CXIPro Review – Exchange Not Deserving Of Your Attention Or Investment

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CXIPro assures their clients that impeccable crypto trading and investment services await them at the website. However, this shady platform fails to bring forth any evidence of their legal crypto license. The concerning lack of any corporate info is another detail we’d add to the long list of reasons why you shouldn’t invest there. 

Please read our CXIPro review thoroughly if you wish to learn the details about how these financial swindlers could manipulate and rob you.

Disturbing lack of company details, legal information and valid policies are just some of the aspects where CXIPro shows how untrustworthy and dishonest they are. That is not the only problem with this insolent firm, however. 

In search for a license, we combed through the legal registers of influencing regulators like FCA, ASIC, CySEC and BaFin and found nothing. 

Although the website is set to Chinese language by default, the owning firm doesn’t discuss their regulatory status. No other clues are provided. This company is unsafe for investments, doesn’t respect the AML measures and doesn’t store the deposits safely.

The situation is quite bleak, as many Redditors complain about being defrauded by this firm. Contact our legal experts if you need help with chargeback.

They claim to have inside info on how the cryptocurrency prices will shift, and promise great returns with a small investment. As time passes, they keep asking for more money, but the firm they are working for will never allow a withdrawal.

The trading software provided by this cryptocurrency exchange is an app with the same name, CXIPro. It is only available for mobile devices, with iOS and Android operating systems.

The app is not available for download via the App Store or Google Play, however, but rather directly from Installing any software from unreliable sources is dangerous, and this app might easily be malware.

Being primarily a crypto trading platform, the exchange offers services of crypto buying and selling, as well as leveraged trading. The focus is on digital currencies like BTC, ETH, EOS, SHIB, DOGE, BCH and others in the form of trading against USDT. 

However, the number of available currencies is quite low – only several dozen products are provided. 

Registering for a CXIPro account seems quick and smooth at first. Alas, only those with the referral code can create a CXIPro login. The fraudster obviously hand-picks their victims and keeps the circle tight. 

Because of such circumstances, we couldn’t determine what this live trading account features, nor what its price is. The only evident detail is that no demo trading is allowed. 

If you’re even remotely familiar with crypto regulations in strictly regulated countries, you’re aware that the allowed leverage on digital currencies is 1:2 in the UK and EEA and 1:5 in the US. Breaching every single regulatory standard, the platform in question allows a preposterous leverage of up to 1:150. 

CXIPro withdrawal is mentioned exactly once on the website, and you will find it in the terms and conditions. It isn’t specified how clients can request a withdrawal, or by which channels they can facilitate the payout process.

This exchange has a reputation of one-way finances, where clients can only deposit, but never withdraw. Our team of chargeback experts are at your disposal, so give us a call if you need help recovering funds from these swindlers. is a suspicious crypto platform without a valid license to perform bank transfers and sell their products and services.

Don’t give up, fight for what is yours! Our chargeback experts are on hand to help with your recovery. You may book a free consultation with us at any time through the live chat on our website. 

The website is a scam scheme that operates for the purpose of attracting crypto investments and then stealing them.

No, this crypto platform doesn’t hold any trading license. None of the Tier 1 registers have them listed as licensed.

The site doesn’t reveal a single communication channel.

Most probably not. Please contact our legal advisors as soon as you suspect a scam has happened to you.

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