Cryptorobot Review – Robot Trading Scams Strike Again

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Cryptorobot is just another website laid out as a perfect trap for unsuspecting victims that inexperienced crypto investors usually are. The true purpose of promotional websites such as this one is to just attract victims to sign up. Devious fraudulent offshore brokers take on from there. Read our Cryptorobot review to learn how to avoid these perfect-sounding and totally fake offers.

One glance at the was enough to let us know all investments here are doomed to fail. The thing with this fraudulent website is that every single claim about unmistakable crypto trading bots is fake. There’s no advanced AI tool that predicts the markets and places trades for you. 

What Cryptorobot is actually doing is just promising lucrative trading conditions and tools, when in fact, none of that is present on the platform. Their ultimate goal? Getting the potential victims to sign up so they can pass their contact to the offshore/illicit brokers they cooperate with. 

You see, Cryptorobot was never intended for the crypto traders to invest, earn and grow along with the platform. All that this promotional site wants to achieve is to make profit from selling user data and connecting victims to other links in the great scam scheme.

Taking into consideration how popular crypto trading is, it is no wonder that many unscrupulous schemes are set up around crypto platforms. Cryptorobot has designed an advertising campaign that many young, less experienced and uninformed traders would instantly fall for. 

An automated trading system that is capable of scanning the market and placing accurate predictions simply doesn’t exist. The closest to that are some algorithmic attempts of copying and re-placing most successful strategies.

Being relatively new to the crypto market didn’t seem to be troublesome for in the sense of finding customers. Their main hunting grounds seem to revolve around economically developed areas. By that we primarily mean the following countries:

Whether you reside in any of these countries or not, caution is advised. Whenever you’re offered an irresistible deal by a suspicious phone seller, make sure to take a rational look at things.

All the Cryptorobot talk about predictive crypto trading software ended up in the trash. After somehow managing to sign up, we weren’t able to even locate the trading area, let alone any kind of software at all. promotes some specific trading strategies, and analytical indicators as the ultimate problem solvers and premium trading features. Their concrete use is never shown anywhere. Another proof that Cryptorobot only serves as a medium to connect victims with other swindlers.

One mistake that gives away Cryptorobot as a fraudster is the fact that they haven’t worked much on making their offer of instruments particularly rich, even seemingly. There’s only several crypto currencies to supposedly trade: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, Stellar, and Zcash.

In comparison to reputable exchange platforms, this offer is beyond unattractive. Either way, without a trading platform and a server at all, the choice of instruments is insignificant. 

Every newly registered trader expects different packages, each with its particular offer of features and options. With Cryptorobot only one thing matters: depositing as soon as registration is done. This instantaneously rules out the possibility of risk-free trial trading.

This platform goes a step further and claims how they charge no fees at all. This is a blatant lie a common swindler wants you to believe in. No legal docs existing further confirm our doubts about this affiliate scam only being one cog of the larger-scale sham. 

The disturbing lack of transparency should also signify that potential surprise fees are also a huge risk. So better move along and choose a proper crypto provider instead of a poser like Cryptorobot.

Account funding and transactions between victims and scammers work only one way: from investors to swindlers. If any users decided to cash out their profit, they would never be able to do so. 

Con artists in the disguise of affiliate campaigns only receive cash and run away with it. The other option is that they do not even take away your money, they simply get their share after you sign up or deposit with an illicit broker. Pretty well thought-through, you must admit.

The aforementioned evidence serves as proof of this site being a scam affiliate campaign that has nothing ever remotely useful to offer to their customers. If you get tangled up in such a complex scam and have your money stolen, we’re here to help. 

Your first consultation is completely free, so don’t shy away from seeking help you need. Our legal experts team can help you issue a chargeback and get ahold of your capital again.

Cryptorobot is a fake crypto trading platform. In reality, this is an affiliate scam website set up for attracting victims.

This website doesn’t legally exist as a crypto exchange and trade site. That story is just a front for an affiliate scam.

They supposedly offer an automated trading system based on an unmistakable robot that places perfectly lucrative trades. It is all lies and fabrications, however.

No funds are ever safe with fraudulent entities. If you happen to find yourself deceived, scammed and robbed, contact us for legal support and have your cash restored.

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