Bitso Review – Key Features, Costs, Transparency and Security

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According to registers, this exchange is owned by The Badger Technology Company Limited. You might even trust them with their claims of headquarters in Gibraltar and domestic regulations.

Yet, some people were not that satisfied with their services. Some expected a lot more for a company that has been working since 2014. To find out if this exchange is the right choice for you, read this Bitso review carefully.

On top of that, the company claims to be a part of numerous Latin American associations but is also accompanied by Nvio exchange licensed in many countries. That might be also a deluding fact for inexperienced traders.

In any case, it’s quite strange for a regulated company to have that many comments about withdrawal problems. If you have more to say, don’t hesitate to contact our refund experts for advice. company is only a crypto exchange. Practically, they are offering you staking, trading or exchanging services. But in the end, crypto transfers are virtually anonymous, and you never know what kind of an issue might pop. 

Since 2014, this company has mainly been working with clients from Latin America. But that doesn’t stop them from expanding the business elsewhere. In any case, the most targeted countries are

If your country is not on the list, feel free to add it with your experience in the comments below. Or simply reach out to us for detailed guidance and advice.

This company offers you a proprietary app for exchange purposes. Once you complete the Bitso login and registration procedure, you can deposit money and start trading. On the positive side, the company also allows you to access your account via a browser.

In fact, iOS and Android users can download a dedicated Bitso app. Also, they have over 5 million downloads on PlayStore, which is quite good.

As can be seen, the company only offers cryptocurrencies. With their hard traceability, it’s highly risky if you don’t know the company. But if you think that is Bitso legit, you can invest in some of the most popular options: 

Surprisingly, the company doesn’t have account types. But there are lower fees as you gain higher trading volume, which can be considered as a motivation for traders. Or a bait, depends on where you stand.

Bitso crypto exchange doesn’t offer a demo account. In general, that’s not practice with crypto exchanges. Thus, seeing the trading and analytical tools before you choose a company would be a good option.

Generally speaking, Bitso exchange fees are quite high. At least if you compare it to other companies. 

Maker fees start from 0.5%, while the taker fee is 0.65%. But the more you trade, the better fees you get. Besides, you have a whole list of withdrawal fees depending on the method.

In fact, the Bitso wallet app doesn’t come with any bonuses. Therefore, you can only invest what you deposit. But that’s a positive aspect since bonuses are not a useful feature.

In the first place, if you experience any difficulties, you can talk to their regulators. But keep in mind that our refund specialists are available for consultations if that doesn’t help.

Most importantly, we don’t charge you anything for the first meeting. So, you can get the necessary pieces of advice and decide on your own what your next step will be. Don’t hesitate to get in touch now.

Bitso could be a good exchange, considering their offshore regulation. However, it can’t be compared to Tier 1 regulated exchanges.

The company doesn’t have any restricted countries so far. But if you are coming from any strictly regulated country, you may choose better options.

Deposits can be made with various cryptocurrency transfers, but also bank transfers of main Latin American currencies. But also USDT.

Bank transfers are free of charge, while crypto withdrawals have a list of fees. But if you find any withdrawal issues, feel free to contact our chargeback experts for assistance.

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