Clark Financial Advisory Review- We Advise You To Avoid This Scam

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Someone somewhere said that anybody can give advice. Sure, but you shouldn’t trust advice from these scammers. Clark Financial Advisory is an unlicensed scam broker, that tries really hard to appear legitimate.
ClarkFinAdv.Com website is very well made, but there are some holes in their facade. No customer support, no real education, no tangible risk warning… Our ClarkFinAdv Review will show you more reasons not to trust this broker.

As we mentioned before, the website ClarkFinAdv.Com seems well-made, but omits some crucial information. For instance, the company fails to mention the investor risks when dealing with CFDs. The website does provide a company registration number, however. 

Searching this company number revealed an investor warning from the UK’s own FCA, and it is this piece of evidence that really made us doubt the credibility of ClarkFinAdv.Com domain. We will discuss this in more detail in our CalrkFinAdv Review.

Something that is of great import to any online brokerage is regulator authorisation. Since Clark Financial Advisory Limited alleges that their company HQ is in the UK, they must follow the FCA guidelines and rules.

FCA is a Tier-1 regulator, and is among the most respected and strict regulatory bodies in the world. For a broker to start trading in the UK, they must provide a starting capital of £730 000 and a compensation fund of £85 000. Maximum allowed leverage is 1:30 for CFDs and 1:2 for Cryptocurrencies. Segregated Bank Accounts and Negative Balance Protection are required by law, as well as full transaction transparency. Bonuses are forbidden.

Great Britain is no longer a part of the EU, but Ireland is. For this reason, it is important to mention that with Irish main securities regulator, CBI, additional MiFID rules apply. These span the entire EEA, and are enforced by ESMA.

Since we found some alarming info in the FCA’s database, we checked the registers of other European regulators. EEA regulators like BaFIN, CBI, CySEC, CONSOB and CNMV have no information on ClarkFinAdv, and neither do non-EEA European regulatory bodies like NKCPFR and CBR. This is solid evidence that something shady is going on with this firm!

It’s time to bring out the hard truth about this entity. The problems with FCA registers are not a mere clerical error. It’s a full blown scam where the owners of ClarkFinAdv.Com are pretending to be another company entirely.

Although the scammers have stolen the name and registration number of a legit firm, other information such as company HQ address, website domain, email and phone number do not match. The FCA has noted this problem, and have issued an investor warning, pending a full investigation in this matter.

The client reviews rating of this company are quite poor. There are no positive reviews, and instead they range from neutral to very bad. It seems that nobody is quite satisfied with the service of ClarkFinAdv brokerage.

Here are some examples of customer testimonials:

it’s a scam. there manger or advisor forced you to pay more and when you request withdraw they will never let you do it. then the advisor will delete telegram account

They promised me big profits and convinced me to deposit more and more money. But when I tried to withdraw my funds, they kept giving me excuses and delays. In the end, I lost everything. […]

I deposited my hard-earned money with them and they just disappeared without a trace. They didn’t respond to any of my emails or calls.

The scam primarily targets people from the UK, hence the fake information about UK regulation. Of course, scammers don’t limit themselves to only one area. The ClarkFinAdv scam is active in broader Europe as well.

These are the countries that are most affected by the ClarkFinAdv fraud:

As is befitting a fraudulent broker, the range of financial instruments is quite poor. They are just another part of an investor bait, after all. Clark Financial Advisory Limited scam offers the most popular assets, which can be arranged in a number of groups. You won’t find this information on their website, however.

We found these tradable assets on ClarkFinAdv trading platform:

Here is what they look like:

ClarkFinAdv claims that all their transactions are swap-free. This means that all the accounts are valid for trading under Shariah.

The website of ClarkFinAdv alleges the existence of a demo account. When you try to actually create a demo, it is nowhere to be found. This is especially dangerous to novices, as they will not give much significance to this problem.

Demo Accounts, however, are instrumental tools for both learning and testing market strategies. They are invaluable to novices and pros alike, and an absence of a Demo means you can only trade with real money.

The only good point of a Web Trader is that you don’t need to download or install anything on your computer. A Web Browser is all you need. Sure, authorized brokers also use it, but only as a backup. The current industry standards are MT4, MT5 and cTrader software.

A client of Clark Financial Advisory Limited can trade with any mobile device either by using the same Web Trader, or download a proprietary app. This proprietary app sounds like a nice solution, only until you realize it’s another Web Trader in disguise.

More precisely, it’s a cut down version of a web browser, which is connected directly to the ClarkFinAdv server. Again, it’s nothing glamorous. Legit brokers offer far better solutions.

The most obvious part of this scam is their stolen corporate identity. ClarkFinAdv wants you to believe that they are a company with solid regulation, and a good track record. Of course, it’s all a lie. Scam brokers never rely on a single strategy, however.

The other part of the Clark Financial Advisory Limited scam is the Boiler Room Agents. These people are the ones who keep pestering you with phone calls until you make a deposit.

Once you have made your deposit, you will see just how hollow and unsubstantiated all their promises are. By this time, it’s already too late – the scammers have taken your money, and now they’re rejecting your phone calls.

Many of the client reviews criticize the ClarkFinAdv withdrawal process. Indeed, the website is quite vague about the whole deal, and the agents of the company require you to pay the fees up front, which is illegal.

It might prove quite difficult, if not impossible to withdraw any money from ClarkFinAdv. These people are professional con artists, and they leave nothing to chance.

Don’t feel ashamed if you have become a victim of the Clark Financial Advisory Limited Scam. As we said before, these people are quite well versed in manipulating others. There are ways to recover your funds, but you must act quickly. The more the time passes, the slimmer your chances of payout grow.

For this reason our team of legal professionals are on hand around the clock. You may contact them for a free consultation via the live chat, for quickest response. We’d like to hear your experience, since you are not the only victim of this scam broker.

ClarkFinAdv is a scam that is known as a Clone Company. They use a purpose built fake portfolio and fool any unsuspecting traders.

Although Cryptos and CFDs are available at Clark Financial Advisory Limited, we do not recommend this broker to anyone.

ClarkFinAdv does not offer a demo account to their clients.

ClarkFinAdv is a scam that is known as a Clone Company. They use a purpose built fake portfolio and fool any unsuspecting traders.

Although Cryptos and CFDs are available at Clark Financial Advisory Limited, we do not recommend this broker to anyone.

ClarkFinAdv does not offer a demo account to their clients.

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