Chronos Inv Review – Investing In Shallow Promises Isn’t Profitable

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Chronos Inv wants you to believe that their investment solutions are what makes this complex process easier and solvable, yet quite profitable for you. By offering investment possibilities on over 250 assets, this unregulated firm attracts victims just by promising high passive income with no effort needed. 

That could hardly ever be true, so consider reading this Chronos Inv review to see through their lies before you make a horrible mistake of investing here.

Being completely unregulated and unsupervised by leading financial watchdogs makes Chronos Inv extremely dangerous. Funds storing isn’t done via segregated bank accounts, that’s one. In case of the broker failing, no compensation plan could reimburse you and AML measures aren’t implemented. 

The links to social media that should lead to the Chronos Inv social network profiles, are instead links for sharing their platform. The company encourages their clients to share Cronos Inv services in a form of viral advertising.

Despite their attempts to come off as a reputable US investment brand, Chronos Inv fails at it miserably. The preferred website language being Spanish reveals their most probable locations and area of activity. In that sense, the broker apparently preys on traders from the following countries: 

Regardless of your country of residence, we can provide help for you to restore your funds if Chronos Inv has stolen them, so contact our legal support promptly. 

The Chronos Inv platform is an unknown software that the users have no access to. Chronos Inv describes this piece of software as if it was the most prominent technological solution in the field of online trading. The Chronos Inv scam invites you to make an account to test it, but even after following these instructions, we were never given access to the terminal. 

Since the website is severely lacking any information, it doesn’t include detailed data on investment assets. Some allegations do exist, however, and they revolve mostly around cryptocurrencies.

Below is a list of assets that the company allegedly provides:

The web presentation itself is very vague and the whole website is a one-page-scam. The information given is not even remotely sufficient to equip you with enough knowledge of what to expect and what you’ll be buying. The same goes for the investment plans. 

Chronos Inv will try to assure you how every investment brings high passive income, but the percentage, mechanisms and other features are omitted. 

Besides the unrealistic expectations in terms of returns on investment, Chronos Inv also promotes zero costs on anything. Any of their services are allegedly completely free and tax isn’t paid on anything. 

These blatant lies are as funny as the ridiculous profits they vouch for. Seeing such an important investment aspect neglected, it is no wonder that CNMV has issued a warning against this con.

All of the deposit options for Chronos Inv are recurring monthly payments. This bogus firm is all too happy to take your money, but not very eager to pay any earnings.

While a Chronos Inv withdrawal option does exist, it is only a bank wire transfer that needs to be approved by the company agent. For an alleged US investment giant, that doesn’t sound like a transparent or reliable firm. Seek help from our chargeback experts via the live chat, and book your free consultation today.

As embarrassing as being scammed may feel, you should never keep quiet about it and let scammers get away with your investment. Chronos Inv allegedly requires a beginning investment of just a dollar, but you’ll pay a lot more if you start that game with the swindler. 

If you’ve been tricked into risky investments by Chronos Inv or any other cyber thief, please refer to our legal support crew for help. They’re masters at chargeback and legal action against this sort of crime, so book your free consultation today!

Chronos Inv is a scam investment platform as confirmed by the spanish regulator – CNMV.

Chronos Inv is a total sham without a single trace of legitimacy.

You may use the live chat option on our website to book a free consultation with your dedicated chargeback professional.

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