Central Plus Finance Review – Authorities Raise A Red Flag Against The Sham

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The Central Plus Finance website is clogged with statements that glorify their imaginary brokerage services and ultimate technological solution for online trading. 

All of these claims aren’t backed by any legit Forex license and the supernatural software couldn’t even be downloaded safely. 

It is highly recommended that you read this Central Plus Finance review in order to learn how this scam runs.

Central Plus Finance omits all of the legal information and corporate details from their site. The brokerage fakes office addresses in the UK, Ireland and UAE but isn’t regulated in any of the mentioned countries. 

Without a legitimate online trading certificate this entity imposes a major financial threat: the funds aren’t placed in segregated accounts, compensation funds don’t reimburse losses and AML measures and mandatory transparency are missing.

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This faux brokerage employs boiler room agents to get new victims to invest. They have a developed strategy, they ask for a little money to start the deal, and quickly after doctor the market data to show fake profits.

Accessing the evasive Central Plus Finance platform doesn’t happen without hustle. If you first attempt to download the desktop version, your browser will reject the file as unsafe and potentially malicious. 

There’s allegedly the web trader too, but you need a Central Plus Finance login in order to get in the client zone. Registration is currently restricted, so you will not get a chance to buy an account at all.

In order to appear like a serious brokerage firm, the site fakes enabling hundreds of more and less popular products sorted in several tradable asset classes:

The broker doesn’t offer any demo, only some very costly tiered accounts. On paper, more expensive tiers offer increased benefits like higher bonuses and leverage.

Other benefits include a free MacBook, free tickets to sport events, a monthly raffle- anything to make the deal seem appealing.

Here are the account names with initial costs:

Forget the FCA regulation max leverage of 1:30! With Central Plus Finance leverage goes to the moon with a whopping 1:1000!

More expensive account types that demand payments of up to million pounds promise a deposit bonus of 100%. It’s hardly believable that a faux company would be able to reward you with such a hefty amount. 

What’s even worse in the whole story is the absence of the legal documentation that outlines the withdrawal conditions, making it easy for the con artist to lock your funds permanently.

Separate Policies which define how Central Plus Finance withdrawals work aren’t uploaded to the site. You’re left with a single paragraph in the shallow Terms and Conditions text that says the firm charges withdrawal fees, but so do third-party payment services. 

You can expect your broker dealer to charge astronomical amounts under any imaginable excuse, just to prolong your nightmarish wait and eventually deny your payout request completely.

Nearly every aspect of business with this broker is set up to make you lose money faster than you can count it. They present a blatant disregard for any regulation or fund safety. No wonder the firm has been put on the FCA warning list.

Central Plus Finance is a dangerous entity that doesn’t handle your money in good faith. To recover your assets from this scam broker, book a free consultation with our legal experts via the live chat.

No, the FCA has issued a warning about this fraudulent unlicensed brokerage.

Groups of assets available are Forex, Futures, Commodities, CFDs on Stocks and CFDs on Crypto.

While the company mentions multiple platforms, the only one that is actually available is a web trader.

The website doesn’t clarify the amount of commissions and taxes occurring during payouts.

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