Bitqt Review – Scammers Keep Opening New Domains To Lure New Victims

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Bitqt is an unquestionably fraudulent entity. No matter which of their many domains you visit, you will be greeted with a security warning from your web browser. The websites themselves look simple and borderline harmless… But not all is as it seems. Behind the nice veneer lies a financial money pit, where investments disappear forever.

The devil is in the details, as you will find out in our Bitqt Review.

None of the Bitqt websites ever discuss where the company is registered, or where its HQ might be. The risk disclaimer on the website mentions that trading Cryptocurrency CFDs and disseminating any promotional materials pertaining to such business is against the law in the UK.

Here are a few examples:

“ Its all fake people, don t trust them, first you need to register yourself and then you will be called and you need to deposit at least 250 euro but you will never get a withdrawl […] “

“ If you register at the site , you are being called by somebody, who is calling from an Indian call center with an alias name ( a wellknown broker for instance) and a non-traceable phone number. […] “

“ BIG SCAM!!!!! they called me 5 times a day to take this but then i looked into it and this is NOT legit. “

The anonymity the internet provides allows fraudulent companies like Bitqt to run actual call centers with the sole purpose of defrauding people. It’s the scheme we’ve seen too many times, and Bitqt uses it as well.

Boiler Room Agents working for Bitqt keep pestering people over the phone to invest. These agents don’t act by themselves, it’s a whole network of people cross-referencing each other in order to get a firmer hold of their victim. 

They would call multiple times a day for months on end. As time passes, the amount of money they ask starts to seem like a bargain if it makes them stop calling.

We advise our readers to break contact with any individual presenting themself as an employee of Bitqt. If you have already deposited with this cryptocurrency trading scam, feel free to contact us for legal aid.

We’ve seen how many European regulators keep the Bitqt Scam under a microscope. Although this may seem like a bit of an overreaction, many Bitqt websites and domains have been in business since 2019.

In that time, they have managed to swindle a large number of people in these countries:

This application is allegedly intended to be used with mobile devices, but there’s a problem. We couldn’t find the app anywhere on the site, or anywhere else on the web for that matter!

Truth be told, we’ve had issues with creating a Bitqt Login, and that we couldn’t access the client portal. Although there might be a trading application hidden somewhere in the client area, we never found a single trace of it.

The many tens of thousands of different cryptocurrencies currently in circulation are nowhere to be found on Bitqt. The only thing you get is Bitcoin. That’s what the whole scam revolves around.

If you expected different account types offered by Bitqt to be prominently displayed on their website like with a reliable cryptocurrency exchange, you’d be wildly disappointed.

There is nothing on the website, except a simple contact form that you need to fill out. Once you do, the “personal account manager”, or better said a Boiler Room Agent will use the phone number you provided to contact you and create an account for you.

We did manage to find out that the minimum deposit amount is €250. What this account covers, however, remains a mystery.

All the information pertaining to trading costs is locked from public eyes at Bitqt. Nothing is transparent about leverage, different fees, commission… The lack of transparency is an issue not only for potential clients, but in the regulatory sense as well.

The website doesn’t contain any information about a withdrawal policy, or payment channels. There isn’t even an option to withdraw on any of the Bitqt domains.

 It is clear that clients must take legal action in order to facilitate a Bitqt Withdrawal. We can offer a helping hand in charging back your money from Bitqt – contact our recovery experts for more information.

The many domains that Bitqt operates are all locked behind a security warning embedded in every web browser. Many financial regulators in Europe have put Bitqt on a blacklist, and issued public scam warnings about Bitqt Scam.

Your money is not lost until you give up! Our recovery professionals have ample experience in recovering assets from companies just like Bitqt. Use the live chat and book a free consultation today in order to begin a chargeback.

The application that Bitqt advertises is not really available on any of their websites. It’s a scam bait to attract new clients.

It is impossible to trade anything on Bitqt, as the company is a front for an investment scam. If you have invested assets with Bitqt, contact our recovery professionals for more info on how to charge back your money.

Bitqt has the worst reputation of any firm we’ve reviewed so far. 100% of the client testimonials are a 1-star rating.

Although none of the Bitqt domains even remotely mention a minimum deposit, it has come to our attention that the company requires a sum of €250 from their investors.

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