Capitaria Review – Scammers Hiding In Plain Sight In Latin America

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Capitaria has a very basic website that advertises some very interesting business opportunities. The company is oriented toward the Spanish speaking clients living in South America, and is not available in English, Portuguese or any other language. Besides the industry standard trading software, there isn’t much to say about Capitaria… Besides the fact that they are an unregulated scam company that is already blacklisted.

See the rest of our Capitaria Review to find out more about these frauds.

Capitaria has a number of different regional offices established in various nations of the continent of South America. These are located in Chile, Uruguay, Mexico and Peru. In order to offer these services to a multinational audience, Capitaria would need to obtain a trading license in each of these jurisdictions.

Searching the registries of other financial regulators around the world, namely BaFIN, FINMA, ASIC, FCA and NFA did not return any results either. This leads to the conclusion that Capitaria is an illicit company that exists to defraud investors.

Capitaria employs Boiler Room Agents to attract new people to the platform. They present themselves as financial experts, and offer investment opportunities that are too good to be true. Unsolicited calls and messages via WhatsApp are their methods of choice.

The broker’s domain, advertises conditions unrivaled by their legitimate competition. Many fake awards are also prominently displayed in an attempt to make Capitaria look like a reputable firm.

This fraudulent company has managed to steal money from an alarming number of people. If you are among the many scammed by the Capitaria fraud, consider reaching out to us for help in asset recovery.

Unregulated brokerages exploit the less well-off people from all over the world. The apparent allure of great riches found overnight seem too good to resist.

Capitaria has been in business since 2015, and they actively people from these regions:

Help us bring the attention of the authorities to the Capitaria scam. We would like to hear your experience – contact us today and we may yet aid you in recovering the money you lost with Capitaria fraud!

The platform offered by Capitaria is MetaQuotes’ MT5 Web. The main feature of this platform is that it is run directly through the web browser, without the need to download or install anything.

Capitaria offers two variants for MT5 Web. One is for Chilean customers only, while the other is for international clients.

Capitaria does not own their own trading server, and the data is streamed from another company. Furthermore, the app shows clear signs of tampering and data manipulation.

As the name suggests, MT5 Web is a web oriented app, and is available through any device that features a web browser. This means it is also available on mobile devices running Android and iOS platforms.

No matter how advanced the app is, you can’t escape the fact that Capitaria has cracked the platform security. The mobile app suffers the same issues.

Capitaria offers a decent selection of different trading instruments. Whether it is possible to trade any of the assets with an unregulated broker is up to debate. We also noticed that the majority of instruments weren’t available on the trading platform.

Here is a short list of featured trading assets:

Here is a list of them now:

Minimum leverage at Capitaria is featured on the cheapest account, starting with 1:2. The more expensive accounts quickly rise above 1:100. We should remember that for safety reasons, the leverage cap in North America is 1:50 for CFSs and 1:5 for Cryptocurrencies.

The spreads we found in the trading software are alarmingly loose. Some popular assets like EUR/USD feature spreads of 40 Pips!

Although advertises instant withdrawals, this is not to be taken for granted. Capitaria is an unregulated brokerage, and they answer to no regulatory body. The scammers can easily invent any reason to block a Capitaria Withdrawal.

If you have your assets stuck with Capitaria Fraud, feel free to contact us and book a free consultation with our chargeback experts.

Capitaria is a known fraudulent company. The Uruguayan BCU has already blacklisted Capitaria as a scam. The company mainly targets the people living in Latin America.

The company offers seem lucrative at first, like 0% fees for instance, but the spreads are incredibly loose. The account types require some very hefty deposits. Their trading application is compromised, and shows tailored information.

If you have any issues with Capitaria, feel free to contact our legal experts. Your money may not yet be lost! With the aid from our experienced professionals, you can begin your chargeback process. Contact us today via Live Chat and book a first consultation free of charge.

Capitaria is an unlicensed brokerage operating in Latin America.

No, Capitaria is a known fraudulent entity blacklisted by BCU Uruguay.

A demo is available on, but it is not the broker’s demo account. It is a function of their trading application instead, MT5 Web.

It is unclear whether it is even possible to withdraw from Contact our legal experts for more information and aid in charging back your funds.

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