Bitcoinrush Review – Crypto Bot As A Front For An Affiliate Campaign

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As an alleged globally recognized crypto platform, Bitcoinrush brags about top performance, superior technology and intuitive trading platforms. The disinformation presented on the website is related to a non-existent crypto platform as a cover for the affiliate campaign scam going on behind the curtains. 

Our Bitcoinrush review exposes this scam to its very roots. So keep reading to learn just how deep the scam runs and how complex these schemes are.

Bitcoinrush presents itself as a beginner-friendly crypto trading system. AI technologies it allegedly utilizes have a high rate of success (up to 99.4%) and allow even beginners to profit by investing in crypto. Fabrications aside, let’s talk about the real state of things.

All these recycled web pages come with the same purpose: to connect new victims to the scam brokers. You see, Bitcoinrush is no revolutionary crypto trading discovery, they’re just gathering victims for the unregulated brokers they’re connected to. 

Profit they accumulate comes from the contact information of the unsuspecting targets sold further up the scam chain. 

“Can’t make an account .. and watch out for fake accounts .. i got redirected and couldn’t actually make an account. Strange.”

As previously described, Bitcoinrush website features claims about quick money making through an AI-powered crypto trader. 

This sounds extremely attractive, especially to beginners who aren’t experienced enough to engage in crypto trading on their own. Having a robot conduct all trades for them with an astonishing success rate is all they need to hear. Soon enough they’re investing their life-savings into the project.

The bitter truth is that no such strategy exists. Bitcoinrush directs you to a broker they’re having a deal with and profits by selling your contact email, phone and address. 

Over a three-year-period, Bitcoinrush has made its preference clear: english-speaking areas and economically more developed areas are to their taste. Take a look:

We implore all crypto investors from these areas to be particularly cautious. Be it that anyone suggests investing with a shady scheme that brings unmistakable profit, know you’re being targeted for a scam. Refer to us immediately for legal help and guidance.

In their desperation to attract investors to sign up, Bitcoinrush advertises a premium, top-notch technological solution for crypto investing. The intelligent computer algorithm studies the Bitcoin price swings and is therefore able to predict future market trends. High accuracy makes it almost irresistible, especially to beginners. 

The catch is that no such technology exists, especially if some anonymous copy-paste scam claims to have developed it. No where on the site is there a single clue on what the platform looks like. Signing up doesn’t help either. We’re confident to claim no such terminal exists!  

Although Bitcoin has made a huge breakthrough on the market, it is certainly not the only crypto currency that is popular for trading. Hundreds, even thousands of other digital coins are traded everyday. 

Bitcoinrush demonstrates their limited knowledge of the crypto market by only focusing on Bitcoin. That being said, the website only claims to provide trading tools and conditions for this single token to be traded.

The Bitcoinrush account types are as rich as the rest of their offer – they do not exist. Joining requires making an initial deposit of $250, and that is all we know about this account. What it offers and what options and tools it features wasn’t something Bitcoinrush worked on providing.

Bitcoinrush, as it is typical for a con, declares not to charge fees and commissions for trading and for depositing and withdrawing funds. As a matter of fact, they supposedly allow up to 10 fee-free withdrawals per month. After that withdrawals may incur a 1% fee. What an offer, huh?! 

Naturally, all these claims are just that – a bunch of words strung together to sound like a deal of a lifetime. None of it is true when it comes from a fraudster.

Lightning fast and seamless transactions is how Bitcoinrush lies about their service. Not only are these crypto transactions final, but they’re also anonymous. Tracing back and discovering who is behind a crypto wallet is a pure headache. So please be careful, and try to choose more safe and transparent transferring methods, such as credit cards. 

No scam should go unnoticed. If you’re fallen victim to the Bitcoinrush fraud, please contact us immediately. The more you wait, the slimmer your chances to regain the funds you’ve lost to these miscreants. 

Our company employs the most knowledgeable and experienced chargeback experts who can lead you through the process. All it takes is one phone call or message and you can book your free consultation today!

Bitcoinrush is a complete scam of an affiliate campaign and their offer is a total lie.

What this site supposedly has to offer is an AI-powered terminal for trading crypto. However, that’s a notorious lie.

Absolutely not! Your capital, personal information, contact details, credit card details and other sensitive data are all jeopardized with this scam! If you find yourself scammed, call us for help in fund-recovery.

After allegedly 10 free withdrawals a month, Bitcoinrush starts charging a 1% fee.

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