BiToDeFi Review – Learn How To Recognize A Crypto Scam

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One of the leading signs this broker is not genuine is a lack of transparency. They don’t reveal ownership, location or reliable contact details.

Important to realize is that doesn’t have any licenses. Generally speaking, trusted exchanges nowadays have DASP or VASP licenses. But BiToDeFi exchange doesn’t think they need it. Ultimately, they might pitch investors for decentralization. This makes sense, but not with scam companies.

In any case, none of the trusted institutions have issued a license to this company, starting with AUSTRAC, FCA and BaFin. Therefore, the chances of getting any money are higher on roulette.

Generally, this is not something you are looking for. Especially with virtually anonymous crypto transfers. So, if you were one of their victims, feel free to contact us for advice.

The crypto exchange is definitely manipulating investors to deposit more money. Primarily with their lucrative ads about cryptos. But even more importantly, through their fake web-based investment platform.

As can be seen, BiToDeFi is mainly targeting a few countries, yet, they do so without regulations for any of those. If you are a citizen of:

Feel free to contact us for funds recovery assistance. That’s where this exchange is mainly placing its ads to attract new victims.

Important to realize is that this exchange doesn’t provide transparent access to the platform. Most likely because they are using web-based software with only basic functionalities. In general, trusted exchanges offer highly reliable and widely present mobile apps.

Even though this exchange claims to offer iOS and Android apps, we wouldn’t test it. Primarily because you are downloading software from an unknown source. It’s not listed in the App or PlayStore. 

As can be seen, the company is mainly offering attractive cryptos. But wherever you are coming from, you have safer options to invest your money in. Anyway, some of the options are

In general, legitimate crypto exchanges motivate investors to trade more. Mainly through VIP accounts depending on their 30-day trading volume. Of course, they get lower fees in exchange. Yet, with BiToDeFi company, that’s not a part of a deal.

To add up more disadvantages, the company doesn’t offer a demo account either. Therefore, you must deposit money to test their features. Note that their minimum deposit requirement is not revealed.

None of the investment costs are transparent with this investment firm. Therefore, you can expect a lot of manipulations, especially during withdrawals.

Luckily, this crypto exchange doesn’t offer any bonuses. At least not transparently. But be aware that swindlers very often offer you credit funds that come together with shady clauses. Mostly the ones preventing you from doing a withdrawal.

Withdrawals with this crypto exchange are quite a mystery.  The company doesn’t reveal either withdrawal methods or fees. Not to mention processing time that is one of the key factors.

On top of all, the firm has quite poor customer support options. So, if you were hoping to get any answers there, keep praying.

Since the company is not licensed, you don’t have many options. Luckily, our refund specialists are equipped with adequate technology to track crypto transfers. But to find out how CipherTrace works and how it can help your case, book a consultation with us. No worries, the first meeting is free and doesn’t have any obligations.

Utltimately, the choice is yours. Either you will let it go or get your money back. There is no other option. If you are into the second option, contact us now!

Not at all. BiToDeFi exchange doesn’t have any kind of VASP or DASP license.

Without a transparent funding policy, all the funding methods remain unknown. But most likely they accept only hardly traceable and anonymous crypto transfers.

The only option to reach out to this company is through their e-mail. Which is not the most convenient method.

Since they don’t reveal the withdrawal policy, your only choice is an alternative refund method. For those options, feel free to contact our refund experts for advice.

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