Coin Mania Review: The Available Info About This Platform Is Scanty

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Coin Mania is a crypto exchange platform founded in February 2017 in Georgia. The company’s full name is Coinmania LLC. The exchange offers a wallet, which can be accessed via the Coin Mania app.

That’s pretty much all we know about the company; there are no other reviews or sources we could turn to. Nevertheless, our Coin Mania Review is here to analyze what’s on the website and to determine whether this exchange is a safe place for trading.

Instead, find a licensed provider that’s regulated by top-tier financial authorities such as the FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia), CFTC/SEC (US), CySEC (Cyprus), MAS (Singapore), etc.

If you experience issues with this platform, we can help you get your funds out of there.   

Yes, the Coin Mania wallet can be accessed via a unique app provided by the company. There is almost no information regarding this app. Coin Mania simply provided a step-by-step guide on how to deposit and withdraw funds from the exchange.

There is also an overview of the available markets, i.e. cryptocurrency pairs that can be traded. Some pages of the website are unavailable until you register. We tried to access them but the website redirected us to the Coin Mania login page.

Coin Mania withdraw policy listed the bare minimum of information regarding the payment process. Similar info can be found on the Coin Mania contact page.

The exchange says that the trader can transfer Georgian Lari to the following accounts – TBC Bank (GE48TB7256036080100010) & the Bank of Georgia (GE79BG0000000160951585). If traders transfer money from TBC Bank or Bank of Georgia, their wallets will be filled within 1 minute.

As for the Coin Mania fees, the company charges the following, per the website:

Coin Mania is a Georgian-based crypto exchange. This exchange offers crypto storing services and a crypto wallet. We are not sure whether this company is regulated because the website of the NBG did not provide a useful link to the register.

As for our verdict, the information provided on the website is pretty scarce and we cannot form a definitive assessment. But if it were up to us, we wouldn’t trust this platform. There are many more reliable exchanges that you should go with. 

If you’ve deposited funds on this exchange and are having issues recovering your money, book a free consultation with our team. We’ll go through your case and tell you what the next step is.

Let us know if Coin Mania is causing withdrawal issues.

Coin Mania is a crypto trading exchange founded in Georgia. This company offers a crypto-storing wallet.

We do not know because it was impossible to access the Register of virtual asset providers regulated in Georgia.

It depends on whether Coin Mania is regulated or not. In any case, you can always contact us if you believe that you’ve been scammed.

Theoretically, you should be able. However, issues may arise. If you ask us, there are more reliable crypto exchanges so there’s no reason to be glued to Coin Mania.

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