Blink Trades Review – Be Careful With Broker

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Blink Trades is an unlicensed entity with seemingly foul intentions. The brokerage is run by a company of the same name from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

Essentially, this business runs on selling snake oil to traders and then defrauding them. The Blink Trades Review will show you all the risks associated with this offshore broker.

Blink Trades is based in SVG, a controversial offshore domain full of scammers and thieves. This island has become popular among wrongdoers due to its lax law and tax system.

There’s one particular statement, or rather a warning, from SVG’s Financial Services Authority that pertains to the Blink Trades regulation case. Namely, the regulator says on its website that “Forex trading brokerage activities are not licensed in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

Therefore, Blink Trades is unlicensed and dangerous. May we suggest you avoid such brokers and opt for those with a reputable license, preferably issued by the FCA, BaFin, CONSOB, FINMA, ASIC, etc?

Brokers operating under the jurisdiction of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) are a pretty safe bet.

Blink Trades is the trading name of an SVG-based offshore company. This broker has been engaged in fraudulent activity since December 2021, mainly scamming traders from the United Kingdom, Italy, and Brazil.

Any story about Blink Trades’ reputation being top is a lie. The broker didn’t even include a physical address, just mentioned SVG as its base.

A broker must have an office in the country where it operates. If an entity isn’t licensed to provide services in the country, it’s on the wrong side of the law. 

Fortunately, the Blink Trades website wasn’t visited that frequently. On, the data shows that was visited less than 5k times in the last three months.

That’s the good news but it seems that Blink Trades did manage to scam a few traders. The victims we found come from the following countries:

It seems that Blink Trades pissed off a couple of traders. It happened relatively recently. The broker got one Italian client fuming. No doubt Blink Trades will get you frustrated.


Blink Trades needs victims. There are several ways the scam broker could reach. For example, we have Google ads, online media campaigns, crypto promotions, Facebook & Instagram ads, YouTube videos, etc.

Or, the scammer may invite victims to a private WhatsApp or Telegram chat to present an offer. Dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble are also often used by crooked con artists.

Last but not least, the scammer may call the victims directly on the phone or keep spamming emails.

Blink Trades offers two trading platforms – MetaTrader 5 and WebTrader. MT5 is a downloadable software whereas WebTrader is a browser-based platform.

The MT5 download link was suspicious. That was disappointing because MT5 is a great platform. WebTrader, however, is an oversimplified and lackluster terminal without the advanced features of MT5.

Yes. Blink Trades included mobile versions of MT5. Aside from the primary desktop and Mac versions, the platform is also available for both Android and iOS.

But, we wouldn’t recommend this particular version since Blink Trades is unregulated and shady. 

MT5 is arguably the best trading platform in the world. It offers an abundance of cutting-edge tools such as algorithmic trading, live market reports, instant execution, multiple timeframes, etc.

Given its renowned status, the name MT5 could be a ruse to lure unsuspecting traders. Our antivirus program warned us of a “suspicious file” when we tried to open the download link, which is why Blink Trades cannot be trusted.

Here’s a rundown of the Blink Trades trading assets with some examples:

Blink Trades has two account types and each has different trading costs. The Standard account’s spread is 1 pip + interbank spread without commissions. 

The Premium account charges the interbank spread and 0.05 $ per round turn micro-lot (0.01). Basically, it’s 5 $ per round turn lot but the minimum opening for this account is 2,000 $.

Blink Trades offers two different trading accounts:

The maximum leverage for both accounts is 1:500. That’s a really high cap, significantly higher than the legal restriction imposed by ESMA or the FCA (1:30) for retail clients.

Only offshore brokers offer such high caps. Extremely high leverage could be risky as hell. It most often results in huge losses for clients, hence the restriction.

Blink Trades did include a demo account. The registration tab looks a bit suspicious so be careful. It could be fake. 

Nevertheless, demo accounts are great in general but investing real money is always risky.

Blink Trades also included PAMM accounts. This acronym stands for “percent allocation management module”. Basically, you, as the investor, open an account and fund it. 

The account may have one or more managers, who will use that capital for trading. If they achieve profits, the total is split between you and them, in your favor. However, if you authorize managers of an unregulated broker to use your funds, it could be disastrous.

Yes. Blink Trades offers a welcome bonus. The bonus is 50% of your initial deposit (max. 5,000 $). Bonuses usually come with a shady policy and absurd trading volume requirements. But we didn’t find it in the terms and conditions of Blink Trades.

Blink Trades advertises three payment methods on its website:

The first payment must be made via bank transfer. The minimum deposit is 200 $. Blink Trades’ withdrawal process is where we think issues may arise.

Scammers usually refuse to pay clients their profits and shortly after, they disappear without a trace, leaving the clients without compensation.

Withdrawal issues are the first sign of a scam. That means that the broker violated the terms and conditions. If that happens, you have to write a complaint against the broker.

We can help you by reporting the fraudster to financial authorities. As for your lost money, our team of experts could get it back for you.

Global Fraud Protection’s experts specialize in bank chargebacks, recalls and crypto-tracing methods using Cipher Trace.

If this broker steals your money, contact us for help. Online Chat is the fastest and easiest way to book your free consultation with us.

No. Blink Trades is an unlicensed Forex provider. If you decide to invest, be careful and call us if issues arise.

Yes. Blink Trades included a free demo account on its website.

Yes. MT5 has an Android and iOS version available, but the download files are shady.

Yes. Blink Trades awards a 50% welcome bonus on the first deposit (max. 5,000 $).

No. Blink Trades is an unlicensed Forex provider. If you decide to invest, be careful and call us if issues arise.

Yes. Blink Trades included a free demo account on its website.

Yes. MT5 has an Android and iOS version available, but the download files are shady.

Yes. Blink Trades awards a 50% welcome bonus on the first deposit (max. 5,000 $).

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