Daman Markets Review – Facts That You Didn’t Know About The Company

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Even though Daman Markets might appear legitimate, there are too many unclear facts about them. Primarily their ownership and regulations, not to mention quite poor customer service.

But if you were thinking of investing your money with this broker, wait a second. Read this Daman Markets review carefully and then decide. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Yet, you deserve the right to know all the facts.

Therefore, the company is misleading you about the regulation.They don’t have any Tier 1 licenses, starting first with domestic DFSA. But also they don’t have FCA, BaFin or ASIC or any other authority approval.

As it seems, the company might be just misleading innocent traders. Primarily, they are using someone else’s regulatory details to make themselves legit. Yet, theyare hiding contact information, which is not a sign of a regulated broker.

Therefore, going through the registration and Daman Markets login procedure can easily end up bad. Luckily, you are reading this review to prevent that from happening. But if you already did invest some money, get in touch with our experts for refund assistance.

Even though there are no valid reviews, research shows that this broker is mainly targeting two countries. Those are: 

If you have a negative experience and you are coming from any other country, feel free to leave a comment below. Ultimately, our refund specialists can help you with the fund recovery.

The broker is offering highly reputable MetaTrader 5. One of the main advantages here is the copy trading feature. Yet, if the broker is not regulated, all that becomes questionable.

Any broker using MT5 software has the option to offer dedicated mobile apps. Therefore, iOS and Android users won’t have to bother with the browsers. Most importantly, they can use all the same features as on the desktop.

Surprisingly, this broker doesn’t offer crypto trading services. Instead, there are other 4 main categories available:

Important to realize is that Daman Markets has only two account types. But the deposit difference is quite significant. Yet, for practically little or no benefits, except for an Islamic account, but only for Classic type. The options are: 

As can be seen, the company offers leverage between 1:100 and 1:500. None of those are signs of trusted regulations.

Spreads allegedly start from 1.4 pips for a Classic account. Yet, without a demo, it’s hard to prove that. Also, there is a commission of $35 per $1M USD traded. Note that with their high leverage, that’s an easily reachable amount.

Currently, the company doesn’t have any promotional offers. But with their anonymous contact options, you don’t have even the option to find out more details. In any case, don’t accept any bonus offers from unregulated brokers.

The company claims to process withdrawals within 24 hours. Yet, without regulations all that is highly speculative. None of the methods or fees are revealed as well. Therefore, the broker has plenty of room for manipulations.

In the first place, you should talk to domestic authorities or their so-called regulator. Secondly, you can share your opinion on some forums and help other traders learn about their activities. But in the end, everyone wants to get their money back if they were scammed.

For those steps, we strongly suggest you talk to experts. With our team, you can get your first consultation for free. Even more importantly, you don’t have any obligations. So, nothing to lose. Get in touch today to find out your refund options.

Daman Markets is not actually a regulated broker. Their official brand owner is AI Damman Securities LLC, while the one regulated is AI Daman Securities LLC.

With Daman Markets you can only choose between Classic and Pro accounts. Thus the difference is around $19K.

As it seems, the company offers highly reputable Meta Trader 5. Don’t let that trick you into trusting them.

Withdrawal processing time is 24 hours. According to the company. But without regulations may be longer. If that happens, contact us for refund assistance immediately.

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