Bitsoft 360 Review – Story Of A Scammer That Never Sleeps

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Bitsoft 360 is a new crypto trading scam on the market and let us add – one of the worst of its kind. The website,, is so non-transparent that, besides a Singapore address, you can’t figure out a single fact about the firm behind it. 

Yet, Bitsoft360 scam offers what they call a revolutionary way to fast crypto profit through automated trading software. Well, that’s quite a lot of words that raise red flags in just one sentence. 

Let us present you the details of our in-depth research in the following Bitsoft 360 review.

With the increase of the scam project present in the crypto community, traders are forced to become more aware and better informed for their own sake. That also means doing proper research on a platform before investing into it. 

If you were to try and dig out dirty laundry on you would simply come up empty handed. The only clue the site gives is a Singapore address that belongs to a shopping mall in that city. So the location they’ve given isn’t even their own!

Nonetheless, we still had to comb through the databases of NFA, FCA, ASIC, CySEC and BaFin, just to confirm that this firm is by all means unregulated for any financial service providing! And although we could not find a license, we did find two warnings issued against the parent company – CryptoWorks Funnels LTD:

“Customer support is practically non-existent, with slow responses and unhelpful agents. Moreover, the platform lacks essential security measures, leaving users vulnerable to potential breaches. The fees are exorbitant, and hidden charges pop up unexpectedly. Overall, Bitsoft360 fails to deliver on its promises and falls short of even the most basic trading platform standards. Avoid at all costs.”

“Their platform promises enticing returns, but it’s nothing but smoke and mirrors. Bitsoft360 trading platform is a complete disappointment. The user interface is clunky and confusing, making navigation a nightmare. The platform frequently experiences downtime, hindering trades and causing significant losses. Basic features like real-time market data and order execution are unreliable, leading to frustrating delays.” has the most common and see-through strategy used by sales reps nowadays. The purpose of the whole deal is to lure in victims after creating an illusion of fast gains through little investments. 

By advertising the crypto-trading bot to conduct all the orders successfully 98% of the time and in the traders stead, Bitsoft 360 makes sure their targets are instantly interested.

You have to ask yourself in that kind of situation key questions: Does it sound too easy? What is their legal stand? And everything will become clear. For detailed instructions on how to deal with being scammed, contact our legal support. 

Since they started operating, back in 2022, has defrauded people from:

Getting access to the Bitsoft 360 trading platform isn’t as easy as the scammer makes it look. First you have to register and get your account manager assigned. Only after depositing at least $250 and listening to the endless convincing of the said account manager, can you finally preview the platform. Unless they ask you to invest more, just in case. 

All that trouble may eventually end by you not getting to even see the platform, let alone explore and trade on it! 

Bitsoft360 is present in the Google Store with little download rate. The website also mentions using Bit Lidex 360 & Bitcoin 4.0 Soft 360, which are also advertised on clone websites dangerously similar to the one we’re reviewing today. Apparently, this swindler has many faces!

As if the fraud isn’t obvious and funny enough, Bitsoft 360 proceeds to deceive customers about enabling more than 16,000 crypto currencies for trading. 

This astonishing number is left unconfirmed, as the website doesn’t even mention a single crypto token available. Additionally, we’re left empty handed when it comes to the software itself. Therefore, we cannot confirm the presence of any digital currency at all! 

Bitsoft 360 doesn’t bother with designing specialized accounts for different types of potential users. You either pay $250 for the starter account or you’re just not allowed in. What that account features is a mystery.

Although $250 is fairly affordable, there’s legitimate crypto platforms that offer lucrative trading conditions yet charge initial membership way less. In conclusion, opening a Bitsoft 360 account is, by all means, useless.

Staying true to their anonymous status and everything concerning their scam conduct, Bitsoft 360 reveals none of the costs. From trading taxes and commissions like leverage, spreads and costs, to deposit and withdrawal fees – it’s all kept secret. 

Naturally, the website declares the company doesn’t charge any funding and payout fees, but who in their right mind would believe a scammer?

Not at any point does the website refer to the transaction processes, how long they last, how much they cost and how to even conduct them. The clients are left to wild guess and have their funds entrusted with a confirmed fraud. 

Legal docs, that should be available to the public to read, aren’t even present on the website. All the questions you potentially have considering this aspect have to be discussed over the phone with your assigned account manager.

Judging from the way we were approached after attempting registration, we’d say the only way to get in touch with the bitsoft360 support is via phone and only when they want to contact you! 

Otherwise, there’s an email provided that no one replies to, as well as a fake UK phone number that no one answers. 

Bitsoft 360 is also present on twitter, but their page is outdated and they only have a few dozen followers. Cons online presence is minimal. 

Not only will Bitsoft 360 attempt to scam you, but they’ll also try to connect you to other scam firms! Your registration info doesn’t stay with Bitsoft 360, but it also goes further up the scam chain. 

After leaving contact info on a bunch of boiler room agents will start calling you and trying to persuade you to invest with other similar scams.

Bitsoft 360 is a typical crypto scam that operates on many levels. Being a confirmed fraud – two public warnings from Canadian regulators can witness that – we do not recommend investing here.

If you already have put your money into the scheme, please contact us promptly for detailed instructions and legal help in restoring your stolen funds. 

No, this website is a part of a grand scam scheme and they’ve been even blacklisted for it.

It is allegedly an autotrading app based on bots with 98% successful prediction strategies. That is, however, a lie.

The swindler promises the success rate of 96.2% up to 98% which is completely unrealistic.

No, blacklisted crypto platforms aren’t safe. We combat such schemes. You can reach out to us for help in getting hold of your funds again.

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