BridgeCoiners Review – Zero Reputation and Credibility In The Company

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Considering the fact this firm is hiding ownership details, we can’t consider that as a good start. Especially for a company that is offering investment services. Therefore, we have to look carefully at their whole offer and decide if we can trust them or not.

Luckily, there are patterns available that you can go through and make educated decisions. Yet, to do it properly, we suggest you check all the steps in this BridgeCoiners review.

As with any company coming from the UK, you always check regulations first. In such cases, we are going through the FCA database. 

But without ownership details, we’ll have to look for as a site. Yet, this domain is not found in the FCA registers. Neither is in any other database like BaFin, ASIC, or CySEC. Which are also considered reputable regulators. Therefore, you already have a first sign of a scam.

Practically, this investment firm presents itself as a reputable investor option. They use the clients’ funds to invest in the market, and customers gain fixed daily returns. These firms mostly offer crypto arbitrage trading, which is quite popular. In reality, these methods can work. Yet, not with scam firms.

Anyway, the company offers fixed daily returns, and we all know how volatile markets are. Especially cryptocurrencies. But to make everything even worse, the program looks like a standard Ponzi scheme. On a smaller scale, you might even get some withdrawal. But on a higher scale, once you start depositing more money, you can forget about it. 

If this is something that you have experienced, contact us for advice.

Thus, for any of these countries, the company doesn’t have regulation. Therefore, if you were involved in the BridgeCoiners investment fraud, let us know. Ultimately, we can build a case from your information and provide you with suitable advice on how to get the money back.

Another reason not to trust this firm is its lack of transparency about its software choice. In any case, investors can check their balance, most likely on a web-based platform. Keep in mind such platforms are easily controlled and present misleading information. Instead, you should choose reputable firms with cTrader or MetaTrader.

More mysteries with this company are coming with the tradeable instruments. Apparently, they are investing in Forex and crypto. Yet, detailed information about it is not available, which is a huge downside for a company. 

In any case, with many Tier 1 licensed firms, traders can choose far more options.

With BridgeCoiners’ investment plans, you can recognize that Ponzi scheme pattern. Practically, they are forcing traders to deposit more money to gain better returns. Yet, those returns could be exactly from someone else’s deposit. Anyway, the choices are:

Daily returns for plans A-D range between 10% and 30%. Thus, Premium and Ultimate have a bit more conservative returns of 8% and 5% daily. Why that change with the funds invested remains a mystery.

Considering quite a low minimum deposit requirement, a demo account is practically not necessary. Yet, all Tier 1 licensed firms offer a demo account. But that’s not the case with BridgeCoiners company. They just expect you to trust them blindly.

It’s quite interesting that the company doesn’t have any fees in their business. The logic might be they are generating way more than 10%, yet they keep it for themselves. On the other hand, if they fail, they’ll give you someone else’s deposit. But it’s just a matter of time before this bubble explodes.

Generally, bonus offers with investment firms are quite rare. Instead, they will motivate traders with extra funds for referral programs. In this case, the company has a 5% fixed referral commission. Which is another sign of a potential scam.

Since a withdrawal policy doesn’t exist, the only source of any payment information is in the FAQ section. Apparently, the company only accepts crypto payments. Keep in mind these are virtually irreversible and anonymous transfers.

Thus, for a withdrawal, you’ll have to request it first. Yet, if it is approved, it depends on this anonymous scam company. But most likely, it won’t be.

The best solution is to report the problem to domestic regulators. But very often, that won’t get you your money back. Especially if you were sending cryptos. Yet, with our refund experts and access to CipherTrace, even crypto transfers are reachable.

If you are sick of swindlers and you just want to get the money out, feel free to contact us. The first meeting is completely free without any obligations. Book yours now!

BridgeCoiners is an investment firm operating allegedly from the United Kingdom without any transparency or credibility.

No, BridgeCoiners is not licensed by any authority. Especially not by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Surely. Choosing the right refund method is the key. But we suggest you leave that to professionals. For detailed guidance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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