AttoBits Review – Scam Fakes Regulation And Falsely Guarantees Profit

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This company has a serious identity problem. They offer trading, but there’s nothing to trade. They offer different account types, but outline them as investment plans with guaranteed profits. Of course, not even the top financial analysts can guarantee a profit, especially as high as those claimed by AttoBits.

With no functional trading application, and many false claims about company credentials and regulation, we don’t recommend this firm to anybody. Find out more about what makes this scam tick in our AttoBits Review.

AttoBits claims to have a company HQ at the address 3rf Floor, 27 – 32 Old Jewry, London. The given address belongs to another, unaffiliated firm. To resolve this discrepancy, we have inquired with the UK’s FCA. AttoBits is, unfortunately, not registered in the UK, and the company address is fake.

It turns out that the FC certificate found on is a counterfeit! With many falsehoods surrounding AttoBits, we turned to other regulators as well. After our search of the BaFIN, FINMA, ASIC, NFA and CySEC registries returned no results we were certain that AttoBits is a dangerous unlicensed company that lies to their clients.

To attract clients, AttoBits uses the people we call Boiler Room Agents. They pretend to be successful businessmen and businesswomen, using social networks like Twitter and Instagram to reach out to the public. It is not unheard of that the Boiler Room Agents pretend to be romantically attracted to the victim.

The problems begin once you make a deposit. The fraudsters have, at this point, gauged the victims’ financial situation, and started pestering them for more investments. When the victims raise the question of withdrawals, AttoBits will invent all sorts of different fees and charges. They ask for more money up front before a withdrawal can be approved.

The AttoBits Fraud has been launched for the first time in early 2023. They actively target people who live in nations with strong economies.

AttoBits Scam is most active in these nations:

If these thieves get their hands on your money, you should seek assistance from our team of experts. You can reach us via the Live Chat, and you may book a free consultation anytime.

The problem with AttoBits Trading Platform is that it is not an actual trading platform. In theory, they use an advanced AI Trading Bot, and all you have to do is allocate funds for this Robot to use.

This is complete rubbish, by the way. The scammers’ claim of access to groundbreaking AI that generates profits with no effort from the client is a fraudulent marketing strategy. Even the most sophisticated market analysis systems can’t predict the market with enough accuracy to guarantee profits.

AttoBits does not openly give any information about any trading assets. The software they use for trading does not contain any assets. There is a link that should lead to the list of trading assets, but instead it redirects you to the TradingView homepage instead.

Fraudsters make it seem as if this broker allows their clients to trade any asset on the market. This is a total sham, unfortunately. We don’t recommend investing with any broker that doesn’t make the selection of their trading instruments clear, transparent, and open to the general public.

These don’t look like broker accounts, and they are even named differently. Take a look:

Each of these plans lasts for a week. It stands to reason that the investment fund must be renewed on a  weekly basis. That means that each week, a Boiler Room Agent will call you and demand more money for the scam.

AttoBits does offer a free demo account. Because of the lack of transparency of both AttoBits Trading Accounts and Trading Application, the scammers can invent any amount of profits. These don’t need to reflect any actual trading conditions. Also, the client will be hard pressed to compare the trade results with actual market data.

As we mentioned before, there is very little information on any AttoBits Trading Conditions. This also includes parameters such as different fees and spreads. The only thing that this so-called broker advertises are guaranteed returns on investment.

There is a link that should lead to the Terms & Conditions page, but it’s dead and returns an Error 404 instead. Contacting the Customer Support didn’t help much either, as the agent simply told us “Please wait”.

The main risk with AttoBits is not in losing money on a bad trading outcome. This unregulated company is run by con artists, and they have made all the important aspects of trading as opaque as possible. The website doesn’t even contain a Terms and Conditions document.

Many people have already complained that AttoBits only asks for more money, and never approves a payout. If you have been defrauded by AttoBits, consider booking a free consultation with our legal experts in the Live Chat on our website.

AttoBits is a dangerous unlicensed entity, with a warning issued by an independent financial regulator. Their license is falsified, and none of the company credentials check out. With the exceedingly poor Trading Application and opaque trading conditions, we do not advise anybody to deposit funds to AttoBits.

If you have funded an account with the AttoBits Scam, consider seeking legal aid in recovering your stolen money. You may book a free consultation with our legal professionals at any time, using the Live Chat option on our website.

Minimum deposit for AttoBits accounts is $250. The accounts are weekly investment plans, and require regular replenishment.

AttoBits is an unlicensed, unregulated entity that falsifies their regulation and company profile! It is a scam company that should not be trusted with a single rusty penny from your back pocket!

If you have deposited funds with the AttoBits Scam, consider contacting our chargeback professionals as soon as possible through the 24/7 Live Chat option on our website.

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