Bit Spacex Review- Fakes Affiliation With Famous Brand To Defraud Traders

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Bit Spacex markets their platform as comfortable, useful and profitable. Apparently, their team of experts has revolutionized the online crypto trading system as we know it today. 

Besides the pretentious claims and blatant lying, this anonymous crypto provider designed a name that would imply connection to a distinguished corporation. 

This is not the first or the last fraudster that uses such means to appear credible, so read our Bit Spacex review to find out more about it.

Additionally, without a BaFin, CySEC, ASIC, FINMA or any tier 1 license at all, this platform is automatically untrustworthy and in the end, unlicensed. None of the regulatory directives are followed, with the safety of funds being the most important one. 

Everyone is painfully aware of the fact that crypto investing is ridiculously often misused as a concept to perform online fund stealing. Investment platforms like the one in question promise fairy tale trading conditions and potential profit to attract as many investors as possible. 

Please always double check the regulatory status of the deal proposers before signing up for anything. Also, in case of fraud, we’re here to help you perform a chargeback and restore your investment.

Since this swindling scheme has been operating since September this year, it is absolutely terrifying how they’re already managing to collect victims. The countries where the cons mostly operate are:

It doesn’t matter for a swindler where you reside – as long as you’re willing to invest, you’re welcome. Unfortunately, as mentioned before, these deals never pay off. Consider contacting our legal experts for help on recovering your funds lost to scammers.

Software is the most essential part of successful trading. The Bit Spacex platform, sadly, is a rudimentary web-based distribution with next to nothing to offer.

An important part of this fraudulent practice is shifting the software data for the purpose of financial extortion. This bogus software is exactly that – a controlled interface full of false data.

Through this investment scheme you could allegedly stake, buy, sell and convert BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, LUNA, SOL, XRP, ZEC, DOGE, DOT and about a dozen other currencies.

If the platform in question was a regulated service provider, there would be nothing wrong about them being focused on providing only crypto solutions. This way, without regulation, the variety of services this bogus exchange offers is useless. 

Although you can easily create a Bit Spacex login, there’s no distinguishable account types to choose from and buy whichever fits your preferences. Instead, the legal docs only mention the 5% deposit fee you pay for purchasing Premium Bit Spacex account that allows you to trade and buy crypto. Meaning, a demo isn’t an option.

Also, we could argue that investment plans with varying APY (annual percentage yield) are offered, depending on the currency chosen. Here’s an example:

BTC – 11.83% APY for a term of 30-180 with min 0.02 BTC staked

The leverage in the trading area is modifiable from 1:1 up to 1:10 ratio.Maker and Taker fees on are the same: 0.20% for regular users and 0.14% for Premium users. 

Without clarifying the amounts or percentage, the platform does charge a deposit and withdrawal fee. As previously established one certain deposit fee is 5% for the Premium user status.

All new fraudulent investment schemes look for ways to get to their next victim quicker. By referring your friends and family, you’re unconsciously helping this unscrupulous service provider earn more. 

What this scheme promises is fixed commission per referral. Category A referrals bring 50% of the commission, category B referrals 10%, and C referrals yield 2.5% of the commission.

First deposit bonus is also claimed to exist but without further explanation.

An undisguised cyber criminal that this company is doesn’t have shame or second thoughts when it comes to stealing your hard-earned money. 

Luckily for all inexperienced players out there, these actions are definite and countermeasures do exist. For more details on how to recover your stolen funds, please sign up for a free consultation so we can provide you with the necessary legal support.

Bitspace-x is a fraudulent website presenting itself as a world-class crypto provider.

The firm is not a legit crypto platform. They aren’t regulated by any prominent financial institution at all.

The site in question offers staking services, referral profit, and exchange services for crypto investments.

Bit Spacex doesn’t have a withdrawal policy at all. This is a bad sign, so contact us immediately if you have deposited funds with this scam.

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