Cryptowatch Review – Accurate Tool To Support Your Crypto Winning

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Cryptowatch is a crypto analysis and charting tool to keep track of crypto markets that interest you. Owned by Kraken, a heavily regulated crypto provider, Cryptowatch is one crypto tool that’s worth having. Described as a great addition to your trading arsenal, Cryptowatch will provide you with possibilities to keep yourself well-informed while investing smart. 

On top of that, you’ll also be able to trade and organize your crypto markets better, so read this Cryptowatch review entirely to learn about all the capabilities of this useful feature. 

Cryptowatch is now owned by the Kraken exchange. The brand was founded in 2014 by Artur Sapek. Kraken, being the owning company, guarantees that Cryptowatch is safe and as severely regulated. This grants the possibilities of safe investing, while enjoying the maximum customer protection and most well-managed trading risks. 

Just for a reminder, we’d like to mention that Kraken is registered as a Money Services Business with FinCEN. Kraken is supervised by the Wyoming Division of Banking under a Special Purpose Depository Institution charter to provide digital asset services. Next, the firm is also registered as a Money Services Business with FINTRAC. 

In the UK, Kraken is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a Crypto Asset Firm. In Italy, Kraken has the Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license with the OAM. In Australia, Kraken is a registered Digital Currency Exchange (DCE) with AUSTRAC. Finally, Kraken is also regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA).

Although present on TrustPilot with their claimed profile, Cryptowatch still only has but several reviews posted. What is notable is that all of them are positive, with the highest ratings and very detailed, so you can tell they come from decent, everyday investors:

“I think it is a very necessary tool if you are a regular trader and you have your portfolio in more than one Exchange. They have also added a social part where you can share ideas and opinions with colleagues and have a good laugh.”

“With the big mess that is Crypto right now, it is good to have somewhere trustworthy and transparent to go to. I mainly use the app and the new Social feature is awesome. It is great to finally have somewhere to go to talk about crypto without the barrage of bots like on twitter. The Desktop version is also really cool, very customisable and you can link all your exchange accounts via API to Cryptowatch. Great job! Keep it up!”

“Cryptowatch is like Twitter but without all the spammy garbage and bots. I love that we can add cash tags with the charts in our posts. The platform has all the things I need to keep up with the Crypto space and it’s just as good on Mobile, as desktop. Highly recommend it.”

Cryptowatch is relatively often described by customers as everything a crypto trader needs in one place. To envelop all the major crypto markets, provide all the relevant market info and allow traders to communicate is what has made many crypto enthusiasts choose this place. 

The simplicity, yet still present richness in features makes Cryptowatch easy to comprehend and use on a daily basis. This is, in essence, why crypto investors tend to choose this convenient platform.  

Several licenses and legal supervision allow the platform to offer services to numerous areas and traders. Through the well-balanced offer and free tools, the platform has been successful in many countries. Crypto investors from the following states seem to prefer Cryptowatch above all other platforms:

Powerful and highly customizable, the Cryptowatch trading platform is an integration of charting features, trading tools, customization and simplicity. Through it, you can access over 10,000 markets across more than 30 exchanges. Cryptowatch is able to support all the major and most popular crypto exchanges, like Binance, Kraken, Coinbase pro and others. 

The desktop version is very easy on your machine, not requiring a particular portion of CPU and memory resources. Yet, the speed is impeccable, as well as the richness in features that allow customization of the layout, market-tracking and most accurate price updates. 

It  is available for all Desktop devices and operating systems – Windows, Mac OS and Linux. 

Cryptowatch offers several types of assets to buy and sell on their platform. These are the major asset groups, with just some of the examples. The full offer consists of several hundred instruments, so it’s recommended to check it out on the website:

Two general account types exist at Cryptowatch:

The Basic account is free to obtain, while the advanced account type you have to pay to acquire. Some rudimentary features are free, and they’re featured on the Basic account. This includes Portfolio building, basic Charts, the Chat tool for connecting to other traders and trading. If you want an upgrade, you have to be ready to pay. However, you do so using the platform Credit System. Demo account is not supported.

All of the trading costs at Cryptowatch depend solely on what tool you want to use. Instead of being obligated to a fixed monthly fee, all you pay is only what you wish to use at that moment. The prices are calculated in so-called Credits. This is an in-platform currency that is only in use at Cryptowatch. One credit is worth $0.01.

Upon signing up, you get 250 credits, which is roughly $2. This can’t really be called a welcome bonus as the sum is minimal. It is rather designed to guide you through how the Credit System functions. 

Since the provider doesn’t charge trading fees, all you pay is the tools you want to use and the prices are given on the website. These are Alerts for example, and other developer tools.

The Cryptowatch Payments

As previously mentioned, the currency used on this platform are Credits. You can quickly refill your amount of Credits by using your Credit Card to buy more. Since the major payment system used are Credit Cards, you can count on the transfers being safe. If, by any case, you’re facing problems with the transactions you can always request a chargeback within 540 days since the deposit was made. 

Cryptowatch is a heavily reliable and tightly regulated crypto tracking platform to analyze market and trade digital currencies. The fact that it is owned and run by Kraken guarantees you safety. However, problems can always pop up, no matter who the provider is. 

If you consider yourself to be in danger from any form of defrauding or thievery, please contact us. Our team of legal experts is at your service around the clock. What’s more, booking the first consultation costs nothing. 

The signing up process is relatively easy. After getting to the user area, you can use the nav bar or the introductory tutorial that helps you figure out how to use the features and what is available.

Yes, Cryptowatch was established in 2014 and is owned by Kraken today.

The comprehensive desktop app works across all devices and operating systems – Windows, Mac and Linux.

Cryptowatch works based on marketing tracking, the ability to receive accurate information from several markets and invest into more than one crypto exchange at once.

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