Bizzan Review – Is There Anything To Keep You With This Company?

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Surprisingly, company doesn’t offer any detailed information about the ownership. Allegedly, it was formed by a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts. Of course, all of them are coming from known organizations like Facebook, Google and Amazon.

However, people from such companies know more about credibility. So, to see what else doesn’t add up with this crypto exchange read this Bizzan review carefully.

Bizzan company doesn’t even mention its headquarters anywhere. Even their poorly written legal docs don’t reveal much. All this just builds up suspicion. 

Anyway, we checked the most credible regulators in the world, such as FCA, ASIC and BaFin. However, none of these have any records of Bizzan’s license. If you are wondering, crypto exchanges should have Digital Asset Service Provider licenses.

Another shady thing about the company is the missing reviews. For a company offering the highest security standards, this is quite suspicious. Bizzan exchange is not different than other scam exchanges. They offer quick money schemes on crypto investments.

Don’t be surprised if those customers file complaints in the near future. But if you are one of those, feel free to contact us for refund assistance.

Like any other exchange, they offer a proprietary web-based platform. These are often very risky due to low transparency. But also because of limited functionalities. Instead, you should opt for exchanges that are publicly listed and offer trusted apps.

If you were wondering if is Bizzan safe, here comes another clue. The company offers allegedly a mobile app. Thus, the app is not available on any trusted store, such as PlayStore or AppStore. Instead, you have a shady QR code for download. Be aware that lately, scammers use these codes to steal all your personal data.

As it seems, Bizzan offers only a few crypto assets. Thus, another way to confirm if Bizzan is legit. Some of the main assets are: 

Overall, crypto exchanges offer benefits to traders that deposit more money. Or at least trade more. However, the Bizzan scam exchange doesn’t have any account type separation.

Important to realize is that the company doesn’t reveal any investment costs transparently. Starting with taker and maker fees. Not to mention deposit or withdrawal fees that are the key.

In fact, the company doesn’t offer any welcome bonuses. At least not transparently. But with their anonymous approach, you shouldn’t be surprised if you get similar offers. But be aware that bonuses often prevent traders from withdrawing their money.

Another key fact is the Bizzan withdrawal procedure. The company doesn’t reveal a withdrawal policy. Therefore, withdrawal options, fees and processing time remain unknown. Practically, there’s not a single reason to even deposit money with this company.

To avoid similar situations, you should always stick to licensed exchanges and brokers. That way you at least have some institution to file a complaint. In this case, you are on your own.

Since the company is not publicly listed anywhere, there’s nothing much you can do. Except going for a refund with alternative methods. Before you do so, it’s important to share your experience with other people. That way you can very quickly impact their business and shut them down.

As for your withdrawal problem, the best option is to talk to our experts. The procedure depends on the funding method and our team is there to advise you about the steps in details. Get in touch with us today and book your first consultation completely free!

Bizzan is an anonymous crypto exchange with only 11 crypto trading options available potentially operating only since 2022.

Having in mind their anonymous approach and lack of DASP license the company is not considered legit.

No. The company doesn’t reveal any ownership or address details which makes them suspicious. On top of that, the platform is not secure and there’s no withdrawal policy.

Bizzan exchange doesn’t reveal withdrawal costs. Therefore, you can expect a variety of issues. In case you do so, contact our refund team for assistance.

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