the crypto sham has been most active:

Unless you immediately connect to the depositing wallet, you cannot otherwise access the platform. DeFi6 supposedly runs an unmistakable protocol that obtains data from various sources and is able to adjust transaction volumes to ensure optimal miners fee consumption. 

Chances for that actually working on this bogus platform are less than zero. DeFi6 urges you to invest before even revealing this platform for a reason. It could very well be that the said platform doesn’t even exist!

The DeFi6 website also promises a solution for iPhone and Android users to participate in obtaining interest income through the scammer’s protocols. However, this ghost app is of questionable existence. There’s some hardly believable screenshots of it on the website ang the links to downloading it. 

Unfortunately, the links do not actually lead you to the app’s page in the Apple and Google Store, but to the store homepage. Another shameless lie!

We are unable to verify if leveraged trading is even possible with this faux broker. All the website has are claims about the outstanding passive income depending on your deposit. There’s also promises about being able to buy crypto using USD, GBP and EUR. The major crypto currencies that appear to be available for mining are Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and Stellar. 

Your generated interest at DeFi6 is dependent on the amount of money you invest. These would be account types, or investment plans, but DeFi6 hasn’t named them anyhow. The packages are only sorted after the amount they require and the percentage of the income they accumulate:

Not a single piece of information about trading costs, commissions, taxes and fees are available. That absolutely does not mean their services are free! This website doesn’t have a single legal document published. A trader investing here doesn’t know even remotely what awaits them and how much it’s gonna cost them. This level of anonymity is beyond frightening. So stay away from this con as far as possible!

We do not really believe any withdrawals are possible with this cyber thief. Their purpose is to get you to deposit crypto to their anonymous wallet, nothing more. While you await your income, they’re already counting their own profit. 

As soon as the time for withdrawal comes, you won’t be able to get in touch with them anymore. That’s why not a single communication channel exists on the site. 

Additionally, DeFi6 only performs anonymous crypto transactions from one wallet to another. Zero transparency brings them freedom to manipulate funds, steal and get away with it! In the meantime your withdrawal is stalled and you’re asked to pay some unreasonable fees and taxes.

If you’ve detected a problem with DeFi6, do not hesitate to quickly report it. Firstly, you should alert the authorities. Then you can use our Online Chat feature and get in touch with our legal experts who can help you start a chargeback process. 

The longer you wait the more chances for the criminal to get away with their evil deed. So contact us promptly and let’s join forces in taking back what is rightfully yours!

This website, owned by an anonymous company, holds no valid license. Otherwise they wouldn’t hide that info.

To start off, you have to invest at least 200 USDT.

Unlicensed and prone to scam, this website is absolutely not safe for any investing. If you already have put money into it, contact us for help in quickest returns!

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