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Bintense is a Lithuanian crypto exchange run by UAB Green Cliff Inc. This entity is legally registered as a digital asset provider. So, does that imply that the platform is safe for all customers?

The Canadian watchdog put domestic traders and investors on alert, prompting the exchange to switch stances and put a disclaimer on the website saying it is not intended for UK users.

Some users outright accused the company of deceiving them and stealing their funds. These customers happen to reside in Canada and the UK. Please read both the positive and negative comments to get a better picture of the business.

Do not neglect the possibility that the Bintense login page may stop working and leave you unable to withdraw your money.

The UK and Canada are among the most heavily regulated jurisdictions in the world with stringent laws for the financial market and digital assets. As we mentioned, the Bintense crypto exchange has no permit or license to operate in these countries, as evident from the AMF’s warning. 

The Bintense platform is an online trading terminal that supports spot cryptocurrency trading of just the two largest cryptos – Bitcoin and Ethereum. Leverage is not available though. 

Although the platform supports fundamental tools like charts, indicators, and graphs, it lacks sophisticated options. Given the exchange’s unreliable status, the platform may cause issues.

For a more transparent trading or investing experience, we suggest you find licensed companies that offer renowned third-party software like MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, or cTrader. 

Bintense distinguishes private and business clients, proudly boasting a Know-your-Customer (KYC) verification process for each account type. For the former who exchange small amounts, the document requirements are limited. 

On the other hand, additional documentation is required for customers looking to buy larger amounts of crypto. Both types of clients can purchase either BTC or ETH using either a credit/debit card or a wire transfer.

The Bintense affiliate program rewards partners for promoting the company’s services. Users can earn commissions for each referral who signs up and trades crypto on the platform. The program also includes marketing materials, real-time tracking, and timely payouts, according to the website.

The company wants to expand its client base and attract new users, which is understandable. However, you must be cautious when engaging in programs that emphasize recruiting members and collecting their payments. 

Such systems may be fraudulent Ponzi schemes in disguise, using the money from new members to pay off earlier investors. We advise you to refrain from dragging friends and family into such schemes.

A Bintense deposit can be made either via various credit/debit cards or wire transfers. The fiat deposit can be converted into either Bitcoin or Ethereum on the exchange. Users can later sell off their crypto and receive fiat, then request a Bintense withdrawal.

This is where you may experience issues such as the exchange refusing to fulfill your request. Or, they may cease communication. In any case, you must explore potential refund methods.

MasterCard and VISA credit/debit card transactions can be reversed via a chargeback, which can be requested at the issuing bank within 540 days. Wires can be reversed via a recall but only if the transaction is yet to go through.

The problem, however, is that crypto transactions are difficult to reverse. If your funds vanish from the platform, tracing the wallet that received them will be challenging. Fortunately, advanced software like CipherTrace can be used to track the payment and retrieve funds. Our team handles such cases daily.

To conclude our unbiased review, we shall outline our main points and give a verdict. The Lithuanian exchange elicited mixed reviews from traders and investors. The complaints from Canadian users prompted the AMF regulator to issue a warning against the platform.

There are many more reliable and better-rated exchanges available so be sure to choose the right one. If have fallen victim to a cyber scam or you lost your crypto under suspicious circumstances, we offer our professional assistance!

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It’s a Lithuanian cryptocurrency exchange. It offers the usual features that include a web trading platform.

Despite being registered as a digital asset provider, the platform is not subject to stringent regulations, making it risky.

An advanced software used to track crypto transactions and help victims of cyber fraud get their money back.

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