BIBX Lite Review- Threats And Online Dating Scam Is Their Routine

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BIBX Lite is a cleverly set up yet completely fake crypto exchange that makes you feel as if crypto buying and investing was a child’s game. That’s the exact goal that crypto fraudsters have, all in order to get you to invest. 

Making the risky and unpredicted crypto game sound like a walk in the park is how they manage to get you to deposit and then block your investments in the process of the pig-butchering scam. Please read the following BIBX Lite review carefully, if you do not wish to be added to their long list of victims. has been operating since mid May. If you try to analyze the website, every online service will first warn you about the site being unsafe and repeatedly reported for scam and phishing. 

The lack of any corporate information is what distinguishes this site from regulated service providers. Some site clues suggest Chinese and Singaporean ownership, but that remains unprovable. 

It is evident, though, that the site doesn’t have a premium license from FCA, BaFin, CySEC, CFTC or similar regulators. 

Since this fraudulent exchange was established relatively recently, not many user reviews are available online. However, the traders are starting to speak up about the horrible treatment and huge money lost.

Apparently, the faux exchange asks for the fees to be paid upfront and the pig butchering is the main fraudulent method, which we explain further in this review. 

According to most of the user reviews, the BIBX Lite is run by a group of anonymous Tik-Tok users that pretend to be someone they’re not. By emotionally manipulating crypto enthusiasts, these trained con artists lure victims into risky investments and disappear as fast as a lightning strike. 

Sometimes small withdrawals are allowed to build trust. Any bigger payout never happens, as the cyber criminal has already taken away every last penny of the investment. 

Some users even speak about the threats that scam agents use to frighten them to extort more cash.

From a detailed statistical analysis, we can conclude that the targeted crypto investors usually come from these countries:

As attractive as the fake social network profiles and pictures are, the deals they propose are never lucrative. All of the unsuspecting victims are unfortunately too infatuated to realize the real state of things until they’re robbed.

If something similar happens to you, please inform us immediately so we can help you get your funds back. 

The BIBX Lite platform doesn’t allow any other action except buy and sell. Such oversimplified trading solutions provide poor insight into the market changes and no customization options. 

Not to mention the lack of advanced features that distinguish a premium trading interface from a fraudulent terminal such as this one.

The entire unscrupulous website is built primarily for mobile devices. If you wish to also download the phone app, you can do so from the site directly. 

This is quite unsafe and the least recommended thing to do when it comes to anonymous service providers. These apps are usually malware and will infect your machine.

For an alleged world-class crypto provider this exchange doesn’t offer many market options. As evident from the bogus terminal and the website itself, there’s only about a dozen crypto coins traded against USDT:

The platform further claims you can invest 100 USDT or 500 USDT and get fixed daily returns of 2%-5% in either 4 or 8 day cycles.

Licensed exchange platforms would usually have a separate web presentation that reveals all the relevant fees occurring, whether in the trading costs or funding taxes.

This fake crypto provider does none of that. They’ve completely opted out from discussing the costs and keep you in complete darkness when it comes to payments. As victims have previously stated, this defrauder asks for all the fees to be paid in advance.

The BIBX Lite withdrawals are characterized by the lack of transparency, limited transfer methods, and enormous fees. Their ex clients usually complain how their withdrawal requests are ignored or denied in cold blood and without a valid reason. 

Since cyber thieves earn by locking your investments and sending them to anonymous wallets, you shouldn’t expect your withdrawal to ever happen.

Crypto scams happen left and right and on a daily basis. There’s no shame in being robbed, as long as you don’t sit and quietly accept your fate. 

For a quickest and most efficient fund recovery, we recommend you take a moment and contact our legal experts. Legal support is mandatory if you wish to see your funds again. So don’t let these miscreants take what doesn’t belong to them, get your money back today!

It is a fraudulent crypto website that promises crypto mining and exchange services but provides none.

No, this exchange is not legit as they do not hold a valid crypto license.

Investments aren’t safe with this fraudster. Contact us for help in withdrawals if you’ve already deposited.

This or any other information about withdrawals are not found on the website at all.

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