BITTOBANK Review – Anonymous Company and Shady Conditions

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The first thing you realize is that this company doesn’t reveal who owns it. Even their location is unknown. Yet, T&Cs reveal that the governing law is in Singapore. So, there is a starting point.

But even without that, the company is completely mystic about its offer. All that plus many more discrepancies you can discover in this BITTOBANK review.

Bittobank as the crypto exchange should obtain a Digital Asset Service Provider license. In Singapore, they should be registered with MAS. However, they are not. Neither are they mentioned in any Tier 1 regulatory register. For example, FCA, BaFin or ASIC.

Generally speaking, crypto transfers are risky. But especially with companies like these that keep their anonymity on the highest level. What makes you think that this company is there for you?

The exchange offers a highly suspicious trading platform. The software itself doesn’t have a dedicated spot in trusted stores. Therefore, you can expect various manipulations. That’s practically how they can make anyone deposit more money.

Ultimately, once you want to withdraw it, there are the issues. But if you want to recover money from any swindler, the best option is to talk to professionals. For instance, our CipherTrace technology could be a good option in this case. Get in touch to find out more.

It seems that the company operates since 2016. But it’s a very low probability that such an exchange wouldn’t have any reviews. Nevertheless, the company is mainly targeting countries like: 

Feel free to contact us if you have any problems with this company. But especially if you need refund advice.

The company offers an exchange that is web-based. In general, such platforms are not reliable due to easy back-end access and data manipulation. With this in mind, you can’t trust everything that you see presented by Bittobank company.

Another shady thing about this exchange is their app. It’s not listed officially on PlayStore or AppStore. Instead, the company provides you with a QR code to download the app. 

But if the exchange itself is fraudulent, they can steal all your private information, even money.

As can be seen, the company offers only crypto assets. Whether through exchange, contracts or mining services. In any case, there are many more trusted exchanges that you can invest in and avoid risking this much. Anyway, some of the cryptos available are: 

Surprisingly, Bittobank exchange doesn’t have any account type separation. Usually, we can see among crypto exchanges benefits for higher trading volume or higher deposits. After all, they have to motivate you somehow. And what’s a better way than lower costs? Yet, with Bittobank you can’t get such benefits.

In fact, no. Even though access to web trader is free, you don’t have virtual funds for trading. In any case, the platform doesn’t have any advanced trading tools. Especially not auto-trading or social trading options.

Important to realize is that this exchange doesn’t reveal maker and taker fees. This is quite strange and very dangerous, primarily because they can take from your profits as much as they want. 

But that’s the downside of trading with unregulated companies. On top of that, the company doesn’t reveal any other fees or commissions.

Bonus funds are another trick from the sleeve that scammers are using. Luckily, with crypto exchanges, you will rarely see it. But if you get any bonus offer from an unregulated broker, make sure you avoid accepting it. Otherwise, you can expect withdrawal problems.

Another warning sign is that Bittobank company doesn’t have a withdrawal policy. Neither do they reveal processing time, fees or methods. In general, something that doesn’t promise much.

To make everything even worse, the company doesn’t even have the funding methods revealed, even though there are logos of a few card service providers. Yet, that doesn’t mean they are using it.

Considering their anonymity, there are few options. Primarily, you should share your opinion about the company and let regulators know about it. But in the end, everyone is looking for a way to get their money back. If that’s what you are looking for, you are at the right place.

Our refund specialists can guide you step-by-step through the procedure. Whether you need a chargeback for a card transfer or to track crypto with our CipherTrace technology. In any case, you can consult with our team without any obligations. But even more importantly, the first meeting doesn’t cost anything. So, there is not much time to waste. Contact us already today!

BITTOBANK is allegedly a Singaporean crypto exchange without transparent ownership, investment conditions and headquarters address.

BITTOBANK exchange offers crypto exchange services, contracts trading and crypto mining options.

No. The company is not transparent about many things. Starting with fees and commission, but also withdrawal policy.

BITTOBANK exchange doesn’t reveal any fees. But they can request you to pay some imaginary fees. In any case, after any withdrawal issues, our refund team is available for consultation.

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