Bliss Forex Review – What Should Be Bliss Turns Into Major Headache

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The website of Bliss Forex is really badly made. The pages jolt up and down, their animations stutter and even imported elements don’t function as intended. It doesn’t even contain any of the important trading information that concerns the client. All the while, the scammers encourage victims to blindly trust the platform.

Remember, Bliss Forex is a legally registered company. Read our Bliss Forex Review to find out why registration is not enough, and how to stay protected from unauthorized Investment Firms.

The main financial regulator in the UK is not the Companies House, but the FCA however. Any company that offers investment services or handles client finances must be regulated by the FCA.

Since Bliss Forex solicits their business outside of the UK as well, it was prudent to check with regulators from other jurisdictions. The NFA, BaFIN, CySEC, ASIC, FINMA and CBR databases have no entries named Bliss Forex either, which means that Bliss Forex is an illicit company.

One of the testimonials stands out, and here is what it says:

“ They have witheld my withdrawal and told me I need to go to the next investment and deposit $2,000 to get my funds released. I have scraped the money together to do this and now they say i need a tax ID to get my money released and have sent me another email from some scam email address claiming to be the Financial Crimes Enforcement NetWork which is nothing like the official website address. Now they have $2,500 of my money and will not release it till i pay more to this scam email… […] They assured me 100% there would be no issues with my withdrawal and now I am totally screwed! […] “

We urge our readers to share their experiences about Bliss Forex. We’d like to hear about your experience, and our legal experts will offer a helping hand for your chargeback from the Bliss Forex scam.

It is clear from all one-sided testimonials at Trustpilot, that Bliss Forex employs Review Seller Networks to boost their reputation. Another piece of the puzzle is false advertisement, as the company claims to be multi-national, and award winning with no one else corroborating these claims.

If you have deposited any funds with Bliss Forex, consider an immediate withdrawal. If the company won’t play nice, you can rely on our chargeback professionals to help you out.

Here is where the Bliss Forex scam is active:

Bliss Forex company doesn’t find it fit to present their financial instruments in great detail. Clients, or better said victims, can’t even choose what they’d like to invest in. These false advertisements include various developing sectors, like AI, E-Vehicles, Biotech, Oil, Cryptocurrencies et cetera.

With Bliss Forex, investors get a single trading account type. There is no demo version of this account, which prevents the customer from testing the trading features without risking actual money.

There are a few investment plans, however, and these are separated by deposited amounts. In theory, larger deposits guarantee larger returns.

Here is a brief overview of these investment plans.

Alarmingly, there is no information about how much all this costs on Bliss Forex. There is no data on fees, commission, or anything else for that matter.

Such lack of transparency is one of the main weapons of scammers, just like with AlterCrystal. The only thing that the Terms and Conditions say about any of these charges is that they don’t pay referral commissions out of their own pocket. These are paid for by the person who is referred to the platform instead.

Bliss Forex has some alarming clauses in their Terms and Conditions. They say that the deposited assets cannot be withdrawn before a deposit expires. What they mean by this is uncertain, and this is where the loopholes are. Any ambiguity with important documentation allows Bliss Forex to weasel out of paying.

The reputation of Bliss Forex withdrawals is very bad, and many clients say that the company withholds their assets and refuses to pay. If you have any such issues, feel free to contact our chargeback professionals via the live chat.

Bliss Forex is an unlicensed entity that is notorious for withholding funds. There is no concrete information about any important aspects of trade or investment found on their website. The scammers behind Bliss Forex like it that way, because this limits their victims’ options.

Fortunately, they don’t have every loophole covered. Our recovery experts are well versed in dealing with frauds like Bliss Forex. Your money is not lost yet! Give us a call via the live chat, and book a free consultation today.

BLISS FOREX LTD is legally registered with the UK Companies House, but it is not regulated or authorized by the FCA or any other regulatory body.

Your funds are never safe with unregulated companies like Bliss Forex.

No, Bliss Forex is a fraudulent entity that doesn’t let their clients withdraw money.

Allegedly, Bliss Forex withdrawals are instantaneous. In reality, it is impossible to withdraw from Bliss Forex without legal action. Contact our legal experts via the live chat in order to start a chargeback from Bliss Forex.

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