BitFinanceStocks Review – Another Case of Poor License Forging Skills!

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BitFinanceStocks doesn’t stand out with their authenticity, quality of service and years of diligent customer-serving, as they claim. As a matter of fact, this recently established sham only has a poor attempt at faking a license to offer as proof of their registration. 

It appears that the team of scammers behind the website or this one-man-company have no idea how online financial services work. That’s why our BitFinanceStocks review is here. We unravel the mysteries of most complex scam schemes and expose these dastardly websites one by one. 

The only way for BitFinanceStocks to appear legal in any way was to falsify a license. However, the attempt was a complete flop, and it’s painfully obvious that the paper is fake. It’s not even a proper license, as it was just a failed try to prove their firm is registered in the UK. 

That itself was the biggest red flag, right off the bat. Although BitFinanceStocks is supposedly incorporated in the UK, they do not appear among FCA regulated firms. The shady website with an unnamed owner isn’t in the databases of BaFin, CONSOB, ASIC and CySEC either. 

Utterly fake and dangerous, this potential scam doesn’t provide the top security measures for your safe trading and account funding. You can’t always trust even regulated brokers like TradeMax, let alone the faux ones.

Company reviews present at TrustPilot are anything but genuine or convincing. Coming from Review Selling Networks, these opinions of traders are obviously fake. Not the first time we see an investment trap attempting to lure in victims with fake ratings. However, there are some that warn about this site being a scam:

“I have tried to contact the support on multiple occasions, as I am unable to withdraw from my account, the is on response since the 20-05-23,this site is a scam, don’t invest.”

BitFinanceStocks, as surely as NFX, tries to sell you hopes and dreams of becoming rich with zero hard work invested. Under the parole of contributing to the economic development and improvement in the quality of life of their clients, BitFinanceStocks scams victims. 

Perhaps not immediately evident, but eventually, the stories and promises of huge wealth will turn sour in your mouth as you discover the truth. The actual goal that BitFinanceStocks has is to scam you out of your money, but they do it so smoothly, you won’t even notice. USGForex is the same.

The key to avoiding such traps is to always double check your service provider for a license. You can always contact us for additional help, reporting the scammer and starting a chargeback.

As scams usually aim to achieve, BitFinanceStocks operates in a wide range of countries. Their sole purpose is to find as many targets as possible, regardless of their residence. The list of countries where this fraud appears to be active the most includes:

Determining if any kind of real investing and trading is possible at this site was our biggest challenge. To take a shot at answering the million dollar question, we’d say there may as well not be any platform available at all. 

Joining the website was impossible without providing the addresses of several crypto wallets. The registration process is additionally made impossible by more questions and verification procedures. Without client access, we couldn’t even take a look at the potential trading platform and confirm it even exists.

BitFinanceStocks login being impossible has made it hard for us to gather the details about products offered. There are only hints about the availability of certain assets available to invest in. Financial instruments and areas of investing that the site mentions are:

The higher the amount of money you can spend on these useless services, your profit is promised to be bigger. While we do know the truth and how unrealistic the offer sounds, we’d like you to take a look at the types of investment plans:

As you can see, there is no way you could invest so little in a virtual money printing machine that will generate profit in that amount. These plans do not include a Demo version – the firm is an investment scheme, not a broker.

Just because the fake service provider doesn’t define how much their services cost, it doesn’t mean they’re free. Quite the contrary – the bigger the anonymity, the higher the expenses that occur. The website doesn’t have legal docs that explain a single aspect of investing, so you can expect surprises in any shape or form. 

BitFinanceStocks may charge account maintenance fees, special trading taxes, investment fees and other charges they never warned you about. If they were regulated, they would be far more transparent.

Victim luring is always more successful when the bonuses are involved. Although BitFinanceStocks doesn’t explicitly mention a single one, they do through a bone. You see, the more you are convinced to invest, the bigger bonuses supposedly await. 

However, never believe these are actually helpful or available for withdrawing. Actually, they just serve to solidify your position as a financial hostage. That’s the main reason they’re banned in heavily regulated areas, UK included. 

Defrauding clients is quite simple for BitFinanceStocks. They have their targets constantly investing through the so-called Plans and waiting for the promised returns. These, naturally, never come, and all the deposits have already been sent to the swindler’s pocket. 

That’s why withdrawing funds doesn’t work with this one. The best strategy is to have a legal expert help you through a chargeback and consulting. We provide such services, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dealing with anonymous, thieving firms can sometimes require a lot of patience and resources. To help you battle the scam easier and restore your funds more efficiently, we have a team of experts. Specializing in recovering investments and starting chargebacks, our legal professionals can help you in many ways. So do not wait – time is of crucial importance. 

Our Online Chat feature is always available for you to reach out. The support agents will connect you to a person in charge immediately and you will be able to book a free consultation. Let us work together on taking back what is rightfully yours!

The incognito website serves as a scamming grounds for the unlicensed company running it.

This sham is absolutely not worth investing with – none of the promised profit will be yours.

Since this is an investment scheme, Demo accounts aren’t available.

Swindler behind the site doesn’t allow withdrawals! Contact us immediately to recover your investment!

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