Capital Whales Review – All The Key Features and Dangerous Offers

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Capital-whales scam is one of those obvious ones. Without any information about the company ownership and address you can quickly realize there is something wrong. But that’s not the only thing that worries traders

In this case, Capital Whales miss out on the key feature. Which is the protection for traders. The company Capital Whale operates since 2022 worldwide, but mostly in highly regulated countries.

But for a broker that is not regulated, it’s not rare to make false positive reviews as well. Get in touch for advice on how to recover your funds!

Capital Whale platform is obviously designed to take from you as much as possible. In general, scam brokers like offer quicky money-earning schemes. Most of the time via automated options for trading.

Since they don’t offer reliable trading software, they manage those traders with a manipulative proprietary platform. Be careful of those and if you see any signs of such irregular activities, contact our team for further advice.

Generally speaking, companies like scam don’t hesitate to target any country. In this case, they are mainly scamming traders from:

Especially in the hard times, they can use great sales knowledge to present you benefits of investing. Thus, with unregulated brokers that’s just a misery. But if you already did and don’t know how to withdraw the money you can reach out to our expert team.

Capital whales trading is done through a proprietary platform. Instead of advanced  MT or cTrader, you can get only a web-based app with limited functionalities.

The company claims to have only basic analytical and technical tools. However, nowhere is to be seen social or copy trading. Which are highly popular nowadays.

In fact, no. Since they only provide a web-based platform, mobile users can only access their accounts via browser. Generally speaking, a huge downside for any broker. Especially non-licensed ones.

On Capital Whales account types we couldn’t get much information about tradeable instruments. But whatever they offer with such conditions, you know it’s fake. Most likely you have multiple options like:

The minimum requirement for the lowest account type starts at 5.000 EUR. Considering the missing Capital Whales regulation this is too high. Anyway, you can choose between:

Another warning sign is the missing demo account. Without it, all Capital Whales cfd trading conditions remain questionable. This is especially dangerous for inexperienced traders.

Primarily, the company offers an insanely high leverage of 1:500. For European broker, that’s not acceptable. All the other fees and trading costs remain unknown with this scam broker.

To sum it up, yes. Any European broker offering bonuses is an absolute scam. Because bonuses are banned across Europe.

Mainly due to shady bonus policies. In this case, the company requires you extremely high trading volume as the withdrawal condition  (Bonus amount + Deposit) x25. Considering Capital Whales minimum deposit, you may never see your money again.

Capital Whale payout is highly concerning. Primarily due to missing regulations. But also because of other users’ experiences. To complete Capital Whale withdraw procedure you should meet certain criteria.

Yet, their requirements are not backed up by any laws. Only their shady policies. In this case, the broker might ask you for additional payments, documentation or even non-existent taxes. Considering all these fake excuses scam brokers are using, withdrawals are rarely possible.

In general, you should always share your experience with others. But also report it to domestic regulators to issue warning to citizens. However, in very few cases you can get a refund that way.

But to know how to recover money from scammer pockets, you can consult with our specialized team. Most importantly, without any obligations or costs for the first meeting. Book yours now!

No. The company already has multiple warnings, but also a shady platform and withdrawal policy.

The company applies a 25% withdrawal fee for early withdrawals. But also a whole lot of other fees.

The company allegedly offers cfd trading services in 5 major investment classes. Thus, without authorization.

There is UK phone line, e-mail and an online contact form. But if you find any difficulties to reach them, you can contact our team for further assistance.

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