Bitcoin Circuit Review – Affiliate Scam Glorified In Numerous Reviews

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The most disturbing element in the whole BitcoinCircuit story and one of the central subjects of this BitcoinCircuit review is certainly the number of fake positive reviews. It seems that a significant number of online crypto reviewers have decided to take part in this multi level scam by promoting BitcoinCircuit as an unmistakable crypto trading robot. 

What it is advertised as a revolutionary, automated crypto trading platform is actually an affiliate program scam that sells clients to the other participants in the whole sham. Read on to find out how the scam unfolds.

Considering the visuals of the website, we can’t help but notice that BitcoinCircuit looks like a site recycled multiple times already. The layout and half of the text from other similar scam sites seem to be present on After all, if you search google for this very name, several websites will pop-up and they all look alike!

Some of these shams we’ve reviewed before, but scammers are on the constant move and they are quick to establish new pathways for their deceptive campaign to reach final users. They are ready to do it as soon as one of their domains is exposed or compromised. supposedly utilizes an algorithmic trading tool that constantly evaluates market fluctuations and places new orders with a 94% success rate. Let us tell you immediately – such a tool doesn’t exist. Finding such claims on a crypto platform instantly raises a red flag. 

So, in essence, the information presented on BitcoinCircuit website is false and the swindlers just want you to leave your personal details on there, so they can pass it on to the next level of the scheme. Ultimately, that is exactly how BitcoinCircuit profits: by selling user credentials to the scam brokers they’re connected to. 

The main principle affiliate scams employ is gathering user data and contact info to profit off of it. Every single of these affiliate scams is connected to other links in the chain. These are usually fraudulent brokers that are conducting the real scamming. 

However, to get to their victims quicker, fraudulent brokerage websites partner up with sites like BitcoinCircuit that are doing the hunt. 

BitcoinCircuit gathers contact details of potential victims and sells it to the brokers they’re connected to. Faux brokerage representatives then have what they need to start pestering the victims into depositing and trading on their fake terminal. 

Since some point in 2020, BitcoinCircuit has been constantly trying to talk crypto enthusiasts into signing up with their platform. The scam going on for three whole years is not a child’s play. Especially how BitcoinCircuit manages to keep a low profile in the meantime. Here’s the list of countries that have reported the most victims:

BitcoinCircuit wasn’t designed as a true crypto trading platform. The sole point of the website is to connect the unregulated scam brokers to their new victims. BitcoinCircuit is a medium that provides the connection – they do not even hide it. 

All you need to do is sign up – that’s the whole purpose of the website. That’s why the site itself is so shallow and uninformative. It simply utilizes no features, tools, accounts or software of any kind.

The website itself only discusses the history and nature of Bitcoin. Not a single other crypto instrument is mentioned on the website. BitcoinCircuit explains the background of BTC, how it rose to fame and how its market value evolved and sky-rcoketed after 2017. 

Whether that means that only Bitcoin is available for trading – we can’t verify that. After all, it depends on what false platform you end up on after signing up. But since it’s a scam either way, no real trading is conducted.

If you’ve researched your options before joining any platform, you’re probably aware that one characteristic of a reputable platform is an array of features and options. That includes a customized offer of packages that feature specific trading conditions and prices that each investor finds attractive and to their preference.

BitcoinCircuit has none. Their only demand is that you invest $250 as a minimum amount so you can become an owner of an account. 

To make their fake offer additionally irresistible, BitcoinCircuit states to charge no fees. Apparently, the website claims there’s no deposit and withdrawal taxes, but that’s where the talk about costs ends. Be sure that the actual costs that BitcoinCircuit will force on you are nothing what you’d expect. 

Every false platform will claim not to charge commissions or that their trading costs are low. But in actuality, they will look for any reason and excuse to rob you. 

You can be sure that none of the withdrawal inquiries you send will ever be processed or completed. Not without legal help. That’s where we step in. If you contact us promptly, we can help you regain control of your capital. 

As solidly proven in this BitcoinCircuit review, this website is nothing but a carbon copy of an affiliate scam circling the crypto communities. Investing here can in no way pay out, so please stay clear of this or any other scheme promising millions overnight. 

If you find yourself in the middle of a dispute, you are free to contact us. Our first consultation is completely free. You can seek advice and professional help in restoring the funds locked by a scammer of any kind.

The website is a completely fake crypto trading platform.

Yes, the platform is just an affiliate campaign that connects victims with fraudulent brokers.

Neither for investments or for trading is this site safe!

This fake platform can offer nothing of value to any client. If you have funds stuck with them, you should call us immediately for help in recovering the deposit.

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