BitiCodes Review – Not Even Partially Honest Agenda

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BitiCodes should be representing an idea about fair, crisp and reliable crypto trading software and environment to behold. This crypto trading robot should be the fulfillment of every crypto investor’s dream when it comes to accurate and successful marketing prediction and trades. 

Unfortunately the first step to opening the site screams scam, when your browser warns you not to proceed to a page repeatedly reported as unsafe. For the purpose of this BitiCodes review though, we decided to step into the dangerous unknown in an attempt to bring the truth to our readers.

Now let’s discuss the experiences of those who dealt with BitiCodes and how they were dragged into the whole ordeal.

The actual victims have responded to that in their honest reviews, and you can read some of them on here:

“The reviews are either 5 or 1 STAR. There is no middle ground. EVERY 5 star reviewer has written only one review. MOST 1 star reviewers have multiple reviews. ONLY 1 star reviews are considered USEFUL. It screams ASTROTURFED reviews and SCAM. And now they won’t stop calling.”

“Scam. Just out if interest filed the list. Directly multiple phonecalls from London. Then an agressive person via Whatsapp who demanded an explanation. Even started to argue! Do not contact them. It is scam!”

“SCAM. After registration you will receive a phone call from a mobile number claiming to be a broker. They will email you an invoice for initial payment. Do not make payment as it is a scam in order to obtain your credit card details. I eventually ceased the phone call with the alleged broker and have since been harassed by continual phone calls from different mobile numbers.”

The BitiCodes scam doesn’t seem even remotely innocent, even from afar. If the warning your browser sends you about not proceeding doesn’t warn you off, you’re in for a horrible ride. AI powered crypto trading bot for beginners and advanced traders alike doesn’t exist. 

Fabrications related to safe and accurate crypto trading are just a bait. As soon as you leave any of your contact details, you’ll be directed to a scam broker’s website and insufferable phone calls will start. You will be pestered and harassed to invest and it will not stop. 

The website statistics we could review show that BitiCodes has an obvious preference for EEA crypto investors. It seems that the majority of victims come from the following countries:

Whether the boiler room agents spark interest in their targets or the victims just want the torment of endless calls to end, someone eventually invests. The money is instantly transferred to the scammer’s pocket never to be seen again. 

That’s where we step onto the scene. We provide the necessary legal support to bring back your lost investment. Call us immediately if a BitiCodes scam happens to you.  

The powerful, innovative, and an all around perfect crypto training robot automatically places trades on your behalf. Orders are dependent on the algorithmic solutions gotten from the constant market analysis in search for patterns. Or that’s what the app should be. 

It is immediately clear that this story is complete rubbish. It is simply too good to be true. No such app exists, and it will be clear to you as soon as you wish to access it or download it and find out that it is not possible. 

You see, the lies do not end with the ones about an astonishing trading crypto robot. BitiCodes continually fills heads of their potential victims with hopes and dreams about trading hundreds, even thousands of crypto coins. Some of the ones mentioned on the website are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, XRP, Cardano.

How is that even doable without the presence of a trading platform of any kind?!

Signing up with BitiCodes brings you absolutely no benefit. Investing the sum they require you to invest doesn’t open an account with them. So those $250 you’re first asked to deposit will be thrown down the drain. 

The website itself is completely shallow and only works on data collecting and selling. In concussion, there’s not a single reason why you should deposit a penny with this scam project. 

Due to the limited BitiCodes services, or better said non-existence of their services, we cannot discuss certain aspects like leverage, spreads and trading commissions. Even if these services were advertised, BitiCodes is fully protective of their anonymity and does not disclose such details. Funding fees are also kept in complete secrecy.

If you’ve deposited any amount of capital with this shady website, there could be a solid chance you will not see your funds again. That is, if you wait or act on a whim. Your best bet is to contact our legal experts team who can lead you through the process of chargeback and provide you the legal support for an efficient fund recovery.

BitiCodes doesn’t wish you to earn or make profit in any way. Swindlers only wish to extort as much money as possible. So it is natural that they do not allow any withdrawals to go through. 

As a part of a larger scam scheme, BitiCodes just serves as a medium to connect the victims with the actual fraudsters. Which, by all means, they do quite successfully, if judging from the number of victims and negative feedback. 

That’s why we are here. If you happen to be stuck on one of the withdrawal steps, we can help you push through. Our chargeback professionals have the means to bring back the funds locked by these cyber criminals. You can use our Online Chat feature and book your free appointment. 

The website doesn’t need a regulation by law, since they’re an affiliate campaign. But they’re liars, cheaters and scammers nonetheless. They promise something they do not provide and profit by illegal sales of user data.

Joining BitiCodes costs $250. If you’ve invested this amount of money, we recommend you contact us immediately for chargeback instructions.

Investing with this sham brings you absolutely nothing of value so we do not recommend it. Your phone agent gives instructions on how to invest with them, though.

No, you will most likely not be able to withdraw any of your initially invested funds. At least not without legal support.

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