COINS-CAPITAL Review – Earning Isn’t Based On False Promises

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If this is what an “industry leader in the Forex and CFD market” is, then the whole industry is doomed to collapse. COINS-CAPITAL is a self-proclaimed, best financial services provider that has ever participated in securities trading. The anonymous brokerage brands from offshore and the reputable ones from developed countries alike cannot even think of competing with their mediocre services. That’s how arrogant COINS-CAPITAL is in their self-glorification. 

While they present their offer as a gift for all the retail and professional traders, they’re in actuality another SVG-based scam. The only surprise is that they’ve not yet become famous enough to be spotted by any of the leading regulators and blacklisted. We’ll elaborate on every single aspect of this fraud’s techniques and unscrupulous methods throughout our COINS-CAPITAL review, so read on.

We aren’t familiar with the reasons for it, but we’re very well aware of the avalanche of scam brokers it brought upon the Forex market. New fraudulent companies are registered there as we speak and COINS-CAPITAL is no exception. 

In order for this broker to operate legally in other areas, they need a jurisdictional financial authority to grant them a permit. Preferably a Tier 1 license. This is not achieved easily and we highly doubt COINS-CAPITAL has managed to obtain such a valuable regulation. 

Either way, we still went through several databases to check if some of the leading regulators have licensed them. As it seems, FCA, ASIC, NFA, CySEC, CONSOB and CNMV haven’t.

A missing premium license means this broker doesn’t follow the regulatory rules about segregation of funds, leverage limitation, negative balance protection and compensation plans. 

As evident, our little fraudulent broker here offers a massive leverage of 1:200, while the UK regulation has limited it to 1:30. Furthermore, all Tier 1 institutions in the EEA and UK have banned bonuses. COINS-CAPITAL offers them proudly and as a part of their irresistible offer. 

Regulatory conditions in Canada are slightly different than the UK and EEA ones, but they’re still strict and demanding. Comparison shows this fraud doesn’t follow any of them. Now that it’s clear this brokerage is nothing more than another offshore investment trap, are you sure you want to push yourself into it?

COINS-CAPITAL prefers their victims to be English native speakers. They even claim to originate from the UK. We don’t know if that’s just for show or the swindler has a preference for this country in particular. Either way, they ruthlessly scam people from these areas:

When a financial services selling agent is as persistent as the ones at COINS-CAPITAL, a victim eventually allows them to lead them into the trap. Boiler room agents are unspeakably persistent and have the patience of a saint. They know what their aim is and they follow it with a religious dedication. 

Every scam agent has impeccable verbal skills that allow them to come off as both professional and irresistible. In their mission to get your funds deposited on their platform, they will get in your head and see through all your barriers. The smooth-talking agent will find your weak point and abuse it to your disdain. 

Once you start investing, you know you’re in deep. Getting out of the rabbit hole is not as easy as it was going down. After they make sure they have you dancing in the palm of their hand, they will turn a cold shoulder on you and extort money ruthlessly. 

Not much is known about the COINS-CAPITAL range of products. Not without a trading account opened. The single web page listing the available financial instruments has them sorted in these categories:

At the moment of writing this review, the broker wasn’t allowing new users to join, only existing ones to log in. 

Although we’d like to present you the COINS-CAPITAL range of accounts thoroughly and meticulously, we can only pass you the info we managed to get. And we’re not in the least astonished by what they have to offer. 

All the packages do not describe the concrete trading conditions and parameters. The major feature all the accounts include is the bonus up to 100%. We’ve already discussed them being banned in the UK and EEA. 

We suspect that, in essence, COINS-CAPITAL doesn’t have anything of value to offer. So they use bonuses as bait. Other supposedly included options are market news, education, dedicated account manager and price alerts. All the options are either fake and unallowed by known regulations or something that reputable brokers standardly include in every offer.

Since we do not know the minimum deposit requirement for each account type, we will only list their names and deposit bonus here:

From the information on the broker’s website, we confidently claim they do not have a Demo account option. The site itself doesn’t mention it anywhere and neither could we join at all at that time. 

The presence of a Demo account would mean availability of test-trading. Especially valuable for Forex newcomers, this feature would allow training and learning. Unfortunately, it looks like COINS-CAPITAL doesn’t concern themselves with that at all. 

Yet another feature exclusively available for existing customers only, trading platform wasn’t within our reach. Of course, such restrictive behavior from the broker suggests they have things to hide. And we don’t appreciate it at all. With that, the broker may as well not have any trading platform and it would be all the same for us.

It would be highly unlikely of an acclaimed broker to display such behavior. However, you should remember that COINS-CAPITAL is not a regulated brokerage enterprise to begin with. So all these patterns are just manifestations of scam.

The Withdrawal of Funds Policy isn’t all that informative. Even if it was completely omitted from the website it would be the same. It’s as if COINS-CAPITAL has it up only to seem more credible, but that’s not quite working. The only half-useful info we read in it is that the withdrawals are processed in 5 business days at most. This information should, of course, be taken with a grain of salt, as it comes from an unregulated scam site. 

With fraudulent companies such as this one, you can always expect sudden fees. These appear out of the blue and are the company’s desperate attempt to empty all your bank accounts and credit cards. But the extra fees aren’t their only method of extortion. COINS-CAPITAL may ask for additional docs and conditions to be met. Trading volume requirement is their most lethal condition. It allows them to prolong and eventually completely deny your payout attempts. 

Do not let the feelings of despair take over you and immobilize your activities towards regaining your funds. You have the right to take back what was unlawfully taken from you. And really, do you want to allow a lazy, immoral scammer to profit by stealing from honest retail traders such as yourself? 

So contact us today. Our diligent team of fraud-fighting agents is here to hear you out and instruct you on how to start your chargeback process. The scammers will only do so much damage as much as you allow them to. Let’s work on stopping them together. Send us the info you have on this or any other fraudster and we’ll use it against them and to bring their crimes to justice.

COINS-CAPITAL is an unregulated broker from an unlawful offshore zone that allows them to operate without a license and without being supervised.

While CFD trading is allowed, Crypto currencies as a financial instruments group is not available at this website.

No, they currently do not promote such a program, but they have several types of bonuses always available to easily attract victims.

COINS-CAPITAL is an unregulated broker from an unlawful offshore zone that allows them to operate without a license and without being supervised.

While CFD trading is allowed, Crypto currencies as a financial instruments group is not available at this website.

No, they currently do not promote such a program, but they have several types of bonuses always available to easily attract victims.

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