AscendEX Review – All The Facts You Didn’t Know About AscendEX

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The official ownership belongs to AscendEX Technology S.R.L. With their existence since 2018, they needed to do hard work to be better than other established exchanges. However, they failed.

In February 2022, Spanish CNMV issued a warning against this company. That means that someone filed a complaint with proof. Therefore, watch out for this company and read more details in this AscendEX review.

If you had any issues with this company, reach out to our experts for chargeback assistance. In the end, it’s your money at stake!

Practically, the company is selling you safety and security. On top of that, they have quite a big 24h market cap. So, everything goes in their favor. Except for a warning from the trusted regulator and that theft of $77 million.

The AscendEX app is available in both legitimate stores. Most of their users are mainly from:

Let us know what’s your experience with this company. But also if you had withdrawal issues and you need refund assistance, it might be easier than you think.

For trading purposes, the company offers a web-based platform. However, with highly risky trading conditions. Especially for Bitcoin which is traded with leverage of 1:25.

Indeed, the AscendEX wallet is accessible through all iOS and Android devices. Of course, through dedicated mobile apps.

On the positive side, AscendEX has a variety of tradeable instruments. But if you can’t withdraw the profits from those, there’s no use of it.  Anyway, your options are: 

AscendEX exchange offers 9 levels of VIP accounts. There are two ways to get better fees. Either you have a larger USDT trading volume or ASD Holdings. 

One way or another, the company benefits mostly from that. Important to realize is that some maker fees go into minus on level 9.

On the negative side, the company doesn’t offer a demo account. Even though some of the fees are revealed you don’t know how it will affect your balance. 

Important to realize is that for margin trading AscendEX company offers leverage of up to 1:25. What’s even worse is that such leverage is assigned to BTC trading. 

So, in a matter of a second, you can lose all of your balance. As for the maker and taker fees, the highest percentage is 0.2%. With a higher VIP account, you get lower costs.

Another key fact is that the AscendEX bonus scheme is available. Depending on the amount deposited you get a lower or higher bonus. Thus, the bonus policy is not revealed.

After a warning from CNMV, a missing withdrawal policy and numerous negative reviews, AscendEX withdrawals are unlikely possible. The minimum withdrawal amount for BTC is 0.001 BTC while the AscendEX withdrawal fee is half of that amount.

Primarily, you should report it to domestic authorities. This way you can ensure at least a warning to be published. But the whole point is to get your money back. For those purposes you either reach Tier 1 regulators (which are not responsible for this company) or alternative options.

Have in mind that our specialized team can track your crypto transfer with CipherTrace software. But also, if you were depositing with cards you can get a chargeback. Most importantly, our team can give you in-detail guidance on the first consultation. Also, the first consultation is free of charge. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch now!

No. Any company with a warning and lack of license can’t be genuinely trusted.

Most likely no. Many traders reported a variety of similar issues. In those cases, the best option is to start the refund process. Contact us to get detailed guidance.

The average rating of AscendEX crypto exchange on Trustpilot is exactly 2.0.

Indeed, yes. In December 2021, unknown actors managed to steal almost $80 million in ETH, BSC and Polygon.

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