Cmuspros Review: No Use Opening A Trading Account Here

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Do not take this fraudster for a legitimate crypto exchange. This platform is actually a cunning trap designed to steal money from unsuspecting traders and investors.

Another provision stipulates that all agreements are to be concluded under the laws of the Republic of Seychelles, which is an offshore jurisdiction. Whether this is true or not, it doesn’t matter. The key takeaway is that Cmuspros is definitely not a legitimate US platform and has no license.

Instead of risking money online, you should find a reliable firm, regulated by recognized financial market authorities such as the FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia), SEC (US), MAS (Singapore), CySEC (Cyprus), IIROC (Canada), etc.

If you lost money to this crypto scheme, we can help you recover it. 

The website promises potential clients “encryption insurance, and all dollar cash balances are covered by FDIC insurance, up to 250000 dollars.” This is nothing but a ruse to make the whole scheme seem like a legitimate business.

The institution goes on to say that “most often, the people selling these products are not employees or your bank, but employees of third-party securities broker/dealers or insurance companies,” and warns of the risks associated with such products. The point is that Cmuspros does not offer insurance!

These three countries are all EU members, meaning their respective regulators enforce common regulatory laws and rules for the financial market. To reiterate, the exchange has no authorization to operate in European or North American jurisdictions.

It is quite possible that the phony provider is communicating with potential victims via private Telegram channels or WhatsApp chats but there are no social media links on the website. 

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Cmuspros supports a rudimental browser-based trading terminal. In addition, there is a mobile app available for Android and iOS devices, which can be downloaded via a QR Code. We don’t recommend it though.

The web trading platform looks pretty lackluster and unpolished. It offers basic tools such as charts and indicators but not much else. As such, it is highly ineffective for trading. You’re better off with firms that support renowned third-party software such as MT4, MT5, or cTrader.

Cmuspros offers exclusively cryptocurrency trading. The exchange features all the popular coins, which can be traded against US Tether, supporting perpetual and delivery contracts as well as spot trading.

It should be noted that cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile assets. Trading such instruments is risky per se, but doing it on an unregulated platform is not wise at all.

Cmuspros did not reveal the available payment methods. It is quite possible that the exchange accepts payments exclusively via cryptocurrencies, which makes sense considering that scammers generally prefer this type of payment. It allows them to remain anonymous. 

As for the fees, Cmuspros did not disclose any maker/taker fees, nor did the website reveal the fees for deposits and withdrawals, which surely exist.

The unreliable exchange will not allow you to withdraw funds, judging by what we read in the trader reviews. Hence, you must seek out professional assistance. We have experts who specialize in various fund recovery methods and we gladly offer our services.  

To sum up, Cmuspros is an unreliable crypto exchange, allegedly based in the US. This bogus website has primarily been targeting traders from Italy, Austria, and Hungary.

We don’t recommend you trade on this exchange because it is unregulated. Recovering funds that were deposited can be a nightmare but it is possible with professional aid!

If you’ve fallen victim to the Cmuspros scam and need help getting your funds back, book a free consultation with Global Fraud Protection and tell us more about your case. We will analyze it together and come up with a solution for recovering your hard-earned funds!

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Cmsuspros claims to be a proper US crypto trading exchange that supports perpetual and spot trading. This is a lie.

Cmuspros is indeed a crypto exchange scam. This platform is not regulated by any financial market authority.

Cmuspros pretends to be a crypto platform but its true purpose is to embezzle clients’ funds. Should that happen, we can help traders get them back.

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