Crypto Wealth Investments Review – Misleading Info For Smoother Scamming

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Crypto Wealth Investments throws around ridiculous statements about breathtaking trading tools and equipment intended for you to become a Forex expert overnight. The website without credible legal background offers you a chance to discover their “unique innovative trading platform” and thousands of financial instruments. So read on as we delve into the tangled web of lies throughout this Crypto Wealth Investments review.

The official address of this fully anonymous bunch of swindlers should be in Belgium, which would imply operation under the FSMA – regulatory body in charge of licensing brokers. However, Crypto Wealth Investments isn’t shown in the regulator’s database of licensed entities.

Furthermore, we also checked the FINANTSINSPEKTSIOON register as well, since the legal docs mention Estonian court to be in charge of solving disputes. After also going through the lists kept by FCA, ASIC, CySEC, and BaFin, we’ve found out that Crypto Wealth Investments doesn’t own a license at all. On top of all, the following institution has blacklisted them:

Without a legal directive to follow, fraudsters can easily manipulate your funds, steal entire investments and not feel obligated to install segregated bank accounts, negative balance insurance and other regulatory conditions.

The Crypto Wealth Investments scam hasn’t been active for a long time. Their online presence is kept lowkey so the authorities do not notice. Therefore, not many reviews can be found online. They are starting to appear though, as the scam is spreading like disease:

“Under no circumstances should you use this platform. You will be defrauded without a single payout.”

Typically, fraudulent entities like the subject of this review restlessly lurk the social networks in search for the next victim. Once they’ve identified the target or their ad is clicked, they can start with relentless convincing. SwissFS is a similarly functioning scam, so do not fall for them either!

The worst is that they have the means to convince even the brightest investor to put money into their cash-devouring scam project. Whether through emotional manipulation or promises of huge wealth. Naturally, no profit is ever made and the income promised turns to lies and deceit. Our legal team is here to help you when that occurs, though.

Since the scam was set in motion, less than a year ago, the broker has been actively convincing traders to deposit and trade on their platform. Again, none of the profits is real, but the appealing conditions surely push inexperienced investors into loss. The majority of them come from these countries:

The Crypto Wealth Investments platform is advertised as an epitome of sophistication and simplicity combined. At one point, the broker mentions MT4 as their preferred terminal, with the application to Desktop and Mobile devices.

To no one’s surprise, no download links were ever given. Account making is impossible and bugged to an unnerving degree, so you won’t get to see any kind of software. Finotive offers similar tools yet fails to deliver.

We all know how difficult it is to stay glued to the computer for half a day to work and still have time to trade. Every single reputable broker has taken that into consideration and provided a mobile app for their busy users. Crypto Wealth Investments promises one as well, but lies and fabrications are all you’ll ever get from a cheater.

Crypto Wealth Investments boasts about having about 10,000 financial products available for trading. They’re sorted into following groups:

Account types at Crypto Wealth Investments are indeed many. The swindler was very creative when adding all the attractive features and options, just to make the offer sound more shiny. Demo trading isn’t even remotely mentioned.

The generic names and excessive promising on risk-free trades, exceptional education and security has only made us more reluctant to believe any of it. Here’s the deposit requirements for each:

The leverage offered at the site is up to 1:200. You’re probably aware that high leverage is banned where the broker supposedly operates from. But this con enables it to lure you into risky investing.

Due to the inability to make an account, we couldn’t preview the platform for spreads. The site, of course, doesn’t reveal such details, only makes claims of VIP trading prices that come with investments worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Bonuses gifted to traders serve to give them a push on the market. Unfortunately, they’ve been banned in the severely regulated zones due to the brokers misusing them for financial manipulation and extortion. Crypto Wealth Investments does the same.

The Bonus Clause says that the bonus amount can only be withdrawn after the trader collects 10 Trading Points. One point is worth one standard lot, and 10 of them make for 1,000,000 units, which is practically impossible to make with the small bonus amount given.

One scam method apparently used by Crypto Wealth Investments is the bonus conditions that prevent traders from withdrawing not just the bonus amount but their initial investment as well. The restriction on the user area didn’t help us examine the available methods for transactions.

The single piece of information was that the withdrawals are charged with the standard 0.5% per withdrawal, plus the additional $50. The minimum amount for payout is $100, while processing time is 7 business days.

Crypto Wealth Investments is a scam you should watch out for, just like the banned EuropeFX. We know plenty more of them, you can also refer to our previous reviews. Our goal is to warn all potential victims, but also help if the scam has already occurred.

Our legal experts are there to advise you on how to start a chargeback, alert the authorities and other actions to take against a scam. We do not even charge the first consultation, so contact us at any time!

No, they do not own a license and are actually blacklisted by the Canadian OSC.

You shouldn’t put money into a sham. The profit is fake and you won’t be able to withdraw anything!

The broker charges a standard 0.5% fee plus a $50 fee.

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